Feature List

Here is a list of those XYplorer features that go beyond basic file management. The arrows link to online documentation.

Feature Professional Enterprise* Release Notes
Action Log
Address Bar
Admin Settings: Access Control
Admin Settings: Multi-User Tagging, Metadata Management
Age Circles
Animated GIFs Preview
Audio Properties
Auto-Rotated Image Previews
Autosize Columns
Background Processing
Batch Rename with Preview
Branch View (Flat View)

Checkbox Selection
Click and Search™
Click and Tag
Clipboard Markers
Clipboard Viewer and Editor
Cloud Storage
Color Filters (Color Coding)
Column Layouts
Configurable Toolbar
Copy Data from Cells
Copy Distributed Items
Copy Folder Structure
Copy Path
Custom Columns
Custom Copy and Custom Move
Custom Event Actions
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Custom Toolbar Buttons
Dark Mode
Date Format Age
Date Format Weekdays
Details with Thumbnails™ (Thumbnails with Details™)
Directory Print
DOS Command Launcher
Drag Status Box™
Drive Bar
Drop Stacks
Droppable User Buttons™
Dropping Messages (Outlook, Thunderbird)
Dropping Text
Dual Pane
Duplicate File Finder
Exclude Extension on Rename
Edit Item Names by List
Event Sounds
EXIF Stamping
Expansion Icons
Extra Tags
File Name Length Column in File List
Filename Length Info
Find Containing Folders
Find Empty Folders

Find Files Without Extension
Find by Content
Find by Type
Find Text in Text Boxes
Flatten Folder
Flexible Width Tabs
Folder Contents Preview
Folder Size Caching
Folder Thumbnails
Folder View Settings
Font Preview
Full Screen Preview
Fuzzy Favorites
Ghost Filter
Hash Values
High Quality Image Resampling
Highly Customizable Interface
Hover Box
Icon Overlays Support
Image Columns
Info Panel
Live Filter Box
Make Coffee
Manual Sorting (Arbitrary Sorting)
Middle Truncation
Mini Tree™
Milliseconds Precision
Mouse Down Blow Up™
Mouse Up Show Down™
Move To, Copy To, Backup To
Multilingual Support
Network Server Caching
On-the-fly Font Sizing
Open Throw Away Clone
Overlong File Names Supported
Paper Folders™
Paste and Find, Paste and Go
Paste Text As Item
Permanent Custom Sort Order
Portable Devices
Portable File Icons (Custom File Icons)
Portable Tabs
Preview of Photos
Queued File Operations
Quick Audio Preview
Quick File Compare
Quick File View
Quick Select
Random Sort Order (Shuffle)
Recent Location Pins
Recycle Bin Deluxe
Replace with File in Clipboard
Restore Selection
Rich File Operations™
Safe Overwrite
Safety Belts
Scriptable Columns
Scrolling Toolbar
Secondary Sorting
Select Items by List
Selected Items to Top
Selection Colors
Selection Filter
Self Update
Serial Rename with Up/Down Key
Shell Integration
Show Folder Sizes, Calculate Directory Sizes
Single Click Open
Smart Right Click
Sort by Image Similarity
Sort by List
Sort by Partial File Name
Sort Ignores Articles
Spot & Jump
Status Bar
Sticky Selection
Support of NTFS junctions
Sync Browse
Sync Folders
Sync Scroll
Tabbed Browsing
Tag-Based File Management (Labels, Tags, Comments)
Tiles View with Photo Data
Time and Attribute Stamping
Touchscreen Mode
Tree Path Tracing™
Tree Section Colors
Tree State Remembered
Type Ahead Find (Find As You Type)
Undo/Redo (Multi-Level)
User Account Control (UAC)
User-Defined Commands
UTF-8 Preview
Verified File Copying
Vertical Grid
Virtual Folders
Visual Filters
Wipe (Erase, Shred, Secure Delete)
Zip Support
Feature Professional Enterprise* Release Notes


* All Professional licenses bought before 01-Jan-2023 have been auto-upgraded to Enterprise.