Release 7.40

XYplorer 7.40 has been released on 28-Jul-2008. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Show Weekdays. New optional date format shows last week's days, "Yesterday", and "Today" in the file list. One small step for a programmer, one giant leap for usability.

Quick File View. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q (or whatever keyboard shortcut you wish to assign) pops up a window that instantly displays the textual or binary contents of the currently focused file and lets you select and copy any parts of them.

  Quick File View of a Text File

  Quick File View of a Binary File

Quick File Compare. Quickly determine whether two files are same or different. v7.40 adds command "Compare Current File With Previous File" allowing you a quick comparison without using the clipboard. Also, the algorithm became speedier.

Type-ahead find (aka "Find As You Type") now optionally works on the sorted column. This, for example, makes it very easy to quickly jump to RAR files in long file lists: Sort by Ext, press R-A-R.