Release 15.80

XYplorer 15.80 has been released on 22-Sep-2015. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Global Visual Filters. Global Visual Filters can visually reduce your file system to the stuff you created this year, this month, this week, today. Or to JPEGs only. Or to everything you tagged as "Important". Or whatever criteria you want to apply. Filter and conquer. Only show what you need to see. Global Visual Filters might change the way you manage your files.

    When writing this very page I take the screenshots from a list of over 1200 files. However, I’m interested only in the most recent shots, the ones I created in the last days. This is the time for a pre-defined Global Visual Filter, "Modified In The Last 7 Days":

    Choosing a Global Visual Filter from the toolbar dropdown.

    After applying the filter, things look much clearer:

    The filter icon in the status bar tells you that the list is filtered by a Global Visual Filter. Hover that icon to get a tooltip with more details.

    Tip: The toolbar button works as a toggle. It’s a single click to go back to the unfiltered all items view.

    Of course, you can customize the list of pre-defined Global Visual Filters, or apply any on-the-fly filters via View | Show Items | Set Global Visual Filter...

    Finally note that Global Visual Filters also apply to searches and their results:

    Searching for items with "_" with an active Global Visual Filter ("Modified In The Last 7 Days").

    The search results are filtered as well ("Modified In The Last 7 Days").

  • Visual Filters by Tags. Now you can show just those items with certain labels, tags, and comments, and hide all others.

    For example, to show only items tagged "thumb" open View | Tab | Set Visual Filter... (Ctrl+J) (or use the toolbar button), and enter this pattern:


    That’s all. This is going to happen:

    Defining the Visual Filter.

    Visual Filter applied.

  • Color Filters by Tags. Now you can color-code items depending on their labels, tags, and comments.

    For example, to color-code all items tagged "thumb" open Tools | Configuration | Color Filters, and add this pattern to the list of color filters, and assign some color combination to it:


    That’s all. This is going to happen:

    Defining the Color Filter.

    Color Filter applied.

  • Search In List. Now you can run a search over a list of items, instead of just searching one or more locations. This can be an arbitrary list compiled in a file or in the clipboard, or the currently listed items, or the currently selected items. So you now can easily run a search over the current search results, again and again.

  • Dupes By Basename. Now you can find groups of files with the same basename, regardless of their extensions.

    This lets you easily compile listings like this:

    The pairs are looking fine.

    You achieve the above by using the Duplicate File Finder (Find Files / Dupes) with Name ticked, and Ignore Extension selected:

    Geared up for finding dupes by basename.

    Tip: Tick Invert to quickly find loners, i.e. items without a matching partner.
  • Find By Count. Now you can find folders by the number of the contained items.

    For example, this search pattern (used in Find Files / Name) would list all folders containing (non-recursively) at least 10 items:

    prop:#itemcount: >= 10

    The same pattern can be used in Quick Search, or right from the Address Bar:

    E:\Test\b?prop:#itemcount: >= 10
  • Multilingual Support. Added support for Klingon.