Release 16.60

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XYplorer 16.60.0000 has been released on 12-Apr-2016. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Permanent Custom Sort Order. For many years XYplorer supports creating custom sort orders by dragging items to new positions in Manual Sorting mode. Now those custom sort orders are remembered per tab, across tab switches, and across sessions. You don’t need to know or do anything, it just works.

    For example, here is a folder:

    Some folder sorted by Name.

    Now enable Manual Sorting (menu Tools | Customize List | Manual Sorting, or by toggling the pyramid-like Manual Sorting button in the Toolbar) and drag some files to new positions.

    Darwin is at the top. The folder is now in a custom sort order.

    Now switch to some other tab:

    Another folder.

    Now switch back to the previous tab:

    The custom sort order is preserved. Darwin is still at the top.


    Works also with Search Results and Branch Views.
    Go Home: You can even restore a custom sort order via "Go Home" if you previously saved it using "Set Home", and if "Configuration | Tabs | Going home also restores the list layout" is ticked.
    Lock the Tab: To ensure that you don’t accidentally leave the folder and its custom sort order you can lock the tab using View | Tab | Lock Location Ctrl+L.
    Sort By List: Another way to create a custom sort order is by using the scripting command SortByList by which you can use a list of filenames in the desired sequence to sort the list accordingly. (Pro Edition Only)