What’s New

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What’s New

XYplorer is constantly being improved and updated, and a new version is released every month or two, sometimes even faster. There are also occasional maintenance releases with minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Below are the highlights of the latest and previous versions.

Maintenance Release 25.40.0300

released 08-Jan-2024

Maintenance Release 25.40.0200

released 02-Jan-2024

Maintenance Release 25.40.0100

released 27-Dec-2023

What’s New in 25.40?

released 19-Dec-2023

Previous Versions

What’s New in 25.30?

released 06-Dec-2023

  • Rounded Corners. Labels and color filters now optionally look slicker.
  • Soft Labels. Now you can use the label column as a link to any of the other tag columns. For example, you can display your rating stars here.
  • Color-Code Path Length. You can now color-code items in the folder tree and file list according to their path length. Useful if you work with long, deep paths and need shell compatibility.
  • TGA Image Preview. Now you can natively preview and thumbnail TGA with transparency without the need for a third-party codec.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 25.20.0100

released 25-Nov-2023

What’s New in 25.20?

released 22-Nov-2023

  • Overall Spacing. Now you can fine-tune the overall spacing (or airiness, or density) of the main window. Do you want to see as much information as you can squeeze in, or do you prefer a more relaxed layout with larger click targets?
  • Dual Locations. Full support for dual locations allows you to open new folders in both panes with a single click, filter both panes with a single click, perform searches in both panes with a single click, and add the combined locations of both panes to your Favorites list. If you use dual panes, this is what you have been waiting for.
  • Highlight the Other Path. Now you can color code the path of the inactive pane in the folder tree. It can be useful to know what’s on the other side and where it is.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 25.10.0100

released 06-Nov-2023

What’s New in 25.10?

released 04-Nov-2023

  • Matching Breadcrumb Bars. You can now match the colors of the breadcrumb bar to the custom colors of the selected tab. Extending the color of the tab to the breadcrumb bar makes a bold visual statement and is a welcome clue in poor lighting conditions.
  • Multi-Column Matching. File list filtering can now match a given pattern against three columns (Name, Comment, Tags) at once. Nothing can hide from you anymore.
  • Serial Rename with Up and Down Keys. Improved algorithm. Now it better supports work at the end of filenames of different lengths. And that’s where you usually work when updating serialized or dated names.
  • Speed and Robustness. Improved performance for large file operations. Jobs with up to millions of items run smoothly, quickly, and reliably.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 25.00.0200

released 19-Oct-2023

Maintenance Release 25.00.0100

released 27-Sep-2023

What’s New in 25.00?

released 26-Sep-2023

  • The Glider. The Glider is a floating, context-sensitive mini toolbar in the folder tree that magically appears at your mouse pointer, offering buttons for the most common file management operations: Copy, Move and Paste. It’s like drag and drop without the dragging. Fully customizable. A game changer when it comes to manually organizing files into folders.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.90.0100

released 31-Aug-2023

What’s New in 24.90?

released 27-Aug-2023

  • Color Folder Rows. If you’re looking for folders, you’ve come to the right place. Now, with a single keystroke, you can color-code folders to make them stand out.
  • Switch Folder Views. Now you can switch between the current and your favorite folder view with a single keystroke. A folder view includes column layout, sort order, list view, and list style.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

What’s New in 24.80?

released 09-Aug-2023

  • Tree Section Colors. Optional custom text and background colors for different sections of the tree help you find your branch in a huge tree and instantly recognize where you are. It’s all about quick orientation.
  • Quickly Select the Item. You can now toggle item selection in the file list by Ctrl+left-clicking any cell in the row, even if Full Row Select is off. This makes it easier to select (deselect) items in a very wide list, especially when the Name column is scrolled to the left out of view.
  • Quickly Spot the Name. You can now hold CTRL while hovering over any cell other than the Name cell and a tooltip will show the name of the item. Quite useful if that name is currently scrolled to the left out of view.
  • Expansion Icon Chevron. A new expansion icon, the Chevron, is now available for the folder tree. It’s also the new factory default.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

What’s New in 24.70?

released 25-Jul-2023

  • Zoom to Fit for Thumbnails. Allows you to enlarge smaller originals as much as the current thumbnail size will allow and turn your thumbnails into pixel magnifiers. On the fly. Every icon designer’s dream.
  • Zoom to Fit for the Hover Box. Hover the mouse over small image files and view their pixels like under a microscope. No clicks required. Useful fun.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.60.0100

released 26-Jun-2023

What’s New in 24.60?

released 24-Jun-2023

  • Custom Folder Icons. Now the download package contains five colored folder icons in Windows 11 style for your pleasure. Three of them are predefined as Custom File Icons. Seeing them in action is just a click away. You get a cute yellow generic folder icon, a blue icon for empty folders, and a red one for inaccessible folders. Looks good and is more helpful than you might think. Give it a try!
  • Deghost Your Icons. Now you can control whether the icons of hidden items are drawn in this ghostly, semi-transparent way (Windows default) or not.
  • Peek at Embedded Icons. Now you can use the wheel to scroll through all the embedded icons in an icon resource and see their full list.
  • Status Bar Section Width. Now you can adjust the width of the first two sections of the status bar by hitting Shift+Alt+Wheel over them.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.50.0200

released 19-Jun-2023

Maintenance Release 24.50.0100

released 15-Jun-2023

What’s New in 24.50?

released 06-Jun-2023

  • Folder Icons Based On Content. Now you can define custom icons for empty, full and Access Denied folders. These icons are used everywhere, in the folder tree, file list, all menus and drop-down lists, breadcrumb bars, address bar, etc., so you can immediately see whether a folder has contents or not.
  • Quick Boolean Filter. Now the Live Filter Box can treat space-separated items as ANDed Boolean operands. This makes filtering simple, fast, and effective in a way that feels natural.
  • Wrap-Around List. Now you can have the file list wrap around the edges, i.e. if you press UP at the top of the list, you go to the bottom of the list, and if you press DOWN at the bottom of the list, you go to the top of the list.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.40.0200

released 25-May-2023

Maintenance Release 24.40.0100

released 16-May-2023

What’s New in 24.40?

released 29-Apr-2023

  • Mobile Hover Box. Now you can easily move the Hover Box (instant file preview on mouse over) from file to file with the navigation keys. Cool and useful.
  • Custom Event Sounds. Now supports all playable audio formats.
  • Open Folders with a Single Click. Now you can optionally open folders in the file list with a single click, just like in the folder tree.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.30.0100

released 15-Apr-2023

What’s New in 24.30?

released 12-Apr-2023

  • Event Sounds. Tired of staring at a progress bar until a file operation is finally finished? Starting from this version you can have a short sound playing that tells you when the operation is finished and if it was finished successfully.

    There is also a pop sound for deletes, which are usually instantaneous. This was added just for fun. You may find that completing an operation with a sonic event generally gives you a strange sense of primal satisfaction.

  • Custom Event Sounds. If you don’t like the default sounds, and/or have better ones, you can easily add them to the soundscape. Yes, you can have the application play an entire song when your backup is complete.
  • Background Dragging. Now you can drag files from a background XYplorer window to another application window in the foreground. A long awaited feature is finally implemented.
  • Go Now. If you’re a habitual scripter, you’ll love the new ability to launch a script from the address bar with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.20.0500

released 24-Mar-2023

Maintenance Release 24.20.0400

released 22-Mar-2023

Maintenance Release 24.20.0300

released 18-Mar-2023

Maintenance Release 24.20.0200

released 15-Mar-2023

Maintenance Release 24.20.0100

released 11-Mar-2023

What’s New in 24.20?

released 28-Feb-2023

  • Image Columns. So far a data record in a file listing consisted of an icon, maybe a thumbnail, and various bits of text. The signature look of a details view in a file manager. Those days are over. Now you can add images to the mix. And not just one per file, but many: Up to 80 different pics per file, all in one list!

    These images can be arbitrarily assigned to a file (and recorded in a database), or based on rules (e.g. based on the file name or other file properties). Typical use cases would be showing wave forms for sounds, or album covers for songs, or different states or angles of people or designs.

    And that’s just the beginning. Since columns can be scripted, the possibilities are endless. A column could even create the image it’s about to show.

    By the way, if you move your mouse over these images, you’ll optionally get an enlarged view, the so-called Hover Box.

    Absolutely massive new feature. Ground-breaking.

  • SketchUp Preview. Now previews and thumbnails are supported for SketchUp Pro (3D CAD software) *.skp and *.layout files.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

What’s New in 24.10?

released 16-Feb-2023

  • Empty Cell Defaults. If you suffer from fear of the void you will be glad that this version offers easy ways to fill the void. The marking of the different types of emptiness can actually serve a better overview.
  • Fake Right-Drag-and-Drop. Now you can fake a right-drag-and-drop by holding down CTRL and SHIFT while doing a left-drag-and-drop. That way you can have the drag-and-drop context menu on left-drag-and-drop, which is pretty cool in limited hardware and software contexts.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 24.00.0700

released 08-Feb-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0600

released 01-Feb-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0500

released 31-Jan-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0400

released 30-Jan-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0300

released 29-Jan-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0200

released 28-Jan-2023

Maintenance Release 24.00.0100

released 26-Jan-2023

What’s New in 24.00?

released 23-Jan-2023

  • Virtual Folders. Virtual Folders are folders where you define the content directly in the folder name. You can directly "create" such a folder by typing it into the Address Bar. Nothing is created on disk, it’s all in the name. And it’s super fast because almost no file system browsing is involved. A revolutionary new concept that adds a number of interesting possibilities to your file management.
  • Drop Menu on Hover. Now the menus optionally auto-drop on hovering a component separator. No more clicking. Smooth and comfortable.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 23.90.0400

released 03-Jan-2023

Maintenance Release 23.90.0300

released 31-Dec-2022

Maintenance Release 23.90.0200

released 26-Dec-2022

Maintenance Release 23.90.0100

released 24-Dec-2022

What’s New in 23.90?

released 20-Dec-2022

  • Native Context Menu. Now you can replace the normally slow shell context menu with a blazing fast native one.
  • AIFF Audio Properties. Now AIFF files (Audio Interchange File Format: *.aif, *.aiff, *.aifc) are supported natively, i.e. you get Length, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Bit Rate and Channels, each in its own column.
  • Media Length Custom Format. The context menu of the Length column header now offers the toggles "Show Hours" and "Show Milliseconds". Lets you format the length display the way you like it.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Enterprise Edition


Maintenance Release 23.80.0300

released 15-Dec-2022

Maintenance Release 23.80.0200

released 06-Dec-2022

Maintenance Release 23.80.0100

released 02-Dec-2022

What’s New in 23.80?

released 24-Nov-2022

  • Multi-User Tagging. Significantly improved and reinforced to withstand fast-acting, high-impact environments on shaky networks.
  • Access Control. Many additional user access control options to increase corporate security in a multi-user tagging context.
  • Batch Renumbering. Now you can easily update numbering in files with serial numbers.
  • RAW Photo Preview and Thumbnails. Faster. Much faster.
  • App Icon. Back to the old icon. It’s just too iconic to be replaced.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 23.70.0300

released 07-Nov-2022

  • App Icon. Back to the old icon. It’s just too iconic to be replaced.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 23.70.0200

released 02-Oct-2022

Maintenance Release 23.70.0100

released 28-Sep-2022

What’s New in 23.70?

released 26-Sep-2022

  • App Icon. New.
  • App Icon. Old. In case you feel an unbearably strong emotional attachment to the old icon, you can either go to your shrink or switch back to the old icon through a handy little dialogue.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.

Maintenance Release 23.60.0100

released 16-Sep-2022

What’s New in 23.60?

released 02-Sep-2022

Maintenance Release 23.50.0300

released 29-Aug-2022

Maintenance Release 23.50.0200

released 23-Aug-2022

Maintenance Release 23.50.0100

released 22-Aug-2022

What’s New in 23.50?

released 08-Aug-2022

  • Overlaid Thumbnail Captions. Thumbnail captions can now be superimposed over the image like subtitles in a movie. Saves space and looks cool.
  • Color-Code Folders by Content. Now color filters can be applied to folders in tree and list depending on what items they contain.

What’s New in 23.40?

released 29-Jul-2022

Maintenance Release 23.30.0200

released 18-Jul-2022

Maintenance Release 23.30.0100

released 01-Jul-2022

What’s New in 23.30?

released 28-Jun-2022

  • Ordinal Date. The new Ordinal Date option for the date format eliminates the months from the equation and only displays years and days. This makes it easier to estimate a date difference at a glance. For example, today would be "2022-179" (year 2022, day 179). The Ordinal Date format is used by the military in some contexts, so it’s safe to assume it has its uses.
  • Preview Pane to the Left. Now you can show the Preview Pane to the left of the file list. The obvious advantage is that the previews then are nearer to the name column, which is where you usually look and click.
  • Duplicate File Finder Can Ignore Numbers. Now it can optionally ignore serial numbers and strings like "Copy of" that are auto-attached by Windows to the name of a file copied in the same place. If "Ignore numbers" is enabled, the file names "Fred.txt", "Fred (1).txt", "Fred (2).txt" and "Fred - Copy (2).txt" are considered duplicates.

Maintenance Release 23.20.0100

released 11-Jun-2022

What’s New in 23.20?

released 08-Jun-2022

  • Filter Images By Aspect Ratio. You can now filter or find all images that are equal to or wider than 3:2, for example.
  • Sort Images By Aspect Ratio. You can also sort your image folders by aspect ratio, for example from tall and narrow (portrait) to wide and flat (landscape).
  • Filter Images By Area. You can now filter or find all images larger than a million square pixels, for example.
  • Sort Images By Area. You can as well sort your image folders by the area covered by the images.
  • Make The Name Column Stand Out. Now you can dim the other columns slightly to highlight the name column. A helpful feature for column messies.

What’s New in 23.10?

released 20-May-2022

  • Wheel Through The List Views. Now you can scroll through the available 10 list views with the wheel, Ctrl+Wheel to be precise.
  • Auto-repeat Search At Next Location. Now you can automatically repeat the current search for the next selected location. No more browse-then-search, browse-then-search, browse-then-search, but just search, search, search.
  • Skip Invisible Subfolders. Now you can control whether invisible subfolders are included in a recursive search.
  • Transparent Folders Through Color Filters. Now you get advanced folder color filters that show the type of folder content right in the file list. Saves you a lot of guessing and opening.
  • Show Bitness In Tooltip. The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is now displayed at the end of the tooltip for all file types where it makes sense (EXE, DLL, DRV, TLB, etc).

Maintenance Release 23.00.0300

released 06-May-2022

Maintenance Release 23.00.0200

released 29-Apr-2022

Maintenance Release 23.00.0100

released 08-Apr-2022

What’s New in 23.00?

released 21-Mar-2022

  • The Hamburger. Now you can cram all sorts of ingredients into a single hamburger menu: Menu commands, toolbar buttons, scripts, paths, URLs. The syntax couldn’t be simpler, and before long you’ll be creating custom pop-up menus that serve as mighty power hubs tailored to your exact needs.
  • Ads. Still none.

Maintenance Release 22.90.0100

released 25-Feb-2022

What’s New in 22.90?

released 17-Feb-2022

  • Button Sets. Now you can quickly switch between up to four sets of toolbar buttons with just a single click, key combination, or notch of the mouse wheel.
  • Menu Buttons. Now the toolbar can fully replicate and replace the main menu bar.
  • Text Buttons. Now you can add custom buttons to the toolbar that display a text of your choosing instead of an icon.
  • Windows 10 Rename Bug Fix. File Explorer on Windows 10 and later cannot change the case of file names on FAT32 drives (usually USB drives and flash cards). XYplorer can.

Maintenance Release 22.80.0100

released 07-Feb-2022

What’s New in 22.80?

released 03-Feb-2022

  • Dark Mode. Much improved. Everything is dark now, at least if you are using Windows 10 Release 2004 (May 2020) or later. Only the menu bar is still white, but hey, you now have a button to toggle it on and off quickly.

Maintenance Release 22.70.0200

released 25-Jan-2022

Maintenance Release 22.70.0100

released 20-Jan-2022

What’s New in 22.70?

released 11-Jan-2022

  • Custom Toolbar Buttons Support Middle Click. Now you can define a separate script that will be triggered by the middle button. That gives you 64 more possible scripts to make your life easier.
  • Tooltip Zoom. Now you can enlarge the tooltips by up to 400%, which turns each tooltip into a kind of magnifying glass. Relaxes the eyes and makes the file manager easier to use for users with visual impairments.
  • Verbatim Tooltips. Now you can optionally display whatever the mouse is pointing at in a tooltip. This option is aimed directly at screen readers who read tooltips aloud and makes the file manager easier to use for users with visual impairments.
  • Hover Box Zooming. Now you can hold down the CTRL key to make it super fine: 1 pixel per step. And if you hold SHIFT, it’s 10x faster than normal: 100 pixels per step.

Maintenance Release 22.60.0200

released 23-Dec-2021

Maintenance Release 22.60.0100

released 16-Dec-2021

What’s New in 22.60?

released 08-Dec-2021

  • Custom Status Bar Info. Now you can freely define what you would like to see in the 3rd section of the status bar when a file is focused or the current file selection changes. This is a quick way to get additional information without adding an entire extra column or showing a file info tip. This can be, for example, the dimensions of the currently selected photo, or the sample rate of the currently selected song. You can even get information not available anywhere else, like the total length of all currently selected media files.

Maintenance Release 22.50.0200

released 29-Nov-2021

Maintenance Release 22.50.0100

released 25-Nov-2021

What’s New in 22.50?

released 23-Nov-2021

Maintenance Release 22.40.0200

released 30-Oct-2021

Maintenance Release 22.40.0100

released 29-Oct-2021

What’s New in 22.40?

released 27-Oct-2021

  • Two Branch Tree Layout. Now the folder tree has two separate main branches, This PC and Network. This allows you to hide everything online or offline depending on your current focus.
  • Portable Thumbnail Cache. Now you can have your thumbnail cache portable, moveable, and copyable. Go away with your photos and take your thumbnails with you!
  • Live Filter Box Width. Now you can adjust the width of the box in a snap by hitting Shift+Alt+Wheel over the box.

Maintenance Release 22.30.0200

released 11-Oct-2021

Maintenance Release 22.30.0100

released 04-Oct-2021

What’s New in 22.30?

released 28-Sep-2021

  • Live Filter via Cell Context Menu. Now it’s just a click to filter the list for a specific property. And that’s any property, including the standard columns, tags, comments, extended shell properties, and even your own user-defined custom columns. Unprecedented and addictive usability booster. And the learning curve is a dot.
  • Quick Search via Cell Context Menu. Now it’s just a click to search the current location including its subfolders for a specific property. And that’s any property, including the standard columns, tags, comments, extended shell properties, and even your own user-defined custom columns. Just wow.
  • Photo Data in the Hover Box. See Camera Model, Focal Length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, Exposure Bias, ISO Speed, and Date Taken, and of course an image preview by simply moving the mouse over the photo file.

Maintenance Release 22.20.0200

released 04-Sep-2021

Maintenance Release 22.20.0100

released 02-Sep-2021

What’s New in 22.20?

released 31-Aug-2021

  • Autofit the Name Column. Now you can let the Name column automatically take up all of the space not used by the other columns. A simple check mark saves you a lot of scrolling and dragging. So useful that you’ll stick with it forever.
  • Autosize the Size Column. The Size column is the one with the most variable content, the one that’s typically always either too wide or too narrow. With this option, the width of the Size column is automatically adjusted when positions are changed or tabs are switched or when a new column layout is loaded.
  • Secondary Sort Order Arrow. Now you can indicate the implicit secondary sort order by a very light little sort arrow. You’ll love it if you’re nerd enough.

Maintenance Release 22.10.0200

released 20-Aug-2021

Maintenance Release 22.10.0100

released 02-Aug-2021

What’s New in 22.10?

released 14-Jul-2021

  • Extra Safety on Name Collisions. The new condition "Overwrite if different contents", in which the contents are compared by comparing the SHA-256 hash of each file, offers additional security for your backup, copy and synchronization jobs.
  • Converting Filenames to Title Case. The bulk renamer will now recognize words that are excluded from conversion to upper case. This way, your song and photo collections will look more natural with just a single click. The list of exclusions can of course be edited.
  • Irrational Aspect Ratio. Now ISO 216, also known as the "Lichtenberg Ratio", an international standard for paper sizes used around the world except in some parts of the Americas, is shown in XYplorer as 1:√2 or √2:1, for images whose aspect ratio is close enough to the irrational number. A little nerd honey ...

Maintenance Release 22.00.0100

released 13-Jul-2021

What’s New in 22.00?

released 29-Jun-2021

  • Column Layouts. Now you can load predefined and custom column layouts with just one click. Instead of laboriously collecting special columns, the photo column layout, for example, shows the date the photo was taken, dimensions, aspect ratio, exposure time, exposure compensation, F-stop, focal length, ISO sensitivity and camera model in no time at all. The audio column layout gives you length, sample rate, bit depth, bit rate and channels. You can adapt the column layouts to your particular needs.
  • Maximum Depth. Now you can easily narrow the search recursion depth. E.g. maximum depth 2 means: Search at the current location and 2 levels deeper.
  • Sorting Search Results. The new "Always sort search results this way" option lets you control exactly how all of your search results are initially sorted. Sorting column, sorting direction and even secondary sorting are supported.
  • Add Tabs Using Drag & Drop. Now you can turn a folder into a new tab by simply dragging and dropping it onto the empty part of the tab bar or the gaps between two tabs.
  • Autosize Columns Here. Now you can limit the automatic adjustment of the column sizes to the currently visible rows. This has two advantages: You don’t get super-wide columns for something that’s miles out of sight, and it’s much faster with long lists.

What’s New in 21.90?

released 08-Jun-2021

Maintenance Release 21.80.0300

released 04-Jun-2021

Maintenance Release 21.80.0200

released 21-May-2021

Maintenance Release 21.80.0100

released 18-May-2021

What’s New in 21.80?

released 12-May-2021

  • Favorite Live Filters. Now you can define up to 32 Favorite Live Filters for the Live Filter Box. Makes you filter faster.
  • Enhanced Archive Extraction. The various extraction commands now also support *.rar and other WinRAR formats and *.7z and other 7-Zip formats if those applications are present (even on a portable medium).
  • Permanent Random Sort Order. A randomized sort order now survives a list refresh and is remembered between tab switches and app sessions.
  • Marked Custom Sort Orders. Now the random sort order is indicated by a small "dice" character in the Name column header, and the manual sort order by a small "hand" character. It’s the little things.

Maintenance Release 21.70.0100

released 26-Apr-2021

What’s New in 21.70?

released 07-Apr-2021

  • Seamless Wave Looping. Just select a sample file and hear it spinning in a perfect seamless loop. Audio folks love it.
  • Smart Branch View. A new branch view (aka flat view) type shows only files and non-empty folders, i.e. any folders that contain nothing or only empty folders (or, in case of a search, do not contain any files that match the search) are not listed in the branch view. Gives you a much cleaner and more useful view.
  • Tree Scroll Position Remembered Per Tab. Optionally, each tab restores the tree position it was in when it was last exited. Many users have waited for this feature, not many file managers have it.
  • Color-Code Empty Tree Folders. Finally color filters can be applied in the folder tree in a way that lets you spot all empty folders at a glance.

Maintenance Release 21.60.0100

released 24-Mar-2021

What’s New in 21.60?

released 15-Mar-2021

  • Hover Box Wheel Scaling. Now the mouse wheel can scale images and PDF previews while the Hover Box (a zero-click preview that pops up by merely hovering the filename) is shown. So natural and so useful.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Zoomed. Ready for another game changer? Mouse Down Blow Up (a large preview that pops up on mouse down on a thumbnail or icon) now can zoom into the original by a freely configurable zoom factor. Got small images, large screens, and weak eyes? MDBUZ is your ticket.
  • Find Files by Contained Characters. Now you can find files that contain certain characters or character ranges within their textual contents. Allows you to search for files containing any characters in the upper Unicode range, or any Mongolian characters, or whatever specific characters you are interested in.
  • Apply Button in Configuration. Street pressure became unbearable so an Apply button was added that allows you to apply any changed settings to the main window without closing the Configuration dialog.

Maintenance Release 21.50.0100

released 18-Jan-2021

  • Hover Box Image Scaling. Now you can scale images (and PDFs) on the fly using the mouse wheel. Surprisingly natural and totally addictive.
  • Hover Box Scrolling and Scaling. Now the whole scrolling and scaling business can be turned off individually in case you prefer the old static mode.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 21.50?

released 15-Jan-2021

  • Hover Box Scrolling. Now you can keyboard-scroll and wheel-scroll the Folder Contents Preview, the Zip Contents Preview, and the Text Preview. You won’t get this degree of interface coolness anywhere else.
  • Hover Box for Tabs. Now you can show a Hover Box with Folder Contents Preview for any tab simply by hovering the tab header icon. Saves you a click if you just want to quickly see what’s in the tab, or what has recently arrived in the tab. Even works for Paper Folders.
  • Custom Copy with Free Space Status. Now the progress dialog shows the amount of used and free space on the target drive in real time, graphically and in numbers. Just gives you that soothing feeling that comes from knowing the consequences of your actions.
  • Shorten Filenames. Now you can shorten the names of a whole bunch of files by cutting off a certain number of characters from the right end of the base name.

Maintenance Release 21.40.0100

released 30-Dec-2020

What’s New in 21.40?

released 23-Dec-2020

  • Custom Event Actions. A major new feature that provides you with an easy to use yet powerful usability booster. For example, you now can freely decide what should happen when a folder is middle-clicked, or when the status bar is double-clicked, and so on. It can be simple things like "Open in new background tab" or "Go up", but it can also be much more. If you know a bit about scripting, Custom Event Actions can be a real game changer. And if you don’t you now have a good reason to learn it.
  • Sorting the Folder Contents Preview. Now you can control the sort order in the Folder Contents Preview, which also includes the Hover Box on folders. Quite likely you want to see the recent files on top. Now you can.
  • Shorten Filenames. Finally the app offers a way to shorten the names of a whole bunch of files. You can cut them down from both ends.

What’s New in 21.30?

released 24-Nov-2020

  • Transparent Folders. Now the Folder Contents Preview supports the Hover Box which means you can preview the contents of files in folders before even opening those folders, just by moving the mouse over the items listed in the Folder Contents Preview. You can look into closed folders as if they were made of glass.

Maintenance Release 21.20.0200

released 02-Nov-2020

Maintenance Release 21.20.0100

released 20-Oct-2020

What’s New in 21.20?

released 15-Oct-2020

  • Rename Without Extensions. Now you can completely hide the extensions from the inline rename box. It’s relaxing to have them out of the way. Very rarely you want to change the extension of a file anyway.
  • Set Archive Attribute. Now you can automatically set the archive attribute on all recursive contents a renamed folder. This allows backup operations by programs like XCOPY to decide what has to be backed up.
  • Swap Panes. Now you can swap the positions of both panes, including tabs, breadcrumbs, and the pane dimensions. Good news for left-to-right draggers.
  • Buttons In Catalog. Now you can easily add toolbar buttons with their icons, captions, and functionality to the Catalog. So the Catalog can serve as a second, vertical toolbar.
  • Backup Logged. Backup and sync operations are now added to the action log. You cannot undo them (that would be meaningless) but you have them nicely logged now, so you can look up what you have done and when.
  • Autosize Name Column Right Margin. Isn’t it annoying when on autosize the name column springs to a width far beyond the window edge where you cannot see it anyway, and where you’re forced to horizontally scroll the list to enable you to manually grab the column separator to make it smaller again? Not anymore! Now you can define a minimal margin from the right window edge. The name column will not go beyond this margin on autosize.
  • Adaptive Name Column Width. Tick it to soften the width of the name column when resizing the list so that all other columns keep their width and visibility. Try it, you will quickly get used to it.

What’s New in 21.10?

released 15-Sep-2020

  • 64-bit Preview. Some file types, e.g. WebP graphic files (WEBP), SolidWorks files (SLDASM, SLDDRW, SLDPRT) or OpenOffice files (ODP, ODS, ODT), implement their preview not via preview handlers but via thumbnail providers. This has always been supported for 32-bit thumbnail providers. However, in some cases those thumbnail providers are only provided in the 64-bit flavor (e.g. SolidWorks). Those are supported now as well, so there are SolidWorks and many other previews now.
  • Quick Find Files. The Quick Search dialog now offers a Quick Find Files mode where you can remote control the Find Files tab in the Info Panel (F12). That way you can quickly do a Find Files search without first opening that tab and without having it in the way of the search results listing.

What’s New in 21.00?

released 01-Sep-2020

  • 64-bit Preview. Now XYplorer supports 64-bit preview handlers for Office files (MS Office, PDF, EML). No configuration necessary, it just works.
  • Message Preview. Now you get a WYSIWYG preview for email files (EML and MSG). No configuration necessary, it just works.
  • Toggle Middle Truncation. Now you can quickly toggle middle/end truncation in the file list.

Maintenance Release 20.90.0900

released 20-Aug-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0800

released 25-Jul-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0700

released 06-Jul-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0600

released 25-Jun-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0500

released 27-May-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0400

released 18-May-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0300

released 28-Apr-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0200

released 27-Apr-2020

Maintenance Release 20.90.0100

released 07-Apr-2020

What’s New in 20.90?

released 30-Mar-2020

  • Middle Truncation. Now you get the option to truncate overflowing filenames in the middle instead of at the end. Useful because the end of the name often has interesting info bits like dates or serial numbers.
  • Dark Mode with Adaptive Colors. Now you can control the retina-friendliness of the Dark Mode. It’s your choice whether brighter colors (selections, filters, highlights, etc) are automatically dimmed down a bit to make them softer on the eye.
  • Duplicate Image Finder. Now the hash is also generated for ICO and CUR files, so these image types will also be searched and found.

Maintenance Release 20.80.0500

released 14-Mar-2020

Maintenance Release 20.80.0400

released 12-Mar-2020

Maintenance Release 20.80.0300

released 04-Mar-2020

  • Image Hash. App would freeze on hashing extremely narrow images where the height is much larger than the width. Fixed.

Maintenance Release 20.80.0200

released 03-Mar-2020

  • Image Hash. Now the hash is also generated for ICO and CUR files.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 20.80.0100

released 13-Feb-2020

What’s New in 20.80?

released 10-Feb-2020

  • Duplicate Image Finder. Now you can find image dupes, and fast. Quite handy when sweeping your photo collection. You can even sort images by visual similarity, an interesting feature and hard to find elsewhere.

What’s New in 20.70?

released 28-Jan-2020

Maintenance Release 20.60.0400

released 22-Jan-2020

Maintenance Release 20.60.0300

released 28-Dec-2019

Maintenance Release 20.60.0200

released 02-Dec-2019

Maintenance Release 20.60.0100

released 25-Nov-2019

What’s New in 20.60?

released 20-Nov-2019

  • Highlight Hovered Items. Now hovered items are optionally highlighted everywhere in the app. Huge usability boost.
  • Custom Tab Bar Height. Now you can modify the height of the tab bars on-the-fly by Ctrl+Shift+Wheel over any of them. Makes a larger click and drop target, and a lighter look.
  • Volume Labels In Folder View Settings. Now you can use volume labels instead of drive letters to specify the drive or folder to apply the settings to. Lets you store individual settings for your removable drives independently of ever-changing drive letters.

Maintenance Release 20.50.0300

released 11-Nov-2019

Maintenance Release 20.50.0200

released 07-Nov-2019

Maintenance Release 20.50.0100

released 11-Oct-2019

What’s New in 20.50?

released 08-Oct-2019

  • Filter By Properties. Now you can filter the file list by each of the hundreds of available item properties. E.g. you can show only those photos with a certain aspect ratio, or only those MP3s from a certain artist.
  • Filter By Lengths. Now you can filter the file list by the item name lengths. E.g. you can show only those items with 12 or less characters in the name, or only items longer than 259 characters.
  • Focus Next Selected Item. Now you can assign a keyboard shortcut of your choice to each of two new commands that move the focus to the next or previous selected item. Quite useful to quickly browse through the currently selected items while giving the mouse a rest.
  • Full Name Column Select. Having a hard time hitting the name of a short-named file? Now you have the option to use the full width of the name column as click target. Should increase your hits.
  • Shuffle Your Files. There is a new dice shaped button on the toolbar. If you are feeling lucky and bored at the same time you can use it to shuffle your image, sound, or video collections.
  • Fat Recent Location Pin. Now the current path pin is drawn fatter than the others. So you know where you are at a glance.
  • Quick MIDI Preview. Now the Quick Audio Preview supports MIDI files.
  • Set Extension. Now the dialog has a Most Recently Used (MRU) list.
  • Flexible Size Format. This format has been improved to take even less horizontal space in the Size column.

What’s New in 20.40?

released 10-Sep-2019

  • Content Search and Preview. Now both 64-bit and 32-bit IFilters are supported. This broadens the support for previewing and searching the textual contents of complex document formats (e.g. Office files).
  • Quick Refresh List. The white space context menu of the file list now features the command "Refresh List". A little gesture towards heavy mouse users.
  • Color Filters. Now you can optionally have Color Filters fill the whole column. Makes them more visible, especially with short-named files.
  • Previewed Audio Formats. Added DSD and DSF files (Sony’s DSD Stream File) to the previewed audio files. Note that this format is ID3V2 compliant and thus XYplorer will show the tags in the Preview Panel and in the various ID3-Tag columns. Needs a matching CODEC installed, of course.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up. The new "Fit width only" option is perfect for quickly previewing vertical images in best resolution for vertical-only panning.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up by Middle Button. Now the middle mouse button can be used for Mouse Down Blow Up on thumbnails and icons. Frees left and right button to perform their traditional tasks.

What’s New in 20.30?

released 11-Aug-2019

Maintenance Release 20.20.0200

released 15-Jul-2019

Maintenance Release 20.20.0100

released 05-Jul-2019

What’s New in 20.20?

released 18-Jun-2019

  • Append to Clipboard. The new Append command allows you to append files to the files that are currently in the clipboard. Hunt and collect.
  • Clipboard Peek. Now the "Edit Clipboard" button provides a real-time indication of the current clipboard contents, so you always know whether there is something in the clipboard and of what kind it is (text, image, files). The clipboard is no black box anymore.
  • Restore Previous Clipboard. Ever accidentally lost some valuable clipboard contents? Argh! Relax. The previous state of the clipboard is now automatically stored whenever the clipboard changes, and you can toggle the current and the previous state by using the new Restore Previous Clipboard command.
  • Nested Hamburger. Now the Hamburger menu in the Breadcrumb Bar ("Recently in the Breadcrumb Bar I asked for the Hamburger menu...") supports submenus.

What’s New in 20.10?

released 03-Jun-2019

  • Clipboard Markers. A new way to mark items that are currently on the clipboard and whether they have been cut or copied.
  • Sorting. Now you can choose between three sort methods in folder tree and file list: Binary, Textual, Natural.
  • Recent Location Pins. Now you can customize the color and the number of the pins.
  • Reset Zoom. Now you can reset the font zoom to the startup values by pressing Ctrl+0.

What’s New in 20.00?

released 20-May-2019

  • Recent Location Pins. Navigating a huge folder tree is much easier with pins at your recently visited locations. One of those features you will never want to miss again.
  • Custom Colored Tabs. Now tabs can be individually colored.
  • Wheel Scroll Lines. Now you can customize the number of lines that are scrolled for each notch that the mouse wheel is rotated, independently of the host system settings.

Maintenance Release 19.90.0100

released 13-Apr-2019

What’s New in 19.90?

released 08-Apr-2019

  • Clipboard Viewer. What’s in the clipboard? What will happen when I paste now? Curious? Need to know for sure? Well, just hover the "Edit Clipboard" or "Paste" button in the toolbar for an instant preview of the current clipboard contents. No clicks required. And it even works for images.
  • Paste Text As Item. Now you can paste a copy of the item(s) referred to by textual clipboard contents. Works with local paths and even with web addresses. Which means you can download a file to the current folder right from an http path in the clipboard.
  • Dropped Messages From Thunderbird. Now, in addition to Outlook, emails dropped from Thunderbird are also processed along with your settings for dropped messages.
  • Editing Dropped Messages. Now you can trigger an edit prompt for each field you please (From, To, Subject, Date Sent). Helps when archiving emails.
  • Transparent Images Preview. Now you have four options for how to display the transparent areas in images: Neutral, Grid, White, Black.
  • Hover Box With Transparency. Now it supports the user-selected transparency background (Neutral, Grid, White, Black), and you can easily change it on-the-fly while the Hover Box is shown.

Maintenance Release 19.80.0100

released 13-Mar-2019

What’s New in 19.80?

released 12-Mar-2019

  • Multi-User-Tagging. The concept of Multi-User-Tagging, i.e. sharing file tags within a networked team, is around for quite a while in XYplorer, but the first implementation lacked power, comfort, and elegance. Not anymore.

    If you are looking for a way to implement a shared tagging system, you found it. Easy setup, fast automatic real-time synchronization, access control, and a large number of independent fields (Label, Tags, Comment, and 16 freely definable Extra Tags) for each file.

    Give it a try, annotate a file and have all your team members see your notes in real-time in their file manager. And see their comments in your file manager. Your team is fully connected.

  • Status Log. Now the last 1000 changes in the Status Bar are permanently logged. It might be interesting to see what those rapidly changing Status Bar messages actually said, or what exactly you were doing 15 minutes ago. Now you can find out.

Maintenance Release 19.70.0100

released 21-Feb-2019

What’s New in 19.70?

released 20-Feb-2019

  • File Tagging. Now you have sixteen freely definable Extra Columns, sixteen user fields for each file and folder, fields that you can fill, display, sort by, search for, carry around on a stick, and share with your team.
  • Quick Jump. Now double-clicking a cell in the Path column will open that path and auto-select the double-clicked item.

Maintenance Release 19.60.0100

released 08-Feb-2019

What’s New in 19.60?

released 30-Jan-2019

  • Maintenance. This is primarily a maintenance release with lots of bug fixes and small improvements, especially concerning the new Dark Mode.
  • Disallow Delete By Key. Now you can prevent accidental deletions-by-key in the folder tree.
  • Confirm Delete. The Confirm Delete prompt has been much improved.
  • Selection Stats. The Selection Stats dialog prompt has been much improved.
  • Random Rename. For what it’s worth, now you can rename any number of files to random strings. Might come in handy if you make your money as a spy.

Maintenance Release 19.50.0200

released 12-Jan-2019

Maintenance Release 19.50.0100

released 29-Dec-2018

What’s New in 19.50?

released 21-Dec-2018

  • Dark Mode. Now XYplorer offers a portable, smart, instant dark mode. Just one click and the app turns dark in the blink of an eye. You can control the levels of darkness and text contrast to adjust the dark mode to your needs and likings. Works in each Windows version from XP onwards.

Maintenance Release 19.40.0100

released 26-Nov-2018

  • Hover Box Size. Now you can scale the size of the image shown in the Hover Box. Simply press keys "Numpad Add" or "Numpad Subtract".
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 19.40?

released 20-Nov-2018

  • Archive Contents Preview. Now you can preview the contents of archives just by hovering the file icon. No clicks required. Works for ZIP and, if WinRAR and/or 7-Zip is installed, for RAR, TAR, GZ, 7Z, and many other archive formats.
  • Live Filter Box. Now you can choose the position of the Live Filter Box. Either it is shown right of the Address Bar, or in the left end of the Status Bar.
  • Hover Box Icon. Now you can toggle the visibility of the file icon in the status section of the Hover Box: Simply press key "I".
  • Hover Box Status. Now you can cycle the amount of information shown in the status section of the Hover Box: Simply press key "S".

What’s New in 19.30?

released 29-Oct-2018

  • Folder Contents Preview. Now you can get a folder contents preview in the Hover Box. Simply hover a folder and see its top 20 items instantly listed in a small popup. Works in the folder tree and the file list. Addictive is an understatement. This will change the way you work. Your file management will become smooth and silent through a reduction of futile clicks.
  • Mouse Up Show Down. Now it’s available also in the folder tree. Like in the List it works on mouse up on the folder icons. Lets you quickly peek into folders without leaving the current location. Lets you even list and open files right from the tree.
  • Canvas Color Toggle. Now you can quickly toggle the background color of the Hover Box for images. Cool feature for photographers.
  • Invalid Filename Warning. Now you get a warning in the status bar when a file or folder with an invalid filename (invalid in the Windows shell, not in NTFS) is selected in the file list. Leading or trailing spaces are made visible by a replacement character.
  • Horizontal Scrolling. Now Shift+Wheel horizontally scrolls folder tree and file list.

What’s New in 19.20?

released 24-Sep-2018

  • Mouse Up Show Down. What about a mouse-driven instant non-invasive Folder Contents Preview that lets you look into a folder without opening it? You can jump into subfolders or open files right from the preview. You will get hooked to this amazing speed booster in a second and never look back.
  • Tab Colors. Now you can have the selected tab auto-match the color of the breadcrumb bar of each pane. So what? Well, try it. It makes a lot of sense in terms of user guidance and interface balance.
  • Tree Path Colors. Just like with tabs you now can also have the "Tree Path Tracing" auto-match the color of the breadcrumb bar of each pane. It’s a small thing but it makes everything look better.
  • Drag and Clone. In all small lists where you can drag items to a new position you now can drag-and-clone an item by Ctrl+Drag.
  • Remove Search and Filters. The context menu of the Search Information Bar and Filter Information Bar now tells you what you can do with a double click: Remove the search, or the filter. You always could, but now you know.

Maintenance Release 19.10.0200

released 15-Aug-2018

Maintenance Release 19.10.0100

released 15-Jul-2018

What’s New in 19.10?

released 10-Jul-2018

  • This Is A BIG Maintenance Release. A major Windows 10 related issue regarding XYplorer’s portable devices support has been finally resolved, and there have been numerous minor fixes and enhancements since 19.00.

Maintenance Release 19.00.0300

released 04-Jul-2018

Maintenance Release 19.00.0200

released 26-Jun-2018

  • Portable Devices. Microsoft have broken XYplorer’s portable devices support with Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update), and you could not see or manage files on your phone, tablet, or camera anymore.
    XYplorer v19.00.0200 now successfully works around this bug and restores full portable devices support for all versions of Windows 10.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 19.00.0100

released 11-Jun-2018

What’s New in 19.00?

released 24-May-2018

  • Hover Box. XYplorer’s zero click wonder, the Hover Box, now supports thumbnail previews for text, image, video, office, and PDF files. A pleasure for your eyes and your tendons. Immediate addiction guaranteed.
  • Select On Hover. Optionally you can now select list items by just hovering their icon. Another comfy zero click service.
  • Find Hidden Files. The new "Find hidden" option lets you find all items regardless of any settings that might currently hide them.

Maintenance Release 18.90.0100

released 23-Mar-2018

What’s New in 18.90?

released 21-Mar-2018

  • Drag Status Box. The Drag Status Box™ is a color-coded information box shown at the mouse pointer when hovering over a drop target.
  • Prevent Unwanted Dragging. Now you can disallow dragging from folder tree and file list independently. Lets you for example protect the tree from potentially disastrous drag-and-drop mistakes while keeping the list drag-ready to rock.
  • Toolbar Font Size. Now Ctrl+Wheel over the Toolbar changes the button captions font size on the fly and with high granularity.

What’s New in 18.80?

released 05-Mar-2018

  • Open Throw Away Clone. Now you can open a clone of the current XYplorer instance in read-only mode. You can use such a clone for quick in-between jobs that should not affect your main configuration. Highly useful.
  • Selection Colors. Now you can customize the text and background colors of selected items. Offers you a break from the age-old white-on-blue without messing with the Windows system-wide color settings.
  • Vertical Grid. Now you can have vertical grid lines in the details view.
  • Live Filter Highlights. Now the matching parts can be highlighted.
  • Filename Length Info. Now a yellow warning icon is shown in the box when the new filename would trigger a move-on-rename.
  • Toolbar Captions. Now you can customize the number of caption lines. The more lines you use the less horizontal space is taken by each button.
  • Scripting. Added Compound Assignment Operators .=, +=, -=, *=, /=, \=.

Maintenance Release 18.70.0100

released 04-Feb-2018

What’s New in 18.70?

released 23-Jan-2018

  • Filename Length Info. Now you can have a little info bar at the right end of the inline rename box showing the current length of the filename and also (in parentheses) the length of the full path. The bar turns red when the item name is overlong (longer than 259 characters) and warns you if you enter characters that are not valid in a filename.
  • Find Text in Text Boxes. Now all text boxes support a basic find dialog that lets you search for strings inside the text.
  • More Labels. Raised the maximum number from 16 to 32, so now you can label your files with up to 32 different color labels.
  • Hover Box. Now it supports previewing cursor files.

Maintenance Release 18.60.0200

released 17-Jan-2018

Maintenance Release 18.60.0100

released 09-Jan-2018

What’s New in 18.60?

released 12-Dec-2017

  • Self Update. Now the updated app will auto-run after self-update.
  • Transparency Grid. Now you can customize the two checkerboard grid colors.
  • Numerous Small Improvements and Fixes. See change log.

Maintenance Release 18.50.0300

released 21-Nov-2017

Maintenance Release 18.50.0200

released 31-Oct-2017

Maintenance Release 18.50.0100

released 18-Oct-2017

What’s New in 18.50?

released 02-Oct-2017

  • Toolbar Captions. Finally XYplorer’s newbie-friendliness extends to the toolbar. If you ever wanted to know what those colorful toolbar buttons actually do, this version comes with optional captions.
  • Sync Caps. Now Sync Folders ensures that the capitalization (lower/upper case letters in the item names) of the target files and folders exactly matches that of the source items.
  • Filtered Sync. Now you can explicitly include and exclude files and folders from Sync Folders by passing a list of patterns to the job. Wildcards supported. Scripting abilities needed.
  • Shortcut Overlays. Now you can say no to shortcut overlays.

Maintenance Release 18.40.0100

released 23-Sep-2017

What’s New in 18.40?

released 18-Sep-2017

  • Sync Folders. Finally XYplorer lets you synchronize two folders. It’s a one-way sync, also known as mirror sync: The target folder is made to be like the source folder. Now it’s just a toolbar button away. Advanced Users: Scripting support lets you create buttons or batches for frequently recurring sync tasks.
  • Time Stamping. Now you can easily "touch" files (set the filetime to now) via the context menu.
  • Know Your Clipboard. The Paste toolbar button now shows what’s in the clipboard, i.e. the stuff that will be pasted if you click the button.
  • Backup Speed. Backup operations are much faster now when most items are skipped, which is the common case in large incremental backups.

What’s New in 18.30?

released 30-Aug-2017

  • Touchscreen Mode. Bigger icons are just a click away now. Big enough to be touched with big fingers. The fonts get bigger, too. Easier to read in harsh lighting conditions.
  • Time Stamping. Now you can edit file dates right from the list column. You can even paste a file date from the clipboard directly into the column. Multiple files can be stamped in one go.
  • Age Display. The unit "week" has been replaced by "month". Easier to process for most brains assumingly.

Maintenance Release 18.20.0300

released 25-Aug-2017

Maintenance Release 18.20.0200

released 05-Aug-2017

Maintenance Release 18.20.0100

released 31-Jul-2017

What’s New in 18.20?

released 27-Jul-2017

  • Age Circles. Little visual helpers that let you instantly grasp the rough age of a file. No more brain power wasted on deciphering date strings. Addictive killer feature of the year so far.
  • Age Tips. Now when you hover any cell in any date column the corresponding age is displayed in a tooltip.

Maintenance Release 18.10.0100

released 17-Jul-2017

What’s New in 18.10?

released 10-Jul-2017

  • Hamburger at the Breadcrumbs. A new button brings some often used commands closer to the mouse. Actually we should have made it a Cheeseburger to attract the mouse even more.
  • Dual Pane Commands. Added commands "Move to Other Pane" and "Copy to Other Pane" to the context menu of any selected items.
  • Dual Permanent Startup Path. Now can define a permanent startup path for each pane.
  • Toolbar Goes Nuts. New buttons "Move to Recent Locations" and "Copy to Recent Locations" drop the list of recent locations as targets to move/copy the currently selected items to.

What’s New in 18.00?

released 06-Jun-2017

  • Persistent Live Filters. Now optionally Live Filters persist across folders, and are remembered across tab switches and across sessions.
  • User-Defined Preview Handlers. Now you can freely associate particular file types with particular preview handlers. This means full preview control without touching the registry.

Maintenance Release 17.90.0400

released 31-May-2017

Maintenance Release 17.90.0300

released 16-May-2017

Maintenance Release 17.90.0200

released 10-May-2017

Maintenance Release 17.90.0100

released 09-Apr-2017

What’s New in 17.90?

released 04-Apr-2017

  • Size Graphics. Now the size column can have graphical representations of the byte counts right in the column. Simply right-click the size column header and choose between three options: No Graphics, Circles, Bars.
  • Size Tooltips. The size column now always shows a tooltip (even if the text is not cropped) with the exact byte count of the hovered item. Saves lots of clicks when you are interested in exact numbers.
  • Live Filtering. Now you can filter-as-you-type right in the file list. Try it and you will love it. A brilliant way to tame long file lists and focus on what’s important now.
  • Icon Lists. Now you can specify a list of icons that are shown side by side for each item in custom columns. Write a script to determine which icons are shown for each particular file. This lets you present file information in a visually catchy way.

What’s New in 17.80?

released 21-Mar-2017

  • Icons in Custom Columns. Now you can create your own columns and have them display icons of your choice. E.g. you could create a column that shows a special camera icon for all photos that were shot with a Nikon. Make stand out what’s important to you, and do it in a way that works best for you and your eyes.
  • Circles in Custom Columns. Now you can decorate your files with colorful circles. Brings back a long-missed psychedelic kindergarten vibe to file management.
  • Scroll Margin. Introducing a smart little usability enhancer that gives some context to your cursor when moving up or down the list with the arrow keys. Lets you see where you are going before you go there. Relaxing.
  • Ad-Free. Now that Microsoft is showing ads within File Explorer it might be worthwhile to mention that XYplorer provides an ad-free experience. Explore files without an adblocker! :)

Maintenance Release 17.70.0200

released 13-Mar-2017

Maintenance Release 17.70.0100

released 06-Mar-2017

  • The last version, v17.70.0000, had an issue where the mouse input was not released to other processes under certain conditions. Nothing dangerous but certainly annoying. It’s fixed now.

What’s New in 17.70?

released 06-Mar-2017

  • Hover Box. When hovering a file icon or caption of an image file a popup shows a thumbnail and basic file, image, and photo information. A highly addictive zero click preview.
  • Keyboard Navigation. Now you can navigate the list and open files and folders right from the Live Filter Box. Productivity boost for typers.
  • Live Filter Box. Now you can type a space to see only those items with at least one space in their name. Sounds lame but File Explorer can’t do it.

Maintenance Release 17.60.0100

released 27-Feb-2017

What’s New in 17.60?

released 20-Feb-2017

  • Find Files by Path. Now you can find items by the name of their parent folder or full path, using a simple inline switch.
  • New Overwrite Prompt. Redesigned the dialog for clarity and usability.
  • Audio Properties. Now the basic audio properties (Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Channels, Length) are shown right in the Large Tiles view. Allows for a quick glance without displaying any spacy extra columns.

Maintenance Release 17.50.0200

released 31-Jan-2017

Maintenance Release 17.50.0100

released 23-Jan-2017

What’s New in 17.50?

released 20-Jan-2017

  • Quick Audio Preview. Mouse down on the file icon to hear the sound. Mouse move to scroll. Mouse up to stop. MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG... you name it. With interactive progress bar. Probably the most convenient audio file previewer on the planet.
  • Support of Filenames Ending With Dot or Space. Those filenames are invalid in the Windows name space and the shell cannot do anything with them. Delete, rename, move, it all fails with the standard File Explorer. XYplorer now can handle them.
  • Extra Large Toolbar. Now you can have extra large buttons (48x48 pixels). Increases toolbar usability on high-resolution screens.

Maintenance Release 17.40.0200

released 19-Dec-2016

  • Audio Tags. Now scripting supports reading and writing ID3 tags. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Serbian.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 17.40.0100

released 26-Nov-2016

What’s New in 17.40?

released 22-Nov-2016

  • Content Search. Now multi-field search supports content. So you can search for files that contain "Country" OR "Western".
  • Self Update. Finally XYplorer can update itself. Simply click "Check for Updates" and you are offered to download and install the update right away if there is one. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 17.30.0200

released 15-Nov-2016

Maintenance Release 17.30.0100

released 07-Nov-2016

  • Scripting. Some cool additions for advanced users like nested popup menus, numbered arguments, and the switch() statement. See help file for details.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 17.30?

released 31-Oct-2016

Maintenance Release 17.20.0200

released 06-Oct-2016

Maintenance Release 17.20.0100

released 28-Sep-2016

What’s New in 17.20?

released 19-Sep-2016

  • Single File Search. Quickly list a single file at any given location without tediously expanding the folder tree and browsing the whole directory first. It’s like a wormhole to any point in your file system.
  • Type Stats and Filter. Lost track of what you have selected? Type Stats gives you the numbers. Filter lets you narrow things down.
  • Custom Copy. Now you have a Retry button in case of failure. There’s always a second chance.
  • Custom Vorbis Tags. Now you can display, search, or color code whatever custom tags you might expect in your FLAC and OGG files.
  • Audio Tags. Now the Composer tag in Vorbis Comments (FLAC and OGG) is natively supported additionally to Album, Artist, Comments, Composer, Genre, Title, Track, and Year.

What’s New in 17.10?

released 06-Sep-2016

  • Audio Tags. Now Vorbis Comments in FLAC and OGG files are supported. They can be shown in columns, in reports, and on mouse hover. And you can use them in file search and scripts.
  • Safety Belts. Added an optional native delete confirmation prompt including deep stats.
  • Custom Columns. Raised the number of possible custom column definitions from 32 to 64. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Thumbnail Files. XYplorer lets you save thumbnails of images as files. Now you can pass the desired JPG quality value. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Portable Tags. Advanced storage options allow you to keep the tags database together with the tagged items. Finally a perfect solution for backing up tagged items. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 17.00.0200

released 16-Aug-2016

Maintenance Release 17.00.0100

released 15-Jul-2016

What’s New in 17.00?

released 11-Jul-2016

  • Live Filter Box. The most desired feature since Dual Pane. Now it’s here. Filter as you type.
  • Content Search. Now you can run a content search via inline switch.
  • Stronger Tree Lines. Optionally have lines drawn solid instead of dotted.
  • Precise Obfuscation. Define the strings you want to obfuscate. Can also help in severe cases of umlaut-phobia. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 16.90.0300

released 15-Jun-2016

Maintenance Release 16.90.0200

released 08-Jun-2016

Maintenance Release 16.90.0100

released 06-Jun-2016

What’s New in 16.90?

released 03-Jun-2016

  • Tree Structured Report. Create a one-click easy-to-read and easy-to-process recursive report on the current directory.
  • Collision Prompt. New quick action buttons Overwrite and Skip.

What’s New in 16.80?

released 18-May-2016

  • Folder Size Caching. Calculating folder sizes takes time. Now the results can be cached. Makes showing folder sizes extremely fast. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Undo/Redo. The number of undoable actions has been raised from 100 to 256.
  • Copy Path. The white space context menu now features the shortest way to the popular Copy Path command.
  • Reporting. The scripting command folderreport() now can generate a rich tree-shaped recursive report on any folder. (Pro Edition Only)

What’s New in 16.70?

released 02-May-2016

  • What’s on the pizza? A new toolbar button lets you quickly toggle the display of folder sizes.
  • View and Edit the Clipboard. A new toolbar button serves as a quick and basic clipboard viewer. Simply hover it to show any text or file items currently in the clipboard. Click it to edit those clipboard contents.
  • Paste and Go. Now you can paste a file or folder path directly into the tree or the list and XYplorer will go to it right away.
  • Color Filters. Now you can define whether a filter is applied to the Tree, or to the List, or to both, for each filter individually.
  • Rename Special. Now it’s also supported in the folder tree.

Maintenance Release 16.60.0300

released 21-Apr-2016

Maintenance Release 16.60.0200

released 19-Apr-2016

Maintenance Release 16.60.0100

released 18-Apr-2016

What’s New in 16.60?

released 12-Apr-2016

  • Permanent Custom Sort Order. For many years XYplorer supports creating custom sort orders by dragging items to new positions in Manual Sorting mode. Now those custom sort orders are remembered per tab, across tab switches, and across sessions. You don’t need to know or do anything, it just works.

Maintenance Release 16.50.0200

released 18-Mar-2016

Maintenance Release 16.50.0100

released 17-Mar-2016

What’s New in 16.50?

released 16-Mar-2016

What’s New in 16.40?

released 08-Mar-2016

What’s New in 16.30?

released 23-Feb-2016

  • Color Histogram. The Floating Preview now sports an optional color histogram. Lets you check out your photos’ color channels in a blink.
  • Thumbs Gallery. Now it’s easy to quickly toggle between normal thumbnails and a hardcore gallery mode without captions, padding, or white space. The classic wall of pictures.
    (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 16.20.0300

released 15-Feb-2016

Maintenance Release 16.20.0200

released 03-Feb-2016

Maintenance Release 16.20.0100

released 23-Jan-2016

  • Batch Move. Now also RegExp Rename supports Batch Move.
  • Hide protected operating system files. Now you can easily hide items that are both HIDDEN and SYSTEM.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 16.20?

released 18-Jan-2016

  • Global Visual Filters. One of the best features of XYplorer got even better. All previous limits have been stripped from Global Visual Filters. Global filtering now is totally easy to do and more powerful at the same time. No extra rules to learn, it just works as you expect it to work.

Maintenance Release 16.10.0300

released 30-Dec-2015

  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Catalan.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 16.10.0200

released 24-Dec-2015

Maintenance Release 16.10.0100

released 21-Dec-2015

What’s New in 16.10?

released 15-Dec-2015

  • Preview. Completely revised the preview engine. Now you can preview Office, Audio, and Video files using the available preview handlers. A huge improvement over previous versions, notably for Office files and document formats like RTF, PDF, and XPS.
  • Floating Preview and Full Screen Preview. Now it supports previewing Office, PDF, Audio and Video, Font, and Icon files. And, of course, you still can view your photos with it.
  • Batch Move. This feature allows you to automatically distribute a large number of files by certain criteria to automatically created folders, in one go. A neat freak’s dream.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Finnish.

Maintenance Release 16.00.0200

released 24-Nov-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 16.00.0100

released 20-Nov-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 16.00?

released 16-Nov-2015

  • Image Tagging. A new Tag Bar allows for tagging and commenting images right from the Floating Preview.
  • Image File Processing. Now you can run a custom script directly from the Floating Preview.
  • Fujifilm Photos. Added support for the maker notes in Fujifilm JPEGs.
  • Autosave Settings. Added the option to automatically save settings after a certain time.
  • Breadcrumb Bars. Now you can drop stuff onto the Breadcrumb Bars.
  • Advanced Hex Search. Now you can find files with particular byte patterns at particular positions.

What’s New in 15.90?

released 02-Nov-2015

Maintenance Release 15.80.0200

released 26-Oct-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.80.0100

released 28-Sep-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.80?

released 22-Sep-2015

  • Global Visual Filters. Global Visual Filters can visually reduce your file system to the stuff you created this year, this month, this week, today. Or to JPEGs only. Or to everything you tagged as "Important". Or whatever criteria you want to apply. Filter and conquer. Only show what you need to see. Global Visual Filters might change the way you manage your files.
  • Visual Filters by Tags. Now you can show just those items with certain labels, tags, and comments, and hide all others.
  • Color Filters by Tags. Now you can color-code items depending on their labels, tags, and comments.
  • Search In List. Now you can run a search over a list of items, instead of just searching one or more locations. This can be an arbitrary list compiled in a file or in the clipboard, or the currently listed items, or the currently selected items. So you now can easily run a search over the current search results, again and again.
  • Dupes By Basename. Now you can find groups of files with the same basename, regardless of their extensions.
  • Find By Count. Now you can find folders by the number of the contained items.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Klingon.

Maintenance Release 15.70.0100

released 02-Sep-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.70?

released 31-Aug-2015

  • Flatten Folder. Now you can flatten a multi-level folder structure via the folder’s right-click menu. Simply click "Flatten Folder". It’s easy, quick, and safe. And you can even reverse it by clicking Undo.
  • Drag and Drop. Now you can change the default drag and drop behavior (which is Move on same drive, Copy on different drive), and e.g. always Move or always Copy. Might save you a headache.

What’s New in 15.60?

released 19-Aug-2015

  • Ghost Filter. The Ghost Filter lets you globally hide particular files and folders. E.g. the stuff you almost never want to see anywhere, like those desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files, or items beginning with a dot. Or the stuff you don’t want to see just now for whatever reason. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Access Control. And here’s the Ghost Filter for the boss. As admin you now can completely hide particular items from the users, on a per-user basis. Might add some safety to your company. (Pro Edition Only)
  • QuickSearch. The new QuickSearch function connects scripting with XYplorer’s powerful search engine. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Floating Preview. Now you can navigate your photos by left mouse click.
  • Lock Zoom Position. Optionally keep the zoom position when switching images in the preview. Useful when comparing details of different versions of the same image.

Maintenance Release 15.50.0200

released 10-Aug-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.50.0100

released 03-Aug-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.50?

released 29-Jul-2015

  • Smart Right Click. Enjoy smart context menus on Name, Size, and Date columns.
  • Date Picker. Finally there is an easier way to enter dates into the find-by-date interface.
  • Photo Data. Now Exposure Program and Exposure Bias are displayed in the photo data.
  • Histogram. The image preview now features an optional luminosity histogram.
  • Invert and Grayscale. Images can now be previewed inverted (negative) and/or converted to grayscale.
  • Obfuscate. Quickly obfuscate all sensitive information in the interface. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 15.40.0100

released 29-Jun-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.40?

released 22-Jun-2015

  • User-Defined Functions. Finally scripting brings you the biggest fun in programming: You can roll your own functions now. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Scripting with Include. The new include statement enables you to include function libraries or whatever other files into the executing script. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Copy File Size. Quickly copy a file’s size in various formats.
  • Age Display Limit. Now you can show the age for today’s files, the absolute date for all other files.

New Prices!


What’s New in 15.30?

released 15-Jun-2015

  • Show Cached Thumbnails Only. Now you can browse your system in thumbnails view without any delays caused by new thumbnails being created.
  • Paste and Find. Quickly jump to a file pasting its name directly into the file list.
  • Age Display Limit. Now you can define when to show the age or the absolute date of files. You will love it when you see it.
  • Zoom By Wheel. Zooming fonts by mouse wheel now is optional. Turning it off is better when running XY on tablets.
  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF images can be used for the button graphics. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Hungarian. Added support for Hungarian (Magyar).
  • Prices. This is the last version you can buy for USD 79.95 Lifetime. The price will go up with 15.40.

Maintenance Release 15.20.0300

released 29-May-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.20.0200

released 25-May-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.20.0100

released 20-May-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.20?

released 18-May-2015

  • Drop Stacks. It will take you no more than 30 seconds to create a drop stack in the toolbar, a 24x24 pixel landing place where you can drop files to virtual folders. Extremely handy. And you can have many of them. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Thumbnail Files. Now you can save the thumbnails of images as files. So you can actually do something with those thumbnails beyond just staring at them. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Auto-Select First Item. Now you can have the first list item auto-selected when entering a new folder. Some cannot live without this.
  • Link View. Quickly check what a shortcut points to before you open it.
  • Network Speed. Enjoy speed improvements and smoother handling of unavailable network locations.

New Prices!


What’s New in 15.10?

released 04-May-2015

  • Find Files Without Extension. Searching for files with no extension? It’s easy now. Simply search for *. (asterisk-dot).
  • Toggle Quick Search. A new toolbar button provides a handy way to run the last search on and off in various locations.
  • Dropdown Left. Now you can have the address bar’s dropdown button on the left. Might reduce your mouse mileage.
  • Photo Preview. Now you can show basic photo data in the Floating Preview’s status bar.
  • Load Speed. Major load speed increase compared to 15.00 and before.

Maintenance Release 15.00.0500

released 20-Apr-2015

  • Image Preview Quality. Further improved the quality of image previews and thumbnails. The difference is subtle but notable.
  • Thumbnails. Now you can choose among three different qualities: Fast, Crisp, and Smooth. Smooth is new, and it’s the best quality you can get.
  • White Border Preview. Lets you view your photos with a nice white border.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.00.0400

released 14-Apr-2015

  • Selected Items to Top. Quickly show all selected items at the top of the list. A welcome usability boost.
  • Flat Select. Renamed the feature to Quick Select.
  • Speed. Major load speed increase.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.00.0300

released 28-Mar-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.00.0200

released 23-Mar-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 15.00.0100

released 11-Mar-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 15.00?

released 09-Mar-2015

  • Portable Devices. XYplorer now supports devices like tablets, smart phones, or digital cameras, devices that are connected to the PC without being assigned a drive letter. (Pro Edition Only; Windows Vista and later)
  • Flat Select. Now you can select items by entering match patterns right through the Address Bar. Nifty time-saver.
  • Timestamping. Now you can easily clone and shift timestamps. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Sticky Checkbox Selection. Checkbox selection in the file list received a number of optional improvements.

Maintenance Release 14.80.0200

released 12-Jan-2015

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.80?

released 22-Dec-2014

  • Find Empty Items. Now you can quickly list all empty files and folders.
  • Find Containing Folders. Now you can list all folders containing a certain file or file type, files of a certain size or age, or with certain other properties. You can as well list all folders NOT containing such files.
  • Enhanced Photo Data. Showing Photo Data is now much faster than before. And the data layout has been improved.
  • Photo Data Columns. The basic photo properties Camera Model, Focal Length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, ISO Speed, and Date Taken can now be shown in file list columns, so you can quickly view them and sort by them.

What’s New in 14.70?

released 15-Dec-2014

  • Duplicate File Finder. Now you can compare directory trees and easily check supposedly mirrored folder structures on two different drives.
  • Contents to Clipboard. Now you can copy the textual contents of files to the clipboard with a single command.
  • Enhanced Tiles Views. Now the photo data shown for JPEG and RAW formats include the Exif Date, i.e. the exact date/time when each photo was taken.

Maintenance Release 14.60.0200

released 01-Dec-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.60.0100

released 26-Nov-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.60?

released 18-Nov-2014

  • Enhanced Tiles Views. Tiles can be much larger now and their size is freely configurable. The width of the text area is adjustable in real time. Basic photo data for JPEG and RAW formats can be shown for each tile.

Maintenance Release 14.50.0300

released 10-Nov-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.50.0200

released 29-Sep-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.50.0100

released 22-Sep-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.50?

released 18-Sep-2014

  • Mouse Down Blow Up on Icons. Simply hold down your mouse on the icon of an image file and the image will instantly pop up in original size until you release the mouse button. There’s never been a faster way to check the contents of a photo, web graphic, animated gif, PDF, or PSD file.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Text. Simply hold down your mouse on the icon or thumbnail of a text file and the first page of the text will instantly pop up until you release the mouse button. There’s never been a faster way to check the contents of a document.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Hex View. Simply press CTRL and hold down your mouse on the icon or thumbnail of any file and the first page of the file in hex view will instantly pop up until you release the mouse button. There’s never been a faster way to check the raw bytes of a file.
  • Colored Tabs. Now you can customize the background colors of tabs.
  • 10 Years Mouse Down Blow Up! The famous feature has been invented already in v3.02.0035 (2000-02-21) but the trademark "Mouse Down Blow Up" now marks its 10th birthday.

Maintenance Release 14.40.0300

released 03-Sep-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.40.0200

released 01-Sep-2014

  • Tree Expansion Icon. Now you can choose between several styles.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.40.0100

released 28-Aug-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.40?

released 25-Aug-2014

  • Click and Tag. A new interface for comfortable one-click file tagging. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. The number of programmable toolbar buttons has been increased from 32 to 64. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Flat Look. Under Windows 8 the default UI got a fresh flat look. Fully optional and configurable, of course.

Maintenance Release 14.30.0400

released 12-Aug-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.30.0300

released 21-Jul-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.30.0200

released 17-Jul-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.30.0100

released 14-Jul-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.30?

released 10-Jul-2014

  • Paper Folders. Paper Folders are a ground-breaking new implementation of virtual folders. Fast, light-weight, easy-to-use, portable. You can have as many as you want, and you will want many.
  • Permanent Custom Sort Order. Now you can manually modify the sort order in a folder and it’s remembered next time when you open the folder.

Maintenance Release 14.20.0300

released 23-Jun-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.20.0200

released 17-Jun-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 14.20.0100

released 14-Jun-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.20?

released 12-Jun-2014

  • Click and Search. Now search by date and age is supported. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Layout. Many new layout options, and you can save and load layouts.
  • Content Search. Much faster than before.

Maintenance Release 14.10.0100

released 20-May-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.10?

released 19-May-2014

  • Click and Search. Tired of entering search patterns again and again? With this version XYplorer introduces a new search interface called "Click and Search", a collapsible and fully customizable list of your favorite search jobs. Even better: The jobs can be logically combined simply by ticking checkboxes. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Tag Clouds. For tag-based file management Click and Search boils down to an interface you have already seen in the web: Tag Clouds! Tagging files is finally becoming useful. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Column Layouts. Now you can export your details view column layouts to files, and later import them back into the list. That way you can very comfortably switch between context-specific column layouts. Of course, the layouts are portable and shareable.
  • Ignore Articles When Sorting. Now this setting can be applied per tab or per folder, and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Dutch.

Maintenance Release 14.00.0100

released 01-May-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 14.00?

released 28-Apr-2014

  • On Demand Columns. Now you can not only decide what a column shows, but also when. This allows you to design very complex columns (that would take a long time to load completely in a huge folder) and generate their contents only on demand and per cell (by clicking into the cell). A revolutionary feature that’s full of crazy possibilities. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Column-Based Search. Now you can search for files by the contents of your Custom Columns. Makes it a snap to find all images with an Aspect Ratio of 16:9, or all files where Created and Modified date are identical. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Advanced Content Search. Now you can search the textual contents of complex file types like DOC, DOCX, ODT, and PDF.
  • Ignore Articles When Sorting. Now sorting will optionally ignore "a", "an", and "the" (configurable) at the beginning of filenames. A case in point are files named after song or movie titles.
  • Image Preview in Overwrite Prompt. The overwrite prompt now features thumbnails for the copied and the existing image.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Turkish.
  • License Policy. Before, the Standard License was valid for one major version cycle of upgrades. Many users were unhappy with this. Some even irrationally thought it would be better if XYplorer was developed slower so they would get free upgrades for a longer period.
    Time for change. From now on, the Standard License is valid for one year of upgrades which, given the current pace of development, means roughly a doubling of upgrades for the same price.
    The new policy is applied retroactively to all Standard Licenses from 12.40 onwards, i.e. a Standard License for 12.40 will be valid for 14.00!

Maintenance Release 13.90.0100

released 08-Apr-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.90?

released 31-Mar-2014

  • Audio Properties in Columns. XYplorer now features columns for Audio Sample Rate and Audio Bit Depth, and some other audio related properties, for example Audio Length with milliseconds precision.
    As you might know this stuff had been removed from Explorer in Vista and still is missing in Win 8.1, so XYplorer brings it back to you with this release.
  • Extended Properties in Columns. Now you can finally show all extended file properties in columns. Like Owner, Subject, Comments, Camera Model, Aperture, File Version, Album, Artist, Title, etc. There are hundreds of them in today’s Windows.
  • Special Properties in Columns. And, of course, now you can also show XYplorer’s special properties in columns, that’s stuff not included in the Windows extended file properties. E.g. Aspect Ratio, MD5 hash (and many other hash functions), Number of Hard Links, Junction Target, various MP3 tags, and more.
  • Context-Smart Columns. Ever dreamt of columns that would show dimensions for images, play time for audio files, page count for documents, and the version number for executables -- all in ONE column?! Well, you can have that now in XYplorer, and it’s you who decides which property is shown for which file type in such catch-all columns.
  • Scriptable Columns. But it gets even better. With this version you can roll your own columns using XYplorer’s scripting language. You decide what they show, for which files, and how they show it. A world premiere. No file manager has ever gone there before.
  • The above features are part of the Pro Edition only, not of the Free Edition.
  • Copy Data. Now you can copy the contents of any single cell in the file list to the clipboard in a very comfortable way.
  • Depth-Limited Search. Now you can limit the search depth of Find operations, for example you can search only the parent and its immediate child folders but not any deeper. Nifty and potentially time-saving.

Maintenance Release 13.80.0100

released 26-Feb-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.80?

released 24-Feb-2014

  • Extra Tags. Five optional extra columns in the file list let you assign user data of various formats (free text, checkboxes, rating stars, date stamps, linked locations, and more) to any file and folder. By these data you can then sort the file list and find files across your system at lightning fast speed. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Paste and Find. Now you can find, focus, and highlight files simply by pasting their name into the file list. Smart time saver.

Maintenance Release 13.70.0100

released 24-Jan-2014

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.70?

released 23-Jan-2014

  • Sync Browse. Magically browse both panes in parallel motion. Sync Browse is a great time saver when performing moves, renames, or other reorganizations on mirrored drives. Another cool usage is to browse one location in two different simultaneous views, e.g. in Details and in Thumbnails view.
  • Shell Integration. Now you can show the 64-bit shell context menu instead of the 32-bit shell context menu. That way you can see and use your 64-bit shell extensions from XYplorer.

New Upgrade Paths

released 03-Jan-2014

  • Upgrade Home. Now you can upgrade your Standard License Home or Lifetime License Home to a Standard License Pro or Lifetime License Pro at 20% off the regular price!

What’s New in 13.60?

released 02-Jan-2014

  • Named Drives. Now you can specify paths using their name (Volume Label) instead of the drive letter. This allows you to reference removable drives regardless of the unpredictable drive letter that the host system might assign to the drive.
  • Navigation Buttons. Now the Breadcrumb Bars feature optional Navigation Buttons. Makes space in the main toolbar and reduces your mouse movement.
  • Find By Hash. Now you can find files by their hash value (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, CRC32). Useful for spotting duplicates or locating malware.
  • XYplorerFree. The XYplorer Free Edition is back! After a break of 7 years there is a freeware version of XYplorer again. No nags, no ads, no hassle. It won’t make coffee though...

What’s New in 13.50?

released 17-Dec-2013

  • External Copy Handlers. Now you can let external copy handlers handle your copy and move operations. Currently FastCopy and TeraCopy are supported.
  • Tree Node Crumbs. Now you can select any child folder of a folder without opening the whole node. Simply right-click the plus/minus symbol of the folder to pop a list of all child folders. This is especially useful with the Mini Tree.
  • Fuzzy Favorites. Now Favorite Folders and Favorite Files support the wildcard *. The first match will be used. Useful to bookmark items with partly known or variable names.
  • Copy Distributed Items. Now you can pass a file containing a list of source items to a copy or move operation. This way you can very easily copy distributed items spread across your system and network in one go. This can mean an enormous usability boost.

Maintenance Release 13.40.0200

released 09-Dec-2013

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 13.40.0100

released 04-Dec-2013

  • Payment Methods. FastSpring payment methods now include Credit Card, PayPal Account, Wire Transfer, and Check or Money Order.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.40?

released 25-Nov-2013

  • Folder View Settings with Visual Filters. Your favorite folders contain more than you are interested in? Now you can make them remember individually which files you usually want to see. For example, only images, only big files, only files modified this week, etc. Visual Filters are very powerful and now they can be combined with Folder View Settings.

    This revolutionary feature is likely to change your everyday file management experience: It makes it easier.

Maintenance Release 13.30.0100

released 19-Nov-2013

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.30?

released 14-Nov-2013

  • Quick Name Search Info. Now information on the current search pattern can be shown right in the file list.
  • Visual Filters Info. Now information on the current filter can be shown right in the file list.
  • Visual Filters. Now Boolean AND is supported. Allows you, for example, to show only files that have "moon" in the name AND have been modified this week AND are smaller than 3 MB.
  • Color Filters. Now Boolean NOT is supported. Allows you, for example, to color all files that are NOT image files.

What’s New in 13.20?

released 04-Nov-2013

  • Breadcrumb Bars. Now you can have a Breadcrumb Bar in each pane. It shows the full path of the current tab and lets you efficiently navigate the whole file system.
  • Exif Stamping. Now the command "Set Modified Date to Exif" is available from the main menu. It sets the Modified date of each selected image file to the file’s Exif date.

Maintenance Release 13.10.0100

released 14-Oct-2013

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 13.10?

released 10-Oct-2013

  • Checkbox Selection. Now you can individually select multiple list items simply by ticking checkboxes shown at each item.
  • Zoom to Fill. Now thumbnails can be set to fill all the available space, cropping as necessary. Whether you are obsessed with perfection or you simply want to see more detail on your thumbnails, you will love this feature.

What’s New in 13.00?

released 26-Sep-2013

  • Instant Color Filters. A new toolbar button features a set of predefined color filters that can be applied individually and independently of the normal Color Filters. This means you can spotlight the files you are interested in now, just in time, with a single click.

    The Instant Color Filters are fully customizable to your needs and easy to share. They support the full set of file properties and meta properties, plus a couple of XYplorer only properties.

  • Color Filters for Folders. Now the folder tree supports Color Filters by age. So you can, for example, color code all folders created or modified today, or this week, or this month, etc.
  • Image Aspect Ratio. Now you can color code the aspect ratio of image files, e.g. 16:9 images green, 4:3 images blue, etc. You can as well search and find image files by their aspect ratio.
  • Scroll To Top. Now Ctrl+Shift+DblClick on white space scrolls the list to top. A handy little addition because it’s the only way to quickly scroll to top with the right hand at the mouse.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up (MDBU). Now the right button MDBU optionally fits the image to the screen whereas the left button MDBU zooms it to original size. Very useful for photographers.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Indonesian.

What’s New in 12.90?

released 12-Sep-2013

  • Image Preview. Now previewing Animated GIFs is supported. Simply select a GIF file and you see the animation in the Preview tab. You can even resize the running preview on the fly.
  • Floating Preview. Also here previewing Animated GIFs is now supported. You can zoom in and zoom out, pan zoomed images with the mouse, use the full screen, wheel thru images, etc.
  • Thumbnails. Now Mouse Down Blow Up is supported for thumbnails of Animated GIFs. Simply hold the mouse down on a GIF thumbnail and the animation will instantly pop up at the mouse cursor. Ubercool!

What’s New in 12.80?

released 07-Aug-2013

  • Tiles Views. You now have two new views, Small Tiles and Large Tiles. Both come with high quality thumbnails, support for Mouse Down Blow Up, and essential metadata. The Large Tiles view - attention photographers! - displays image dimensions and aspect ratio.

What’s New in 12.70?

released 23-Jul-2013

  • Color Filters by Length. Now you can color-code overlong filenames (longer than 260 characters).
  • Type Ahead Find 2.0. Now you have commands to jump to the next/previous match, a status bar message showing the typed pattern, and live highlighting of the matches right in the file list. Type Ahead Find is also known as Find As You Type.
  • Line Number Selection. A revolutionary new way to toggle select files. It’s like checkbox selection without the checkboxes.
  • Extended Reporting. Custom reporting now supports the complete set of file metadata. So you can pick out whatever info bits you need and export them in a fully customizable format.
  • Licensing. Now you can upgrade your Standard License to a Lifetime License at a 20% discount. And the Lifetime License is back!

What’s New in 12.60?

released 08-Jul-2013

  • Zip Support. Now XYplorer can add to and extract from Zip archives. Zip related commands have been added all over the place, including interesting ones like "Drop into Zip", "Paste Into Zip", "Paste Extracted", "Paste Zipped", and "Zip Here".
  • Zip View. A non-modal Zip preview allowing for fast and easy consecutive browsing of Zip archives.
  • Quick File View. Now the window can be non-modal so you can leave it open side by side with the main window for smooth one-click previews of any listed file.
  • Adjustable Font Size. Now you can control the font size of all interface elements (buttons, checkboxes, labels etc).
  • Accessible Tooltips. Now the File Info Tips and other tooltips are displayed in the same font and font size as their parent controls, i.e. you can have them as big or as small, and ultimately as readable, as the rest of the text.
  • Display Hash Values. Now the most common hash values for the current file (CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512) can be displayed.
  • Japanese. Added support for Japanese.


What’s New in 12.50?

released 12-Jun-2013

  • Show Milliseconds. Now you can display the three file times (created, modified, accessed) with milliseconds precision.
  • Stamp Milliseconds. Time stamping now supports milliseconds precision.
  • Report Milliseconds. Reporting now supports milliseconds precision.
  • Illegal Filenames. Now XYplorer will smoothly handle files with a space at end of the filename. This is illegal under Windows but you can get such a file via download from the web. Windows Explorer and other file managers cannot handle this and you are stuck with a file that cannot be renamed nor deleted.

Maintenance Release 12.40.0300

released 31-May-2013

Maintenance Release 12.40.0200

released 16-May-2013

  • File Times in UTC. Now you can show all file times in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), i.e. in the universal time format that is independent of your current time zone.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 12.40.0100

released 08-May-2013

  • Custom File Icons. Now you can customize the icons of the currently selected tree folders.
  • Custom File Icons Toolbar Toggle. The new toolbar button "Enable Custom File Icons" lets you quickly toggle custom and standard icons. No restart required.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 12.40?

released 30-Apr-2013

  • Custom File Icons. This version comes with some serious eye candy. Windows can assign icons to file types, but here are new icon tricks that go much further: Assign custom icons to all folders with a certain name, e.g. "movie" or "docs", or on a certain drive. Assign custom icons to particular files, e.g. to "C:\pagefile.sys", or to all files called "readme.txt", or to all JPEGs containing "2013" in the name. It gets even better: You can take your associated icons with you wherever you go: Custom File Icons are fully portable without changing a single byte in the host system. It all runs from a USB stick, full stealth.

Maintenance Release 12.30.0200

released 17-Apr-2013

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 12.30.0100

released 20-Mar-2013

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 12.30?

released 15-Mar-2013

  • Type Stats and Filter. Pops a menu of all file types contained in the current folder or search results, ordered by count. Click any of the types to filter the list by this type. Killer feature.
  • Recent File Operations. Pops a menu by which you can apply recent file operations (Copy and Move) to the currently selected files, using the same operation and target path as recently.

Maintenance Release 12.20.0400

released 07-Mar-2013

  • Address Bar. Now Ctrl+Click on the edit box icon will open the match list to the parent of the current item.
  • Auto-Complete. Minor enhancements and refinements.

Maintenance Release 12.20.0300

released 05-Mar-2013

  • 4 Key Navigation. Now you can browse the whole computer by just 4 keys (Ctrl, Shift, Tab, Enter) in the Address Bar.
  • Mouse Click Navigation. Now you can browse the whole computer by just using the Left and Right mouse button in the Address Bar.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 12.20.0200

released 26-Feb-2013

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 12.20.0100

released 25-Feb-2013

  • 6 Key Navigation. Now you can browse the whole computer by just 6 keys (Ctrl, Left, Right, Up, Down, Enter) in the Address Bar.
  • Address Bar. Now the dropdown list optionally shows all matching files (not just folders) and you can open them right from there.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 12.20?

released 20-Feb-2013

  • Portable Tags. Now you can carry around a stick full of tagged items (Labels, Tags, Comments) together with the application (XYplorer) that displays them. Regardless of the drive letter assigned by the host system. Another milestone in portability technology.
  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now you can drop files or texts on all buttons and process them with the scripts assigned to that buttons. In other words: Now you can do to files anything imaginable simply by dropping them onto freely programmable buttons. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Accessibility. Full support for high contrast color schemes.
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Safety. Now XYplorer protects you from the so-called "Unitrix Exploit" where certain Unicode characters are used maliciously to disguise executables. To date, no other Windows file manager offers this protection.

What’s New in 12.10?

released 08-Feb-2013

  • Language Support. Now you can download a language file from the server and load it into the interface in one go. Ultra-slick!
  • Mouse Down Blow Up. Now you can move zoomed images like you know it from a touch screen.
  • Access Control. Now you can use environment variables and XYplorer native variables when stating AllowedDirs and DisallowedDirs. That way you can easily assign account-specific user rights. A powerful corporate feature.

What’s New in 12.00?

released 28-Jan-2013

  • Multilingual Support. XYplorer now supports interface languages other than English. Currently translations for French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese are available. Languages can be loaded and changed on the fly without restarting the program.
  • Interface Translation Tool. You can easily edit a translation or create a new one yourself.
  • Funny Characters. Flabbergasted by strange, weird, funny, unknown characters in a filename? Now you can analyze the characters in a filename and optionally replace the funny ones using the new command "Convert to ASCII". This includes, among other conversions, Cyrillic to Roman transliteration.
  • Licensing. The Standard License (US$ 29.95, EUR 24.95) is now the only license on offer. And there is a new upgrade discount of 20% off for those who already own an older Standard License.
    Of course, all Lifetime Licenses already sold in the past are NOT affected by this at all. They will continue to work with all upgrades to come and without any additional costs.

Maintenance Release 11.90.0200

released 08-Jan-2013

Maintenance Release 11.90.0100

released 28-Dec-2012

  • Renaming Files. Now optionally invalid characters are auto-replaced by a character of your choice.
  • Secondary Sorting. Now you can sort files by the day they have been modified, and then sub sort each day by Name, Type, Size, or any other column.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 11.90?

released 17-Dec-2012

  • Power Filters. Now you got a powerful set of predefined one-click visual filters, like "Modified Today", "Image Files", "Empty Files", and many more. The set is freely customizable.
  • Visual Filters. Now Attributes, Size, Date, and Age filters are supported additionally to the Name filter.
  • Inline Rename in Tree and List. Now you can paste multiline clipboard contents into the edit box.
  • Exclude Items from Search. Since long you can exclude particular folders from being searched. Now you can also exclude particular files or file types from being found.
  • Home Edition. The new "Standard License Home" buys you everything the current Pro Edition has -- apart from a handful of advanced features -- at an unbeatable price of 14.95 EUR / 19.95 US$.

Maintenance Release 11.80.0100

released 04-Dec-2012

  • Configuration. Reorganized parts of the Configuration dialog.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 11.80?

released 27-Nov-2012

  • Total Report. Now you can export the complete set of metadata of all files in a folder in CSV format. In other words, everything that the system knows about a file is exported in a well-defined, easily processable, and widely portable file format. It’s the documentation junkie’s wildest dream come true.
  • Floating Preview. The status bar now shows the aspect ratio of the previewed image (3:2, 16:9, 3:4, etc.).
  • Remote Control. Now you can run an XYplorer script from an external program using the WM_COPYDATA command with XYplorer’s hWnd. This means if you are a programmer you can fully remote control XYplorer. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 11.70.0100

released 16-Oct-2012

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 11.70?

released 08-Oct-2012

  • Floating Preview Zoom. Now you can freely zoom in and out using the keys Numpad Add and Numpad Subtract. Extra-fine stepping, Lock Zoom, and Toggle Zoom is supported.
  • Floating Preview Rename. Now you can rename items directly from the preview using F2 or the right-click menu.
  • Rename with Dialog. You don’t like inline rename? Now there is an alternative. Optionally have a nice modal dialog for renaming operations in Tree and List.
  • Copy Tags. Finally copying tags along with the copied files is supported.

Maintenance Release 11.60.0200

released 24-Sep-2012

  • Copy Containing Folders. The right-click menu of items in Search Results and Branch View got a fabulous new command to copy the containing folders of all selected items to the clipboard.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 11.60.0100

released 18-Sep-2012

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 11.60?

released 10-Sep-2012

  • Duplicate File Finder. Finds duplicate files by name, date, size and/or content in any location. Spotting duplicates, especially those by content, can be useful for freeing up storage space.
  • Tree Path Tracing. Always know your place in the folder tree, without even consciously looking at the tree. You might get used to it sooner than you think...
  • PSD Previews. More good news for photographers: Enhanced support for PSD Preview, Thumbnails, and Mouse Down Blow Up.
  • Rotate. Now you can rotate the Floating and Full Screen Preview. Works for all previewed file types, even for RAW images, PSD, TGA, PDF, and video thumbs.

What’s New in 11.50?

released 22-Aug-2012

  • Highlighted Groups. A revolutionary display style where every group of files is highlighted depending on the sorted column.
  • Ignore Diacritics. Find Files, Visual Filters, Color Filters, Spot and Jump, Type Ahead Find now all optionally ignore diacritics (accents on letters: àçöñ...) and thus let you find or mark files with letters your keyboard cannot easily produce.
  • Replace with File in Clipboard. New optional context menu command to replace the contents of the selected file with the contents of the file currently in the clipboard.

Maintenance Release 11.40.0200

released 14-Aug-2012

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 11.40.0100

released 29-Jun-2012

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 11.40?

released 25-Jun-2012

  • Color Filters by Properties. Now you can color-code files by their extended properties, which gives you a vast number of options. For example, give a specific highlight to all files of photos that were shot on a certain day or in a certain date range. Or color- code photos with certain dimensions, shot with a particular camera, or using a certain aperture. Or highlight all MP3s with a certain bit rate. Or all PDFs with a certain author AND more than 175 pages AND younger than 2 years. Or all files with a certain SVN status.
  • High Quality Image Preview. Optimized the display quality by applying high-end interpolation algorithms. Applies to all previews (Preview Tab, Floating Preview, Full Screen Preview).
  • Captionless Thumbnails. Now you can hide the captions and enjoy captionless thumbnails.
  • Metadata Popup. Now you can show all available metadata of a file in a popup text box.
  • Sort Headers in All Views. Now you can show sort headers not only in Details view but in all other views as well, e.g. in Thumbnails.
    For your interest, Windows Explorer in Vista had sort headers in all views but for unknown reasons Microsoft removed this feature in Windows 7. Now, XYplorer brings it back to Windows 7 and to all other Windows versions.
  • Reverse Sort Order. Now you can reverse the current sort order using a keyboard shortcut. This way you can even reverse a custom sort order created by Manual Sorting.

Maintenance Release 11.30.0100

released 13-Jun-2012

What’s New in 11.30?

released 05-Jun-2012

  • Preview. Added major RAW image types to the previewed and thumbnailed image formats.
  • Metadata. The new Info Panel tab "Meta" displays file-specific metadata, e.g. aperture, shutter speed, and ISO for photo files.
  • Thumbnails. Now you can choose between five display styles.
  • Report. Now you can show instant folder reports of various formats in a popup text box.

What’s New in 11.20?

released 24-May-2012

  • Selection Style. Now the whole interface supports the Windows Themes selection style. A vast improvement in look and feel if you are running a post-XP operating system.
  • Floating Preview. Enhanced features, handling, and speed.
  • Full Screen Preview. Now it supports everything the Floating Preview supports, including Mouse Down Blow Up.
  • Tree Full Row Select. The folder tree now supports Full Row Select.
  • Show Grid. Now there is a toolbar button to quickly toggle horizontal zebra striping in the file list.

New Prices!


  • Prices have been adjusted for current international exchange rates:
    Standard License Pro
    BEFORE:  single € 29.95 -- US$ 42.95 -- £ 26.95 each
    NOW:     single € 24.95 -- US$ 29.95 -- £ 19.95 each
    Lifetime License Pro
    BEFORE:  single € 49.95 -- US$ 69.95 -- £ 44.95 each
    NOW:     single € 49.95 -- US$ 59.95 -- £ 39.95 each
    Lifetime License Home
    BEFORE:  single € 29.95 -- US$ 42.95 -- £ 26.95 each
    NOW:     single € 24.95 -- US$ 29.95 -- £ 19.95 each

What’s New in 11.10?

released 14-May-2012

  • Floating Preview. A new preview pane separate from the main window, supporting Mouse Down Blow Up and the transparency grid for transparent images. One of the most demanded features.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up. Now it zooms exactly into the point where you downed the mouse. A tiny change with a stunning effect and highly useful for investigating details in images.
  • Delete Long. Fed up with "Path Too Long" errors when deleting items? The new command Delete Long deletes file and folders with overlong paths (> 260 characters) with ease.

What’s New in 11.00?

released 26-Apr-2012

  • Quick Name Search. A minimalist interface to finding files. Combines ultimate power with ultimate ease.
  • Tags Tab. XYplorer lets you assign tags (labels, tags, and comments) to individual files and folders. The Tags Tab provides a new interface to adding, editing, and viewing the tags.
  • Copy Here with Path. A copy command that offers you smart choices regarding the target location. Makes it very easy to mirror copy individual items from/to deeply nested locations.
  • Smart Dropdown Buttons. Simply paste a plain list of documents, executables, and folders into a User Button and enjoy the power of type-aware default actions right from the toolbar.

Maintenance Release 10.90.0400

released 16-Apr-2012

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 10.90.0300

released 28-Mar-2012

  • File Tagging. Now you can drop files or folders onto user written scripts to process them. For example, you now have a cool way to tag files: Just drop them onto the tags! The possibilities are endless. Mind-blowing feature. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Text Preview. Now you can add user-defined code pages to the list of code pages available for previewing text files.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 10.90.0200

released 20-Mar-2012

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 10.90.0100

released 12-Mar-2012

  • Accessibility. The configuration dialog now features a jump list which quickly leads you to any of the currently 271 settings.
  • Accessibility. The Help menu now features a command list where you can quickly call any of the currently 574 commands (plus any number of user-defined commands).
  • Accessibility. Now you can choose which of the main interface elements (List, Tree, Catalog, Address Bar, Tabs) adjust to the custom font size set by Ctrl+Wheel.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.90?

released 27-Feb-2012

  • Tag-Based File Management. A new interface makes searching for Labels, Tags, and Comments more comfortable and powerful.
  • Multi Field Search. In a Boolean search you can now mix different fields, e.g. find all images with 1024 x 768 pixels AND labeled "Red" AND having "2012" in the name. Such a search can be wrapped into a single click, e.g. as Favorite or Toolbar button.
  • Text Preview. Now you can select a different encoding for the previewed text file, e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.
  • Branch View. Tree-like sort order now supports per-folder secondary sorting, i.e. files can be sorted within their respective parent folders.
  • Multi Branch View. Now it shows the containing/top level folders, not just the files contained in those folders. Makes moving files around quicker and simpler than opening a second pane. It’s like having dual pane, triple pane, quad pane, etc. in one list.

Maintenance Release 10.80.0300

released 08-Feb-2012

  • Color-Coding Folders. Now name-based color filters can be applied to folders in Tree and List.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 10.80.0200

released 06-Feb-2012

Maintenance Release 10.80.0100

released 30-Jan-2012

  • Safety and Accessibility. Added optional safety belts and wider support for large font sizes.
  • Scripting. Various enhancements, like a more flexible HereDoc syntax, and an improved increment operator. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Thumbnails. Dimensions are now shown on a semi-transparent background.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.80?

released 19-Jan-2012

  • Multi Branch View. Quickly view the complete contents of two or more folders in one list. These folders can even be in totally different locations.
  • Tabsets. Now "Revert to Saved" is supported. Safely play around with a tabset and quickly go back to the original state.
  • Automatic Rich File Operations. Now, where appropriate, Copy/Move/Paste operations optionally copy the source folder structure as well and thus avoid collisions of the sources in the target location.
  • Info Panel. A shiny blue button at the right end of the Status Bar makes the Info Panel more accessible to mouse users.
  • Paste To Selected List Folder. Now you can paste items from clipboard (Ctrl+V) directly into a folder shown in the file list, even in Branch View and Search Results.
  • Minimize Tree. Reduce the folder tree to just the paths of all tabs in the current pane.

Maintenance Release 10.70.0200

released 01-Jan-2012

  • Bug fixes. Unfortunately v10.70.0000 and v10.70.0100 showed intermittent crashes after using the shell context menu under Win7/64. This is fixed for good now.

Maintenance Release 10.70.0100

released 29-Dec-2011

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.70?

released 21-Dec-2011

  • Tabsets. Now you can save and load the tabset of a pane, that’s all tabs including their layout (tab settings and tabwise list settings) and contents (cached search data, find settings, homes, history, etc.). (Pro Edition Only)
  • Visual Filters. Now Visual Filters support environment variables and XYplorer native variables.
  • Flat View. Renamed it to "Branch View". Reason: "Flat View" had been trademarked by a competing product.
  • Branch View and Name Search. Now you can branch view and search whole servers.
  • Sorting. The new command Previous Order allows you to toggle between the two recent sort orders.

Maintenance Release 10.60.0100

released 26-Nov-2011

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.60?

released 22-Nov-2011

  • Flat View. Lets you view the contents of all subfolders of a folder in one list.
  • Sticky Section. Now items in most-recently-used lists can be made permanent by moving them into the Sticky Section.
  • User Buttons. Now you can easily build toolbar-based open-with dropdowns. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Custom Copy with Verification. Now SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashing works on all systems (XP, Vista, and Win7).
  • Selection Stats. Displays statistical information on the currently selected items.
  • Move On Rename. Quickly move an item by entering a new path into the inline rename box. Non-existing paths are created on the fly.

What’s New in 10.50?

released 25-Oct-2011

  • Grep. Finding files by content now supports Regular Expressions.
  • Rename Special. Now you can mass rename files using meta properties like Camera Model, Width and Height, or Bit Rate.
  • User Buttons. Now user-defined colored labels are supported.
  • Full Screen Preview. Now the mouse wheel is supported.

Maintenance Release 10.40.0100

released 11-Oct-2011

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.40?

released 04-Oct-2011

What’s New in 10.30?

released 19-Sep-2011

  • Custom Move. Added Custom Move, Custom Copy’s sister, a fully configurable, queueable, verifiable, and backgroundable move operation.
  • Undo. Now Custom Copy and Custom Move support multi-level Undo/Redo.
  • Single Click Open. Now you can optionally open list items by a left button single click on their icon.
  • Attribute Stamping. The new scripting command AttrStamp allows for automated changing of file attributes. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Thumbnails. Added configurable multi-line captions (up to eight lines), so also longer filenames can be fully displayed in Thumbnails and Large Icons views.
  • Auto-Rotate. Now Image Preview and Thumbnails support auto-rotate for JPEGs and TIFFs.

What’s New in 10.20?

released 29-Aug-2011

  • Droppable User Buttons. Create custom toolbar buttons within seconds which point to a location or an executable and function as drop targets. (Pro Edition Only)

Maintenance Release 10.10.0100

released 28-Jul-2011

  • Custom Tab Icons. Now you can customize the icon of each Tab.
  • Custom Catalog Icons. Now you can customize the icon of each Catalog item.
  • Custom Openwith Icons. Now you can customize the icon that’s shown for each item in the Portable Openwith Menu (POM).
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 10.10?

released 18-Jul-2011

  • Drive Bar. Now XYplorer offers a smart drive bar that flexibly integrates into the toolbar. The availability of drives is reflected in real time, and the individual drive buttons function as drop targets.
  • Tab Bar. Now you can show a New Tab button on the tab bar of each pane. It lets you quickly open a new tab.
  • Sort Order. Now you can sort filenames primarily by base, and secondarily by extension. This is the Win7 way and it’s usually preferable to the XP way (sort by full name).
  • Empty Folder. The context menu of folders in Tree and List now optionally features a command to empty the right-clicked folder.

What’s New in 10.00?

released 05-Jul-2011

  • Custom Copy. A widely configurable alternative copy method that exceeds the Windows standard copy in many ways, e.g. verification, reporting, and logging. Custom Copy operations can be backgrounded and queued.
  • Backup. Backup operations now can be backgrounded and queued.

What’s New in 9.90.1100?

released 15-Jun-2011

  • Progress Dialog. Backup operations now come with a progress dialog featuring the ability to pause/resume copying and detailed reports.
  • Verification. Backup verification now supports the following methods: Byte-to-byte, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512.
  • Safe Overwrite. Backup operations now feature "Safe Overwrite", a clever logic that minimizes the risk of data loss due to failures while overwriting (e.g. power out).
  • Live Filter Box. Various lists in the interface now are provided with a live filter box, aka "Instant Search".
  • Type Ahead Find. Now there’s an option to "Match anywhere", not just at the beginning of the file names.
  • Empty List Message. Now when the file list is empty a message is displayed right in the list.
  • Overlong Filenames. Now you can delete a folder with overlong name (more than 260 characters) with all its contents.
  • Access Control. An administrator now can define any number of disallowed locations.

What’s New in 9.90.1000?

released 23-May-2011

  • Access Control. An administrator now can easily control which paths can be accessed by the user of XYplorer, and which file operations are allowed. A powerful corporate feature.
  • Eye Candy. Now there’s a Translucent Selection Box with freely configurable color.
  • Tag-Based File Management. Now you have immediate access to the tags database (containing per-file Labels, Tags, and Comments) in its current state in memory.

Maintenance Release 9.90.0900

released 03-May-2011

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.90.0800?

released 15-Apr-2011

  • Scripting. Added Permanent Variables. They stay alive during the whole XYplorer session, or optionally even across sessions. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Aliases. Aliases now support arguments.
  • Command Line Interpreter. Now you can define a custom command line interpreter with arguments.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.90.0700?

released 06-Apr-2011

  • Catalog. Added support for including multiple external catalogs. This is a corporate feature allowing teams to include multiple external sources for sharing items, and permitting management or leads to control who can modify these items. Items here include locations, drop targets, scripts, filters, searches, and programs.
  • Filter Selected Items. Have the file list show only a particular subset. Surprisingly useful little feature.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.90.0600?

released 26-Mar-2011

  • Catalog. Added Import/Export functionality.
  • Scripting. New functions round, floor, and ceil. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Scripting. Added integer division (\), modulo (%), and exponentiation (^) operators. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Verify. On backing up files this new option provides a very fast byte-by-byte verification of each copy for ultimate reliability.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.90.0500?

released 21-Feb-2011

  • Reporting. Enhanced reporting functionality through powerful new scripting commands folderreport and catalogreport. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Scripting. Scripting now supports Foreach Loops. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Safety. New Auto-backup Configuration feature, a smart little safety precaution to protect you from mishap.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.90.0401

released 15-Feb-2011

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.90.0300

released 06-Feb-2011

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.90.0200

released 31-Jan-2011

  • Junctions and Symbolic Links. Support for creating junctions and symbolic links.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.90.0100

released 16-Jan-2011

  • UTF-8 Support. Preview and Find Files by Contents now support UTF-8 encoded text files (with or without BOM).
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.90?

released 05-Jan-2011

  • Tag-Based File Management. With version 9.90 XYplorer offers tagging as a radically new approach to file management and alternative to the hierarchical tree-based file management. You can assign any number of tags to any file or folder. Yes, any file, not just media files.
  • Transparency Grid. Now, in Image Preview and Thumbnails, you can optionally have a checkered grid shining through the transparent parts of an image (PNG, GIF, ICO, etc).
  • Admin Settings. Now you can pass the path to a file where the license data are stored. This is quite useful when installing XYplorer in companies for large numbers of users that are covered by a single Corporate License, or when you have many parallel XY installations on your machine.
  • Scripting. The new command renameitem() allows for easy-to-set-up point-and-click renaming. Very useful when archiving large numbers of sound or image files, especially in combination with the sound and image preview. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Inline Rename. Now when an item with the same name already exists you can choose between Suffix, Overwrite, and Cancel.
  • Incremental Suffix. Now, additionally to numbers, also lower case letters are supported as incremental suffix on name collisions.
  • Address Bar. Now right-clicking the dropdown arrow pops an all-in-one menu giving you quick access to the main areas of your file system.
  • Folders in List. Now the middle-click optionally opens a folder in a new tab. And a folder’s right-click menu optionally features commands to open the folder in a new tab or in the other pane.
  • Thumbnails Speed. Creating thumbnails got much faster.
  • List Speed. Due to a total rewrite of icon retrieval, the file list now loads and scrolls much faster and smoother also in folders with lots of specific icons (e.g. many EXE or ICO files).

Maintenance Release 9.80.0100

released 09-Dec-2010

  • Speed gains.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.80?

released 30-Nov-2010

  • Color Filters by Date. Now you can, for example, color all files that were modified on a certain day, or that were created before the year 2008. Now you can as well, for example, color files that were created from 8:00-10:00 in the morning (on any day), or last modified on a weekend, or last accessed on any Valentine’s day.
  • Color Filters by Age. Now you can, for example, color all files that were modified today, or yesterday, or last week, or that were created more than 10 years ago.
  • Color Filters. Now you can combine color filters of any type and number with a Boolean AND. For example, give a nice blue back color to all TXT files larger than 1 MB and modified yesterday.
  • Serial Rename. Here’s killer feature for everybody who frequently needs to do lots of manual renaming: Serial rename by Up and Down keys! Renaming files in a list now is almost like moving and typing around in a multi-line text box. You will never want to miss it.
  • Toolbar. New buttons "Move to Other Pane" and "Copy to Other Pane" make basic dual pane file management a snap.
  • Backup. Now, on name collisions, you can optionally have the copies renamed, or the existing files.
  • Scripting. Powerful new functions formatbytes(), formatlist(), hash(), and listpane(). (Pro Edition Only)
  • Size Formats. Now the units TB (Terabyte) and PB (Petabyte) are supported everywhere in the application.

What’s New in 9.70?

released 03-Nov-2010

  • Admin Settings. You use XYplorer in your company and don’t want your employees to check for updates? You don't want them to change the configuration? All this and more is now possible through Admin Settings!
  • Switch Catalogs. Finally you can switch catalogs on the fly and manage any number of Catalog (aka Favorites Panel) resources right from the user interface.
  • Color Filters by Size. Using size-based color filters you now can, for example, color all empty files in a certain way, or all files bigger than a certain size.
  • Whole Word Content Search. Finding files by contents now supports whole word matching. As an extra bonus the content search now supports files with overlong filenames (> 260 chars).
  • Confirm Drag and Drop. Optionally pop a confirmation prompt for every left-mouse drag and drop operation. A reliable protection from accidental drops!

Maintenance Release 9.60.0100

released 20-Oct-2010

  • Renamed "Select Special" to "Sync Select".
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.60?

released 06-Oct-2010

  • Sync Select. Various commands to modify the selection in one pane based on items in the other pane.
  • Sync Scroll. Now synchronous scrolling of both panes is supported.
  • Sync Sort. If Sync Scroll (see above) is enabled then both panes are also synchronously sorted.
  • Restore Selection. Ever inadvertently erased a selection? The new "Restore Selection" command will bring it back within a click.
  • Move Up. A quick way to move the selected items to the folder above the current folder. The command is optionally added to each item's context menu.
  • Edit Item Names. Edit the names of the selected List items in a multiline text box.
  • Make Coffee. How many file managers do you know that can make you a cup of coffee? Here is one! (Pro Edition Only)
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 9.50.0100

released 21-Sep-2010

  • Office Preview: Now Word documents (doc, docx) are previewed in a technically completely new way which should take care of the known issues when attempting to preview Office 2007 through Internet Explorer.
  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.50?

released 06-Sep-2010

  • Select Items. The new interface "Select Items..." lets you select items by a list of item names.
  • Selection Filter. The Selection Filter now can be limited to select only files or only folders.
  • Selection Filter. Now you can add to or remove from the current selections.
  • DOS commands. DOS commands now support XY native variables and Environment variables.
  • Titlebar. Now you can define the layout of the main window's titlebar.
  • Scripting. Now you can run a script directly from the command line. (Pro Edition Only)
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 9.40.0100

released 12-Aug-2010

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.40?

released 02-Aug-2010

  • Portable Tabs. Now tabs can be made fully portable by pointing them to a portable path that is resolved depending on the context, for example %userprofile%. Portable Tabs smartly adapt their contents to the current host system.
  • Go to Last Target. Now the copied or moved items found in the target location are auto-selected when you go there using the "Go to Last Target" command. A surprisingly useful little service.
  • History Retains Selections. Now (optionally) if you return to a previous location, any previous selections in this location are restored.
  • Portable File Associations. Now you can define associations for files without extension. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Tree. Now tooltips of junctions display the Junction Target.
  • Scripting. This new version comes with a couple of powerful new or improved scripting commands like inputselect(), tab(), listfolder(), and report(). (Pro Edition Only)
  • Address Bar. Now right-clicking the dropdown arrow pops the breadcrumb menu for the current path.
  • More details...

What’s New in 9.30?

released 15-Jul-2010

  • Folder Tree. Now the tree state can optionally be fully retained across sessions. So when reopening XYplorer you find your tree exactly (all expanded nodes, selected node, scroll position) as you left it last time. Which other file manager can do this?
  • Thumbnails Caching. Improved cache management now auto-adjusts the cache to any renamed or moved folders. No thumbnail has to be created again anymore just because you renamed or moved a folder.
  • Color Filters. Now you can optionally apply the color filter patterns to files only and thus avoid that folders are colored when they match a pattern.
  • Image Preview. Now the frame count is displayed for animated GIFs.
  • Media Preview. Now you can optionally play only the beginning of a sound or video file, and then stop, loop, or auto-jump to the next file (depending on the Loop settings). The number of seconds to be played can be freely defined.
  • Folder Tree. Now can optionally expand or collapse the current tree node by a single click on the name. Saves you many clicks.
  • Creating New Files. Now you can create a bunch of new files in one go by simply entering a list of names into a multi-line edit field.
  • Statusbar. Now you can hide the Statusbar.
  • Find Files. The interface is now 100 pixels wider so that you have more space for your search patterns.
  • PDF Thumbnails. PDF thumbnail blow ups can now be enlarged to an actually readable size. The same holds for any other format whose thumbnails are driven by a shell extension.
  • Drag'n'Drop Context Menu. The new command "Go to Dragged Item" allows you to go to the dragged item's containing folder and select the item, or simply open the folder if the item is a folder. A typical use-case would be when dragging items or paths from other apps into XYplorer. It's a kind of "Go to by Drag'n'drop" -- revolutionary and very useful if you ask me.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 9.20.0200

released 05-Jul-2010

  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.20.0100

released 29-Jun-2010

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.20?

released 11-Jun-2010

  • Aliases. Aliases are user-definable variables where you can freely choose the name of the variable and their value. When you enter such an alias into the Address Bar it will be resolved to its value before further processing. A real time saver.
  • User Folder. Added a new special folder [User] to the Tree pointing to the current user's profile folder.
  • Special Folders. Now you can easily show/hide all top special folders in the Tree: Desktop, Documents, User, Network, Recycle Bin. Toggling those folders works on-the-fly without rebuild of the whole tree.
  • User Buttons. Increased their number from 16 to 32.
  • Folder Sizes. Now you can show the number of items in each folder in the list's Size column.
  • Environment Variables. Now you can quickly display a list of all environment variables. Might come in handy.
  • Previewed Formats. Massively improved configuration interface.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 9.11

released 19-May-2010

  • Bug fixes.

What’s New in 9.10?

released 05-May-2010

  • Queued File Operations 2.0. Improved interface and functionality.
    • Now you can remove selected jobs from the queue (temporarily or permanently).
    • Now you can pause and restart the queue at any time.
    • Now you can start selected jobs out of queue order.
    • Animated feedback on the statusbar while background jobs are in progress.
    • Option to show details of each job in the queue dialog.
    • Option to hide completed and skipped jobs from the queue dialog.
    • Now you can configure which types of file operations are backgrounded for parallel or sequential (queued) processing, and which are always run immediately in the foreground.
  • Background Bar. New optional UI element, a mini toolbar at the right end of the Statusbar containing a single button which tells you about the status of background jobs and lets you open the Background Jobs dialog.
  • Find By Type. Now you can narrow down the scope of your search to only a specific type of files, e.g. image files or audio files. Highly intuitive and extremely useful little feature.
  • Text Preview. One-click instant preview for more than 50 different text file formats. And you can freely add extensions to the list of supported formats.
  • Preview. Now you can easily add any number of new extensions to all preview types (Text, Images, Fonts, Office, Web) right in the configuration dialog.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up on Thumbnails. Now you can configure whether left, right, or both mouse buttons trigger MDBU.
  • Recently Opened Items. The new command "Open..." in menu File lets you enter, paste, or select an item (file, folder, drive) to open, without the need to go there first. Recently opened items are stored in a MRU list that is saved between sessions.
    In the Pro edition, the Open dialog features an OpenWith dropdown menu.
  • Find Files. Now you can search by the length of the file title (that's the document name without the path).
  • Address Bar. Now you can launch DOS commands directly through the XYplorer UI by prefixing "!" to the command e.g. "!dir".
  • Icons. Support for DPI aware icon sizes on custom DPI settings.
  • Privacy and Discretion. New option "Don't save most-recently-used lists" increases XYplorer's stealth level, together with "Don't save history" and "Don't save tabs".
  • Bugs fixed. Particularly an "Access Denied" issue with certain folders on Vista/Win7 is now history.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 9.00.0200

released 20-Apr-2010

  • New app icon and logo. Have a look...
  • Minor improvements to Background Processing.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 9.00.0010

released 28-Mar-2010

  • Bug Fixed. The Standard License Pro Key issued for v9.00 did not unlock the application.

What’s New in 9.00?

released 26-Mar-2010

  • Background Processing. Now you can continue working in XYplorer while heavy copy jobs are processed in the background.
  • Queued File Operations. Background file operations can optionally be processed sequentially (in a queue), which is often far more efficient than processing them in parallel.
  • Remove Diacritics. A special rename command to strip any diacritical marks from the letters in all selected item names, e.g. "Köln" > "Koln".
  • Raw View. Now UTF-16BE (Big Endian) files are supported when they have the UTF-16BE BOM.
  • Visual Filters. Now you can define a caption to each filter item and thus give complex filters a friendly name.
  • More details...

What’s New in 8.90?

released 09-Mar-2010

  • Fast Tag Search. New algorithm gets tag and comment search up to warp speed, even if you search large areas like e.g. your whole computer.
  • Toolbar. New button "Find by Tag" gives you one-click access to global tag-wise searches. For example, to search all local drives for items tagged "Blue" simply click "Blue" from the button's arrow menu. Should take a split second...
  • Toolbar. New buttons "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" let you control the font size of Tree, List, Catalog, and Address Bar.
  • Toolbar. Now it can be scrolled. Drag it with left or right mouse button. Or wheel it. Drag fast and you get a bit of animation when you release the mouse button.
  • Toolbar. Now it has an overflow dropdown. You can freely combine it with the toolbar scrolling feature.
  • The Nuke button is now fully configurable giving you a one-click delete just the way you like it.
  • New command "Paste Folder Structure" allows you to paste the folder structure (without any contained files) from folder(s) in the clipboard into the current path.
  • Now you can hide the main menu by pressing Alt+Up (configurable).
  • Preview. Added MTS (High-definition MPEG) and M2TS (Blu-ray) video files to preview.
  • Create new folders right through the Address Bar: When you attempt to go to a non-existing location you are prompted to create it on the fly.
  • Rename Files. Now you can specify replacement lists like this one Ä|Ö|Ü|ä|ö|ü>>Ae|Oe|Ue|ae|oe|ue and do any number of string-to-string replacements in all selected filenames in one go.
  • Find Files by Contents. Now supports Unicode text.
  • Shell Integration. Make XYplorer the Default File Manager by simply ticking a checkbox.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 8.80.0300

released 10-Feb-2010

  • Fixed an UAC related issue with upgrading to v8.80.0100.
  • Bug fixes.

Maintenance Release 8.80.0100

released 02-Feb-2010

  • Bug fixes.
  • Toolbar icons now with alpha transparency.
  • Input dialogs now resizable.
  • Improved UAC integration.

What’s New in 8.80?

released 22-Dec-2009

  • Recycle Bin Deluxe. Finally you get the Recycle Bin special folder in XYplorer as well. But not the spartan kind of bin you know from other file managers like e.g. Explorer. XYplorer's Recycle Bin gives you more...
  • Edit Mini Tree. Now you can directly edit XYplorer's famous Mini Tree. Add the branches you need to see and delete what's just in your way.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 8.70.0100

released 08-Dec-2009

  • Bug fixes.
  • Preview of FLAC files.
  • Improved customization of tab captions.

What’s New in 8.70?

released 30-Nov-2009

  • Metadata Search. Now you can search for files by all available metadata, e.g. version, owner, date taken, image dimensions, artist, duration and so on. Wildcards, Boolean Logic, and Regular Expressions are supported.
  • Tags & Comments 2.0. Now you can search for files by their tags or comments. Wildcards, Boolean Logic, and Regular Expressions are supported.
  • Find Files. Now you can search for files by the length of their names. You can for example find all files with names larger than 260 characters.
  • Find Files. The Name field now supports comparison operators.
  • Backup. Backup operations enhanced by making the behavior on name collision configurable.
  • Help. Now the help comes in Windows 7 compatible CHM (Compiled HTML Help) format.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 8.60.0100

released 11-Nov-2009

  • Bug fixes related to Undo/Redo.
  • Enhanced File Info Tips.
  • Improved drag'n'drop to other applications.

What’s New in 8.60?

released 03-Nov-2009

  • Multi-Level Undo/Redo. Now you can undo/redo the file operations Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and New.
  • Action Log. Now you get a detailed log about what you have done and when, optionally remembered across sessions so you can finally find out what you did yesterday.
  • Wheel. Support for high-resolution mouse wheel.
  • Memory. Further reduced memory usage.
  • More details...

New Prices in 2010!


  • The recent addition of power features like Dual Pane, Mini Tree, Tags & Comments, Search Results Caching, Custom Toolbar Buttons, Undo/Redo, and Action Log, will be reflected in new prices effective 01-Jan-2010:
    Lifetime License Pro
    2009:  single € 29.95 -- US$ 44.95 -- £ 28.95 each
    2010:  single € 49.95 -- US$ 74.95 -- £ 44.95 each
    Standard License Pro
    2009:  single € 17.50 -- US$ 24.95 -- £ 16.95 each
    2010:  single € 29.95 -- US$ 44.95 -- £ 26.95 each
    Lifetime License Home
    2009:  single €  9.95 -- US$ 14.95 -- £  8.95 each
    2010:  single € 19.95 -- US$ 29.95 -- £ 17.95 each

    Prices based on Euro. Exchange rates to USD and GBP as of today.

What’s New in 8.50?

released 05-Oct-2009

  • Manual Sorting. Now you can directly manipulate the displayed order of items by dragging them to a new position. Very useful together with batch rename operations.
  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now you can define a separate script for a user button's right-click event respectively context menu.
  • New Folders. Now you can enter a list of new folders or whole new paths that will be created in one go.
  • Tabs. Now you can opt to display just the child folder names in the tab headers. Saves loads of space.
  • Scripting. Now you can show icons in script-generated popup menus.
  • Full Screen Preview/Thumbnails. Added file formats DWG and DWF (Vista/Win7 only).
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 8.40.0100

released 15-Sep-2009

  • Bug fixes related to Hotlist and Search Templates.

What’s New in 8.40?

released 14-Sep-2009

  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now you have 10 easily customizable user buttons. You define how the button looks and what it does when pressed. (Pro Edition Only)
  • Search Results Caching, Part 2. Now you can store search results in a file and load them back into the list at any point in future via the Search Templates dialog.
  • History and Recent Locations. The implementation of these important navigation tools has been redesigned from scratch.
  • Toolbar. New button "Recent Locations" pops a menu with the 10 recently used locations.
  • Line Numbers Column. Width now auto-adjusts based on the number of items in the list, and the color is now fully configurable.
  • Cleaner Menus. The main menu has been reorganized to improve usability.
  • More details...

What’s New in 8.30?

released 31-Aug-2009

  • Search Results Caching. The results of time-consuming searches can now be stored and retrieved tabwise and across sessions.
  • Dual Pane. Now you can easily move or copy tabs between the panes.
  • Spot & Jump. Quickly jump to any item in a large list, just as you know it from your web browser's Find Bar.
  • EXIF Stamping. The new command "Set Modified Date to EXIF Date" sets the Modified date of each selected image file to the file's EXIF date (Exchangeable Image File Format).
  • Configuration. In the new section "Features" you can control some of the advanced functionality of XYplorer and disable features which you do not use or wish to see.
  • Home Edition. The new "Lifetime License Home" buys you everything the current Pro Edition has -- apart from a handful of advanced features -- at an incredibly low introductory price.
  • More details...

New Prices!


  • Prices have been adjusted for current international exchange rates. The result is a 15% PRICE CUT for customers paying in Euros:
    Standard License
    BEFORE:  single € 19.95 -- US$ 24.95 -- £ 16.95 each
    NOW:     single € 17.50 -- US$ 24.95 -- £ 16.95 each
    Lifetime License
    BEFORE:  single € 34.95 -- US$ 44.95 -- £ 28.95 each
    NOW:     single € 29.95 -- US$ 44.95 -- £ 28.95 each

What’s New in 8.20?

released 12-Aug-2009

  • Large Toolbar Icons. Now you can toggle large or small toolbar icons.
  • Sticky Selection. A safe and comfortable multiple selection style for huge file lists.
  • Thumbnails display smoother and even faster than in 8.10.
  • M4R Preview. Now *.m4r files (iPhone ringtones) can be previewed.
  • More details...

What’s New in 8.10?

released 30-Jun-2009

  • Thumbnails. Now you get thumbnails for non-picture files like PDF, HTML, MHT, EML, MSG, Office, and Video files.
  • Thumbnails were slow in previous versions. Now they are extremely fast.
  • The Full Screen Preview (F11) now works for HTML, MHT, URL, NWS, EML, and MSG files in perfect original size quality.
  • Scripting command Report now supports meta properties like Title, Author, Comments etc.
  • Jump To Item. Quickly jump to any item in a large list, just as you know it from your web browser's Find Bar.
  • Improved support for Overlong Filenames.
  • Dual Pane related bug fixes.
  • More details...

What’s New in 8.00?

released 15-Jun-2009

  • Dual Pane. Look at the contents of two folders side by side. Both panes are multi-tabbed and can be arranged vertically or horizontally.
  • Overlong filenames supported. All fundamental file operations now work with extremely long filenames (longer than 260 characters).
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 7.90.0260

released 12-May-2009

  • Bug fixes related to Scripting (if, while, break, continue).

What’s New in 7.90.0250?

released 05-May-2009

  • Folder Thumbnails. Now, in Thumbnails view, folder icons optionally display a thumbnail of any file in the folder named "folder.jpg/png/gif", or of the first found *.jpg image.
  • X close buttons on tabs. Now the tabs optionally show X close buttons.
  • Scripting. Now the important control structures while loop and if/elseif/else block are supported.
  • Scripting. The new "rotate" command brings lossless rotation of JPEG images to your home.
  • Scripting. The new "tag" and "comment" commands join the powers of scripting and Tags & Comments.
  • Performance. Lots of network related performance improvements.
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 7.90.0120

released 12-Feb-2009

  • Bug fixes related to Tags and Comments.

What’s New in 7.90.0100?

released 02-Feb-2009

  • Tags and Comments. The latest XYplorer lets you assign tags and comments to specific files and folders.
  • Visual Filters. Now you can define any filter to apply only to files yet show or hide all folders.
  • Scripting. Now the so-called Heredoc syntax is supported.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.90.0050?

released 12-Jan-2009

  • Dramatically increased startup speed!
  • Spot: Highlight any strings in Tree and List.
  • Media preview got Play/Pause/Stop buttons.
  • Media preview now supports A-B Repeat.
  • Scripting enhanced: run and wait, and html().
  • More details...

Maintenance Release 7.90.0010

released 18-Dec-2008

  • Bugs fixed.

Maintenance Release 7.90.0002

released 13-Dec-2008

  • Bug fixes related to Mini Tree.

What’s New in 7.90?

released 08-Dec-2008

  • Here's a killer feature for you: Mini Tree!
  • Quick Searches now support multiple locations.
  • More details...

New Prices!


  • Prices have been adjusted for current international exchange rates, and also due to the current global economic crisis. The result is a BIG PRICE CUT, especially for customers paying in US$: The Lifetime License went down from US$ 59.95 to US$ 44.95!!!
    Standard License
    BEFORE:  single € 19.95 -- US$ 29.95 -- £ 14.95 each
    NOW:     single € 19.95 -- US$ 24.95 -- £ 16.95 each
    Lifetime License
    BEFORE:  single € 39.95 -- US$ 59.95 -- £ 29.95 each
    NOW:     single € 34.95 -- US$ 44.95 -- £ 28.95 each

What’s New in 7.80?

released 06-Nov-2008

  • File Search now combines Boolean Logic with Regular Expressions.
  • History per Tab. Optionally each tab maintains its own history.
  • Scripting. Now there are global variables.
  • File Search by Contents now supports pattern matching.
  • Reporting. Now you have fully customizable one-click reports.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.70?

released 15-Oct-2008

  • New Address Bar Deluxe with icons and optimized usability.
  • Color Filters 2.0. Now you can define the backcolor of items.
  • Unicode support is now complete for all parts of the application.
  • Speed. Browsing folders and finding files got faster again.
  • Scripting. Now with math, logic, and functions.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.60?

released 09-Sep-2008

  • Scripting meets File Search. The new LoadSearch command is the nexus of two of XYplorer's strongest features: Scripting and File Search.
  • Scripting meets the Web. The new Download command enables you to download any internet content straight into your file manager with a single click or keyboard shortcut!
  • Scripting Syntax. String and variable handling has been massively improved.
  • The release package now includes a sample Catalog.
  • Copy Image. A new command allows you to copy the image of an image file directly to the clipboard without first having to open the file in an image viewer application.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.50?

released 25-Aug-2008

  • Folder View Settings. Lets you save the view settings (view type, sort order, column layout...) of any particular folder and have them automatically restored whenever you come back to this folder. Great feature, saves a lot of time. And contrary to Explorer, in XYplorer it actually works!
  • Thumbnails View. The thumbnails view mode has been redesigned. Now they are framed by a white margin.
  • Scripting. A new "timestamp" command gives you programmatic control over all three file dates of any file or folder on your system.
  • Start Up. Now you can select the Application Data Path using a command line switch. This means you can have any number of totally independent configurations for one single executable. Choose your preferred work environment via a simple Windows shortcut!
  • Tabs. List Style (line numbers, auto-size, grid...) and Column visibility are now tab-wise.
  • Now the Catalog can be moved above the Tree.
  • Rename Preview. The size of the preview window now automatically adjusts to best fit the info.
  • Batch Rename. New "Increment On Collision" switch (/i). Automatically avoids collisions with existing files.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.40?

released 28-Jul-2008

  • New optional date format shows last week's days, "Yesterday", and "Today" in the file list. One small step for a programmer, one giant leap for usability.
  • Quick File View: Quickly view the textual or binary contents of the currently focused file.
  • Type-ahead find now optionally works on the sorted column.
  • Compare files much faster.
  • NOTICE! Users of 7.30 are urged to upgrade to 7.40 since the Compare algorithm in 7.30 had a bug that made it unreliable when comparing files larger than 80 MB.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.30?

released 30-Jun-2008

  • After two years of continuous development Catalog-based browsing finally takes over: Now you can hide and switch off the Tree and browse via Catalog only.
  • Quick Compare: Quickly determine whether two files are same or different.
  • Support for Hard Link creation.
  • List Management: Now you can move items to new list positions via drag-n-drop. Big plus in usability.
  • In version 7.20 the mouse wheel did not always work depending on the manufacturer. Fixed.
  • New command "Open Folders in Tabs" allows you to easily switch sets of tabs.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.20?

released 09-Jun-2008

  • Support for editing Unicode filenames.
  • Warp speed through new "treeless browsing".
  • New popular button "Copy Path/Name".
  • New submenu "Shortcut Target".
  • Faster startup.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.10?

released 04-May-2008

  • Portable Openwith Menu (POM). The v7.10 highlight! A single click or keyboard shortcut pops a context specific menu presenting an array of applications to open the currently selected file(s) with. This menu draws its contents from your Portable File Assocations setup, so it is portable as well, and utterly easy to manage.
  • Flexible Width Tabs. Flexible width for named tabs saves precious screen space.
  • Associate Files with Scripts. XYplorer's Portable File Assocations (PFA) learned to deal with scripts.
  • Favorites with Captions. "Transparent PNGs" is a little easier to read than "E:\Development\TestFiles\Media\Image-Formats\trans\png\ARGB 32bit\", ain't it?
  • New command "Copy Item UNC Path/Name(s)". Copies the full path of all selected items, using the UNC path for items located on a mapped drive. If your are working in a network you'll love this one.
  • More details...

What’s New in 7.00?

released 31-Mar-2008

  • Scripting. Ultimate file management efficiency. Roll your own custom commands, wrap them in an XYplorer Script file (XYS), or a User-Defined Command, and trigger them by just a click or a keystroke. Can't get any better? It can! Share scripts with colleagues: Just drop a script file into your app folder and fresh plug-in commands are at your finger tips.
  • Now tabs can be iconized. Shrunk to the size of an icon. A mind-blowing space saver.
  • Now you can freely determine XYplorer's application data path and thus banish any UAC (User Account Control) issues.
  • Now you can search for folders by size.
  • Now you can turn a text or image from clipboard directly into a new file.
  • Now there's secondary sorting. Simply hold Shift while you click on a column header to sub-sort the file list by this column.
  • New command "Swap Names" (Ctrl+Shift+F2) swaps the names of two selected List items.
  • More details...

What’s New in 6.80?

released 04-Jan-2008

  • Now you can drag-drop items onto shortcuts in List and Catalog.
  • Targets of shortcuts are shown in File Info Tips on mouse hover.
  • Now you can one-click jump to the target of a shortcut.

What’s New in 6.70?

released 14-Dec-2007

  • User-Defined Commands (UDC): The new command category "New" gives you unprecedented one-click control over creating new files and folders (blank or cloned from existing ones). This includes the invaluable "Copy Here" functionality by which you can recreate duplicates of any existing file or folder in your current location.
  • Now all UDC submenu items have icons.
  • Added preview and thumbnails for DNG (Digital Negative) and NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) files.
  • Network: Finally, there's the logon dialog!
  • Network: Enhanced support for hidden shares.

What’s New in 6.60?

released 19-Nov-2007

  • User-Defined Commands now fully support command line parameters! Pimp up your single keystroke to sciencefictionesque kill power. Pack all selected files into a zipped archive with an automatic name depending on the current date? One keystroke! Print a DOS style directory listing of the current folder to a file or printer? One keystroke! Welcome to one-keystroke-paradise.
  • The Catalog Application Launch Panel now fully supports command line parameters. Here's one-click heaven for the mousy man!
  • User-Defined Commands now include all the important mass rename functions. For example, you can convert an item to another file type (extension), or clean all selected file names of certain characters, by a single keystroke/mouse click.
  • Added an alternative interface to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to native and user-defined commands in a fast and intuitive way.
  • Dropping messages from Outlook / Outlook Express is now up to a hundred (!) times faster than before!

What’s New in 6.50?

released 05-Nov-2007

  • User-Defined Commands (UDCs): Write your personal file management routines in the most user-friendly way. Go To, Open, Open With, Copy To, Move To, Rename ... wrap those tasks into UDCs, and have them magically appear in the new "User" menu. Give them catchy captions, and assign keyboard shortcuts to them. UDC means: Reduce your daily routines to simple keystrokes!
  • Backup from Catalog: The new capability to backup whole Catalog Categories provides nothing less than a one-click backup of distributed sources.
  • Serial Rename: when renaming, press Tab to apply the changes and immediately start renaming the next item.
  • String Search: Now you can find all files NOT containing the given text string.
  • Color Code the Tree. System, Compressed, Encrypted, Read-Only, Junction, etc ... you choose the colors.

What’s New in 6.40?

Reviewed 13-Oct-2007

released 10-Oct-2007

  • New GUI. Ux theme visual styles are now (optionally) applied to all interface elements.
  • Major re-design of the configuration dialog.
  • Added a new license type, the "Standard License", which costs only half of the big "Lifetime License".
  • Now you can drag-drop items onto *.BAT and *.CMD files. Of course, this works also with Catalog items as drop targets.
  • Finally complete support for dropping from archives of all types.
  • Now you have "Tips of the day" at your finger tips (Shift+F1). And more: you can easily add and manage your own tips (in your own language if you want)!
  • Support for NTFS junctions, including configurable color coding to make them visually stand out.
  • The Backup file operation now preserves all three dates (modified, created, accessed) in copied files and folders.
  • The New Items interface now supports date variables, just another revolutionary time-saver.
  • Enhanced compatibility with high contrast color schemes for visually impaired.
  • File Info Tips now display "Version Information" for all files that have one.
  • Media Preview: added support for the file extension DIVX (DivX Movie).

What’s New in 6.30?

released 02-Sep-2007

  • Rename Special: All bulk rename operations now come with a detailed preview, including detection of possible conflicts.
  • Rename using Regular Expressions: Now you may use inline comments of format (?#comment) within your Regular Expressions.
  • Added option "Minimize to tray on X close".
  • Smoother tab cycling through delayed browsing.
  • File Info Tips completely rewritten. No more freezing effect when hovering AVIs or PDFs.
  • Network browsing did not work as expected under Vista in version 6.20. Now it works again, and much faster than before.

What’s New in 6.20?

released 14-Aug-2007

  • The Catalog now is a full-blown "Open-With-Panel" where you can one-click-open any files with any application without changing or referring to the registry.
  • Image Preview: now you choose between Speed and High Quality Image Resampling.
  • Easily select between three different search modes: Standard, Boolean, Regular Expression.
  • New "Len" column shows the length in characters of each filename: easily spot over-long filenames that might make trouble when burning CD-ROMs.
  • New toolbar button to "Hide Folders in List". For those moments, when you need to see only the files, not the folders.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for touching filestamps: Set Modified, Created, and Accessed Date to Now.
  • Instant preview of Office 2007 file types.
  • Notable general performance speedup.

What’s New in 6.10?

released 10-Jun-2007

  • Image preview: Highest-quality resampling now even with huge pictures.
  • Dbl-click on empty space goes up one level (optional).
  • Quickly find all empty folders within a given path.
  • Better Vista integration.
  • Better application icons.

What’s New in 6.00?

released 17-May-2007

  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts for more than 300 functions.
  • Radically reduced memory usage.

What’s New in 5.80?

released 05-Mar-2007

  • Ctrl+Shift+Wheel to increase/decrease the row height in List, Tree, and Catalog on the fly.
  • Added preview of *.tga (Targa) files.
  • Now Catalog, Address Bar, Favorites, and Goto accept relative path syntax and are hence fully portable. Home is where XY is.
  • Catalog now serves as one-click launch panel for applications as well as for items opened with associated applications.
  • Now you can drag'n'drop files onto Catalog items that point to applications to open those files with those applications.
  • Now drop-on-zip is supported in List and Catalog.

What’s New in 5.60?

released 31-Jan-2007

  • Batch Rename now with new smart simple mode.
  • Full Screen Preview (F11) of images massively enhanced.
  • Outlook Drop: enhanced and bug-fixed.
  • Find Files now with "Loose Boolean Match": e.g. "work 2006" will find all items that have "work" and "2006" somewhere in their name (regardless of the order).
  • Media Preview: new "Play Next" mode automatically plays next media file in current list when current one has finished.
  • Network browsing much faster.
  • New License Key. Registered users that want to upgrade to 5.60 should visit https://www.xyplorer.com/key.php for a smooth automated key transition, or contact support for personal assistance.

What’s New in 5.50?

released 17-Dec-2006

  • Drop messages from Outlook and Outlook Express and save them to files with template-configured names... and now it also works for Outlook 2003 ff.
  • Media Preview: added *.flv (Flash Video) format. Which means: now, XYplorer can offline-replay YouTube videos.

What’s New in 5.40?

released 11-Nov-2006

  • Visual Filters now work in Find mode, too.
  • New usability jewels "Select by Selected Type(s)" and "Filter by Selected Extension(s)".
  • Drop messages from Outlook and Outlook Express and save them to files with template-configured names.
  • One-click-copy distributed items onto the clipboard. You won't find this killer feature nowhere else.
  • One-click-store search results for later review/reuse.
  • Mind-blowing speed improvement in network browsing.
  • Added support for non-latin characters in file names.
  • Added automatic path name completion.
  • Added support for hidden shares.
  • Now items can be copied from the Catalog.
  • Added "Default Tab" functionality.
  • Better custom color management.
  • Again great general speed improvement.

What’s New in 5.20?

released 16-Oct-2006

  • No more GDI+ dependency. XYplorer now runs on systems without GDIplus. XYplorer now runs even on Win95. XYplorer uses even less memory than before.
  • Revolutionary keyboard-driven popup-Hotlist.
  • Revolutionary keyboard-driven popup-Breadcrumb.
  • Revolutionary Drop-Text-To-File.
  • "Quick Visual Filters" via the Address Bar.
  • "Delete (Skip Locked)" command.
  • Destination paths may contain Date Variables, making dated Backups a one-click affair.
  • Support of common Windows environment variables.
  • Dropping items/attachments from Outlook and Outlook Express is now supported.
  • "Show Space Used" option for all listed items.
  • In-place tooltips for clipped items.
  • Super-fast thumbnail creation.
  • Vastly improved performance in many other parts.

What’s New in 5.10?

released 26-Aug-2006

  • Private portable file associations.
  • Visual Filter now recognizes RegExp patterns.
  • Find Files: multiple patterns and locations can now be separated by ";" (semicolon).
  • Extended "Browse For Folder" dialog (new UI).
  • Now all drop-down lists have auto-complete.
  • Added keyboard-driven Move To (Shift+F7), Copy To (Ctrl+F7), and Backup To (Ctrl+Shift+F7) dialogs.
  • Added view "List" (wrapped column).
  • Now there is an official No-Install Package.
  • Selection Filter now allows multiple patterns in one go.
  • Increased space for image and video preview.
  • Video Preview: added resize-while-u-watch.
  • Sound preview now with volume control.
  • New handy "Copy Here with Suffix Date".
  • Greatly improved Batch Rename.
  • Calculate Folder Sizes much faster and cooler.

What’s New in 5.00?

released 02-Jun-2006

  • Massive load time speed up.
  • Reduced memory consumption.
  • Menu Edit/Paste Special: added "Paste Here To New Subfolder...". Lets you paste any files currently found in the clipboard to a newly created subfolder of the current folder (the one that's displayed in the main title bar). Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V. Very nice feature. In fact, I'd say: Once again pioneering file manager XYplorer delivers an innovative friction-lessening high-efficiency solution that skyrockets the art of file management into yet another orbit of usability.
  • Menu View/Tab: now you can lock your tabs to a "Home Zone", which includes the home path and all its subfolders (in other words, the home branch). You can freely move inside the home zone and stay inside the tab, but if you browse to a destination outside the home zone, the tab stays where it is and a new tab will be automatically opened. Kind of soft-locking.
  • Added color-coding by file attributes.
  • Network Places On Demand: now you can browse to servers outside the local/primary workgroup/domain. Simply enter them (or items located on them) into the Address Bar, or browse to them via Catalog or Favorites. If reachable they will be automatically/on-the-fly added the My Network Places node in the tree.
  • Now network servers are remembered between sessions. This means: (a) Network servers load at the speed of light. (b) Servers outside the primary workgroup that have been entered via Address Bar are now remembered and don't have to be entered again. (c) You can easily add/remove servers to/from My Network Places and thus list only the servers you actually need for your daily work.
  • Added the Catalog: a hidable favorites panel below the tree by which you can 1-click-navigate and on which you can drop stuff.