Release 11.90


Release 11.90.0000

XYplorer 11.90 has been released on 17-Dec-2012. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Power Filters. Now you got a powerful set of predefined one-click visual filters, like "Modified Today", "Image Files", "Empty Files", and many more. The set is freely customizable.

Right from the toolbar and out of the box you can filter what you see by a single click. Here are some examples:

The factory default Power Filters menu in the toolbar. Let's see only those files that have been modified in the last 30 minutes. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Voilà, the list is reduced to what we wanted to see. Note that the name of the filter ("30 Mins") is shown in the tab header. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Another example for a built in Power Filter: Show all files larger than 1 MB. (Click to see the full screenshot)

You can freely edit the existing Power Filters, and add new ones to the set. Suppose you are doing a research on Hedy Lamarr, and often you are only interested in those files that contain "Hedy" and/or "Lamarr" in the name. Well, simply add a "Hedy" Power Filter to the set using menu Tools | List Management | Power Filters like this:

Add a custom filter called "Hedy" to the top of the existing Power Filters. This filter will match all files that contain "Hedy" and/or "Lamarr" in the name. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Now the new "Hedy" filter is available from the Power Filters menu. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Voilà, the new "Hedy" filter works well. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Credits: The inpiration and the name "Power Filters" for this feature comes from an XYplorer script by user FluxTorpedoe. See here.

Visual Filters. Now Attributes, Size, Date, and Age filters are supported additionally to the Name filter.

Analog to Color Filters, now also Visual Filters support field selectors to specify which property the filtering is to be based on:

 Filter Type     Selector    Example
 Name            [name:]     *.txt   (or name:*.txt)
 Attributes      attr:       attr: readonly
 Size            size:       size: > 100 KB
 Date Created    dateC:      dateC: 07.12.2012
 Date Modified   dateM:      dateM: 2012.12.01 - 2012.12.31
 Date Accessed   dateA:      dateA: 07.12.2012
 Age Created     ageC:       ageC: > 5 y
 Age Modified    ageM:       ageM: d
 Age Accessed    ageA:       ageA: <= 5 d

Some examples:

 *.txt                      = named *.txt
 name: *.txt                = named *.txt
 attr: system               = SYSTEM attribute set
 size: >= 1.5 GB            = 1.5 GB or bigger
 size: 0                    = empty
 dateM: 2010.01.01 -        = modified 2010 or later
 dateC: dw 6-7              = created on a weekend
 ageM: y                    = modified this year
 ageA: < 5 d                = accessed less than 5 days ago

Say you want to see only files of a size between 100 and 500 bytes. Such a filter is quickly typed into the Set Visual Filter (Ctrl+J) box:

The pattern for this task is size: 100- 500. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Voilà, the desired files! (Click to see the full screenshot)

Inline Rename in Tree and List. Now you can paste multiline clipboard contents into the edit box.
Exclude Items from Search. Since long you can exclude particular folders from being searched. Now you can also exclude particular files or file types from being found.

This excludes a specific temp folder from the searched locations, and all files called "desktop.ini", and all files matching the pattern "~*" from the search results. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Home Edition. The new "Standard License Home" buys you everything the current Pro Edition has -- apart from a handful of advanced features -- at an unbeatable price of 14.95 EUR / 19.95 US$.

Release 11.90.0100

XYplorer 11.90.0100 has been released on 28-Dec-2012. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Renaming Files. Now optionally invalid characters are auto-replaced by a character of your choice.
Invalid characters are replaced by the character defined at Configuration | Templates | Character to replace invalid characters. If no character is defined then "." (dot) is used.

To enable this feature tick Configuration | Sort and Rename | Auto-replace invalid characters.

After pasting the string Brigitte Bardot ("BB"), the invalid double-quotes are auto-replaced by underscores. You can easily define a different replace character. (Click to zoom)

Secondary Sorting. Now you can sort files by the day they have been modified, and then sub sort each day by Name, Type, Size, or any other column.
How to do Secondary Sorting: Secondary Sorting is triggered by holding SHIFT when clicking the column header by which you want to sub sort.

In the following two examples you see files first sorted by Modified, then sub sorted by Size descending resp. ascending. Grid is enabled (style "Highlight Groups") to highlight the day groups. Note how the file times within each "day group" are sorted according to the file sizes.

Sorted by Modified, sub sorted by Size (descending). (Click to zoom)

Sorted by Modified, sub sorted by Size (ascending). (Click to zoom)

In the following example the files are sub sorted by Name (ascending):

Sorted by Modified, sub sorted by Name (ascending). (Click to zoom)

Release 11.90.0200

XYplorer 11.90.0200 has been released on 08-Jan-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Licensing. Now Unicode usernames are supported.

Bye-bye Latin. Now you can use any character available on your computer to write your name.

Bruce Lee's license would have looked like this.