Release 15.10

XYplorer 15.10 has been released on 04-May-2015. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Find Files Without Extension. Searching for files with no extension? It's easy now. Simply search for *. (asterisk-dot).

Or use e.g. a*. to search for extension-less files starting with "a".

Toggle Quick Search. A new toolbar button provides a handy way to run the last search on and off in various locations.

First you add the button "Toggle Quick Search" to the Toolbar via menu Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9). Then you use it. For example, the button can help you to quickly search for Betty wherever you are:

After clicking Toggle Quick Search: The green loupe turns red. (Click to Zoom)

Photo Preview. Now you can show basic photo data in the Floating Preview's status bar.

Basic photo data are Camera Model, Focal length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, and ISO speed. You can toggle them in the extended context menu of the Floating Preview (F11). Select a photo, press F11 to open then Floating Preview, then Ctrl+Right-Click anywhere in the preview and click "Show Photo Data" in the popup menu.

Photo data are available for JPEGs with EXIF data and all RAW (NEF, DNG, CRW, RAF, RAW etc.) formats that you have codecs for installed on your system.

Photo data shown at the bottom of the Floating Preview. (Click to Zoom)

Load Speed. Major load speed increase compared to 15.00 and before.