Release 13.20

XYplorer 13.20 has been released on 04-Nov-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Breadcrumb Bars. Now you can have a Breadcrumb Bar in each pane. It shows the full path of the current tab and lets you efficiently navigate the whole file system.

Each pane's Breadcrumb Bar has its own distinctive color (which, of course, is configurable), so you can clearly see which pane is currently active:

The Breadcrumb Bar of the first pane. Note the display of the most recent downward path in weaker text color. (Click to see the full screenshot)

The Breadcrumb Bar of the second pane. (Click to see the full screenshot)

The usage of a Breadcrumb Bar is simple and well-known: Click on any of the components to go there. Click on any of triangles (separators between the components) to pop a dropdown menu with all subfolders of the component left of the triangle, and select one of them to go there.

A dropdown menu with all subfolders of the clicked component.

Larger dropdown menus can be scrolled with a scrollbar or by mouse wheel.

The left-most dropdown menu shows all drives and virtual top folders.

Right-click anywhere in the Breadcrumb Bar to pop the right-click menu with lots of configuration options, and a couple of useful commands at the top of the menu:

The Breadcrumb Bar has a right-click menu. (Click to see the full screenshot)

Of all the options shown in that menu, Show Downward Paths is most likely the one you will fall in love with: If ticked then the most recently used downward path is shown in a somewhat lighter color than the current path. This allows you to quickly go up and down a path in the most easy manner.

Adjustable font size: You can modify the font size of the Breadcrumb Bars on-the-fly by Ctrl+Wheel over any of the Breadcrumb Bars.
Turn it off: Like with each main interface element you can toggle the Breadcrumb Bars in menu Window.
Exif Stamping. Now the command "Set Modified Date to Exif" is available from the main menu. It sets the Modified date of each selected image file to the file's Exif date.

This simple command allows you to update the timestamps of hundreds of photos in a split second. If no EXIF date ("DateTimeOriginal", tag 0x9003; "DateTime", tag 0x0132) is found in a file the Modified date is not touched.

The "File Special" sub-menu in menu File now has Set Modified Date to Exif.