Release 20.20

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XYplorer 20.20 has been released on 18-Jun-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Append to Clipboard. The new Append command allows you to append files to the files that are currently in the clipboard. Hunt and collect.

    The new command is found here: menu Edit | Append (Ctrl+Alt+D). The "Append" toolbar button is not shown by default, you can add it to the toolbar via Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9).

    Appending items to the clipboard via toolbar button. (Click image to zoom)

  • Clipboard Peek. Now the "Edit Clipboard" button provides a real-time indication of the current clipboard contents, so you always know whether there is something in the clipboard and of what kind it is (text, image, files). The clipboard is no black box anymore.

    In the screenshots below the "Edit Clipboard" button is used. This button is not present in the default toolbar. Either use the "Paste" button instead (which is present) or add the "Edit Clipboard" to the toolbar like this:

    • Click menu Tools | Customize Toolbar... Ctrl+Shift+F9.
    • Select "Edit Clipboard" in the Available Buttons list and add it to the Current Buttons list.
    • OK the dialog.

    Here you can see how the "Edit Clipboard" button changes when the clipboard changes:

    Copied files in the clipboard. (Click image to zoom)

    Cut files in the clipboard. (Click image to zoom)

    Image in the clipboard. (Click image to zoom)

    Text in the clipboard. (Click image to zoom)

    Empty clipboard. (Click image to zoom)

  • Restore Previous Clipboard. Ever accidentally lost some valuable clipboard contents? Argh! Relax. The previous state of the clipboard is now automatically stored whenever the clipboard changes, and you can toggle the current and the previous state by using the new Restore Previous Clipboard command.

    The new command is found here: menu Edit | Paste Special | Restore Previous Clipboard.

    Tip: You can peek into the previous clipboard contents by holding SHIFT while hovering the "Edit Clipboard" button in the toolbar:

    The clipboard previously held this image.

    Note: From v20.20.0100 onwards the Restore Previous Clipboard feature has to be actively enabled here: Configuration | File Operations | Undo & Action Log | Clipboard | Log clipboard contents and enable restore.
  • Nested Hamburger. Now the Hamburger menu in the Breadcrumb Bar ("Recently in the Breadcrumb Bar I asked for the Hamburger menu...") supports submenus.

    To customize the Hamburger menu right-click the Hamburger icon in the Breadcrumb Bar and click Customize Menu...

    Nested Hamburger Menu. (Click image to zoom)

    The above screenshot is defined like this:

    More Commands
      Copy Full Path;#101;:copy
      Copy Name only;#102;Green.ico
      ::Character View Current Filename;charview <curname>;

    The numbers (#101 etc) refer to command IDs. The colon-keys (:copy etc) refer to toolbar buttons. The double-colon (::) marks a script. Note that the icon "Green.ico" has to be located in the XYplorer icons path (go to <xyicons> via the XYplorer address bar). You find details and more examples in the help file.