Release 17.50

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XYplorer 17.50 has been released on 20-Jan-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Quick Audio Preview. Mouse down on the file icon to hear the sound. Mouse move to scroll. Mouse up to stop. MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG... you name it. With interactive progress bar. Probably the most convenient audio file previewer on the planet.

    Since a non-standard gesture (mouse down on the file icon) is involved the feature has to be explicitly enabled. Open Tools | Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | On Thumbnails and Icons and ensure that the following options are ticked:

    Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | On left mouse down
    Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | On file icons as well
    Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | Audio preview

    Now browse to some folder with audio files, move your mouse pointer over the icon of an audio file, and press the left mouse button down (and hold it down). The audio preview will immediately start and a progress bar will be shown in the status bar. To stop the preview simply release the mouse button.

    Mouse down on the file icon (green circle) and the audio playback starts.

    While you hold down the mouse button pan the mouse horizontally to move the playback position.

    Scrubbing by moving the mouse left and right.

    Right Mouse Button Preview

    If the following options are ticked the preview can be started with the right mouse button and will continue after releasing the button:

    Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | On right mouse down
    Configuration | Mouse Down Blow Up | Stay up

    To stop that preview press ESC, or click anywhere in the list, or start the next preview.

    Supported Formats

    All audio formats listed in Configuration | Previewed Formats | Category | Audio Files are supported but, of course, the necessary Codec has to be installed in the system. Audio Codecs are not part of the XYplorer package.

  • Support of Filenames Ending With Dot or Space. Those filenames are invalid in the Windows name space and the shell cannot do anything with them. Delete, rename, move, it all fails with the standard File Explorer. XYplorer now can handle them.

  • Extra Large Toolbar. Now you can have extra large buttons (48x48 pixels). Increases toolbar usability on high-resolution screens.

    The big fat buttons serve also as a comfortable landing point for your fingers on a touchscreen.

    Note: Those extra large buttons will look somewhat pixelated on low-resolution screens. This effect is amplified by a bug in 17.50.0000 that has been fixed in 17.50.0100.