Release 11.70


Release 11.70.0000

XYplorer 11.70 has been released on 08-Oct-2012. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Floating Preview Zoom. Now you can freely zoom in and out using the keys Numpad Add and Numpad Subtract. Extra-fine stepping, Lock Zoom, and Toggle Zoom is supported.

The Floating Preview (F11) right-click menu has lots of options. (Click to zoom)

Zoom In (Numpad Add, +, CTRL+Wheel Up) and Zoom Out (Numpad Subtract, -, CTRL+Wheel Down) use a logarithmic scale (based on the 4th root of 2, which means you need 4 steps to get to the half or double size), and start flexibly at the current zoom whatever it is. The possible range is from 0.5% to 6400% of the original size.

Extra-fine stepping: There is an even finer zooming by the 12th root of 2, which matches the chromatic scale of Western music and e.g. echoes the fret pattern on a guitar neck. Hold SHIFT to zoom by the 12th root of 2 (1.0594630943593).

Lock Zoom (K): If ticked then the current zoom level is kept when switching images as long as the preview window is open.

Toggle Zoom (G): Use this command to toggle between the last zoom level and the default size of the image (Fit All, Original Size, etc.). The last zoom level is remembered across openings of the preview window (but not across application sessions).

Floating Preview Rename. Now you can rename items directly from the preview using F2 or the right-click menu.

Direct rename (F2) from the Floating Preview. (Click to zoom)

Rename with Dialog. You don't like inline rename? Now there is an alternative. Optionally have a nice modal dialog for renaming operations in Tree and List.

Tick Configuration | General | Use dialog to rename single items to avoid the usual inline-rename (rename box right in the file list). Optionally the base (the filename excluding the extension) is preselected (tick Configuration | General | Exclude extension on rename).

Rename (F2) a file using a dialog. (Click to zoom)

Copy Tags. Finally copying tags along with the copied files is supported.

By factory default, copying tags (Labels, Tags, Comments) is turned off because it may lead to unwanted proliferation of tags. Now you can enable it by ticking Configuration | Tags | Copy tags on copy operations.

Tip: Tick Configuration | Tags | Confirm copying tags and you are prompted before any tags are copied from the source items to the target items.

Configuration of Tags. (Click to zoom)

Release 11.70.0100

XYplorer 11.70.0100 has been released on 16-Oct-2012. It just has some bug fixes.