Release 22.60

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XYplorer 22.60 has been released on 08-Dec-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Custom Status Bar Info. Now you can freely define what you would like to see in the 3rd section of the status bar when a file is focused or the current file selection changes. This is a quick way to get additional information without adding an entire extra column or showing a file info tip. This can be, for example, the dimensions of the currently selected photo, or the sample rate of the currently selected song. You can even get information not available anywhere else, like the total length of all currently selected media files.

    Here is where to configure it:

    Configuring the status bar template.

    To actually make it happen don’t forget to tick Use status bar template. BTW, this setting is also available in the right-click menu of the status bar.

    The screenshot above shows the factory default template: <s:dimension> <s:duration>. It will show dimensions and aspect ratio for images, and duration for media files. Look up the Help for details.

    Here are some shots of what you can get out of this:

    The image dimensions and aspect ratio are shown in the right-most section of the status bar. (Click to zoom)

    Moved on to the next image. (Click to zoom)

    Moved on to a media file. Now the duration is shown. (Click to zoom)

    Lasso-selecting a couple of media files. Now the summary duration of the current selection is shown. (Click to zoom)

    There are many ways to define the template. The variable <prop #audio.samplerate> will give you, you guessed it, the sample rate:

    Showing the sample rate. (Click to zoom)

    As a final example let’s look at hashes and try the variable <prop #hash.sha256>:

    A quick glance at the status bar will tell you that this SHA-256 hash looks alright. (Click to zoom)

    Many more such variables can be found in the help file. In fact, every available property of a file can be displayed in the status bar this way. Here is a hot tip:

    All properties listed in Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show these fields can be accessed in the status bar template via the variable <prop #[index]>, for example property #3 (Date modified) would be <prop #3>.
    Tip: If you need more horizontal space in the status bar tick Window | Arrangement | Wide Info Panel.