Release 16.40

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XYplorer 16.40.0000 has been released on 08-Mar-2016. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Preview Pane. It’s finally there: A vertical preview pane!

    Easily the most wished XYplorer enhancement of recent years. Now it’s here. Show the Preview Pane via menu Window | Show Preview Pane (Ctrl+F11), or use the "Preview Pane" toolbar button.

    Image preview.

    Functionally the Preview Pane is quite similar to the preview pane in Windows Explorer, with some interesting improvements for image previews:

    There is a mouse over tooltip showing original and preview size.
    Mouse Down Blow Up is supported.
    Optional Transparency Grid.
    Animated GIFs can be previewed.
    Icons can be previewed.

    The Preview Pane gives you the same previews as the Preview Tab in the Info Panel (F12), so you get Text, Office, PDF, Image, Icon, Audio, Video, and Font previews, just in a larger (especially higher) place. There is a vertical splitter by which you can adjust the width of it.

    There isn’t much more to say, it just works. Here are some screenshots:

    Icon preview.

    Animated Gif preview (you don’t see it here, but it actually moves).

    Zip preview.

    PDF preview.

    Audio/Video preview.

    Font preview.

  • Zoom To Fill. Now the SaveThumb command can create thumbnail files that are zoomed to fill.
    (Pro Edition Only)

    If you run the following script line on the animal pic shown above...

    savethumb(, "*_slice", 100, 300, "jpg", , 2);

    ... you will end up with this freshly created thumbnail of the pic:

    Animal slice.

    If you swap the dimensions...

    savethumb(, "*_slice", 300, 100, "jpg", , 2);

    ... you will get this:

    Alternative animal slice.

    Check out the Help file for details.