Release 20.40

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XYplorer 20.40 has been released on 10-Sep-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Content Search and Preview. Now both 64-bit and 32-bit IFilters are supported. This broadens the support for previewing and searching the textual contents of complex document formats (e.g. Office files).

    IFilters are needed to extract the raw text from complex documents like DOCX or PDF. The raw text again is needed for textual content search or preview.

    If you know what an IFilter is you know what a problem is. Usually the one you need is missing. The bitness has to match. 32-bit apps need 32-bit IFilters, 64-bit apps need 64-bit IFilters. But rarely does a program install both versions, although this is the official recommendation by Microsoft. Even Microsoft Office itself installs only the 64-bit flavor on 64-bit Windows, even if Office itself is 32-bit!

    XYplorer now lets you choose which IFilters to use, 32-bit or 64-bit. Tick or untick Configuration | Other | Shell Integration | 64-bit Windows | Use 64-bit IFilters.

    Choosing the bitness of IFilters. (Click image to zoom)

    For example, going for 64-bit will usually make Office IFilters usable, so you can have this nice Hover Box with an instant text preview when hovering the icon of a DOCX file:

    Hover Box on a DOCX. (Click image to zoom)

  • Quick Refresh List. The white space context menu of the file list now features the command "Refresh List". A little gesture towards heavy mouse users.

    Refresh List in the white space context menu.

  • Color Filters. Now you can optionally have Color Filters fill the whole column. Makes them more visible, especially with short-named files.

    Tick or untick this option: Configuration | Colors and Styles | Color Filters | Draw background colors as wide as the column.

    Color Filters as wide as the caption.

    Color Filters as wide as the column.

  • Previewed Audio Formats. Added DSD and DSF files (Sony’s DSD Stream File) to the previewed audio files. Note that this format is ID3V2 compliant and thus XYplorer will show the tags in the Preview Panel and in the various ID3-Tag columns. Needs a matching CODEC installed, of course.

  • Mouse Down Blow Up. The new "Fit width only" option is perfect for quickly previewing vertical images in best resolution for vertical-only panning.

    Vertically large images, e.g. screenshots of websites, will just come out unreadably small when previewed with the normal Shrink to fit. The new Fit width only option handles this situation perfectly:

    The full width of the screen is used.
    The preview starts at the top of the image.
    Only vertical panning is possible.
    The panning is restricted to what’s necessary to show the full height.

    Find the new option here: Configuration | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | General | Fit width only.

    For example, here is a screenshot of the XYplorer homepage, first with normal "Shrink to fit", then using "Fit width only":

    Normal "Shrink to fit": unreadable. (Click image to zoom)

    Normal "Shrink to fit" with "Fit width only": readable. No animation shown in the screenshot but you can now pan up and down to see the whole image. (Click image to zoom)

  • Mouse Down Blow Up by Middle Button. Now the middle mouse button can be used for Mouse Down Blow Up on thumbnails and icons. Frees left and right button to perform their traditional tasks.

    Choose your buttons. (Click image to zoom)