Release 19.90

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XYplorer 19.90 has been released on 08-Apr-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Clipboard Viewer. What’s in the clipboard? What will happen when I paste now? Curious? Need to know for sure? Well, just hover the "Edit Clipboard" or "Paste" button in the toolbar for an instant preview of the current clipboard contents. No clicks required. And it even works for images.

    In the screenshots below the "Edit Clipboard" button is used. This button is not present in the default toolbar. Either use the "Paste" button instead (which is present) or add the "Edit Clipboard" to the toolbar like this:

    • Click menu Tools | Customize Toolbar... Ctrl+Shift+F9.
    • Select "Edit Clipboard" in the Available Buttons list and add it to the Current Buttons list.
    • OK the dialog.

    When you have a file in the clipboard (you pressed Copy while a file was selected) you will see, for example, this when you hover the "Edit Clipboard" button:

    A file is in the clipboard.

    When you have text in the clipboard (you pressed Copy while text was selected) you will see, for example, this when you hover the "Edit Clipboard" button:

    Text is in the clipboard.

    And finally, when you have an image in the clipboard (you pressed Copy within an image processing application, or you copied an image from a web page, or you made a screenshot) you will see, for example, this when you hover the "Edit Clipboard" button:

    Good to know what’s in the clipboard...

  • Paste Text As Item. Now you can paste a copy of the item(s) referred to by textual clipboard contents. Works with local paths and even with web addresses. Which means you can download a file to the current folder right from an http path in the clipboard.

    Try it out right away and copy the following line to the clipboard:

    Now open XYplorer and click menu Edit | Paste Special | Paste Text As Item(s). The current XYplorer package will be downloaded to the folder you are currently listing. How cool is that?

  • Dropped Messages From Thunderbird. Now, in addition to Outlook, emails dropped from Thunderbird are also processed along with your settings for dropped messages.

    In Configuration F9 | Colors and Styles | Templates you can configure how dropped messages are handled:

    How dropped messages are handled...

    So let’s drop one from Thunderbird:

    Before the drop.

    After the drop.

  • Editing Dropped Messages. Now you can trigger an edit prompt for each field you please (From, To, Subject, Date Sent). Helps when archiving emails.

    Append a question mark to each field you want to manually edit during the drop, e.g. <from>_<to>_<subject?>_<date yyyy-mm-dd_hh-nn-ss>:

    Look for the question mark appended...

    Now you’ll get this dialog right before the dropped file is created in its target location:

    Ready for manual editing.

  • Transparent Images Preview. Now you have four options for how to display the transparent areas in images: Neutral, Grid, White, Black.

    Make your choice here: Configuration F9 | Preview | Preview | Image preview | Transparency background. See screenshots in the section below for the looks.

  • Hover Box With Transparency. Now it supports the user-selected transparency background (Neutral, Grid, White, Black), and you can easily change it on-the-fly while the Hover Box is shown.

    In a fresh installation you first need to enable the Hover Box by ticking Configuration F9 | Information | File Info Tips | Show Hover Box.

    While the Hover Box is shown for an image with transparency, press key T to cycle through the 4 available transparency backgrounds (Neutral, Grid, White, Black).