Release 17.30

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XYplorer 17.30 has been released on 31-Oct-2016. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Find Dangerous Characters. Now you can find files that have invisible and potentially dangerous Unicode characters in the name. You now can as well color-code such files.

    This is achieved by the new variable <U+[codepoint]> which allows you to inject any existing Unicode character into the search pattern by its codepoint, i.e. its numeric value.

    For example, to search for the notorious "Right-to-Left Override" character U+202E you simply enter <U+202E> as the search pattern, either in Find Files (Ctrl+F), or in the Quick Search (F3):

    Quick Search.

    If the search results look like this you discovered a potentially dangerous executable file maliciously disguised as harmless text file:

    Got one!

    How to color-code files with invisible characters

    Simply add this Color Filter definition to your collection of Color Filters in Configuration | Color Filters and define a strong warning color combination for it (the caption is not necessary but will help you to remember what this filter is about):

    "Right-to-Left Override" <U+202E>

    Defining a Color Filter for files containing U+202E.

    Now such potentially dangerous files are easily spotted:

    See them?