Release 7.70

XYplorer 7.70 has been released on 15-Oct-2008. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

New Address Bar Deluxe with icons and optimized usability. It...
... supports Unicode.
... optionally auto-completes path names.
... supports the revolutionary 6 Key Navigation, 4 Key Navigation, and Mouse Click Navigation. [from 12.20 onwards]
... optionally auto-completes recently used items.
... supports TAB-bing through the items.
... supports select-all-by-triple-click.
... is highly configurable.
... shows icons for edit box and list items. Icons help you to easily distinguish the various types of items that are supported by the Address Bar: Folders, Files, Drives, Servers, Quick Searches, Visual Filters, URLs, Scripts.

Address Bar, dropped down. (Screenshot from v11.20)

The edit box icon instantly adjusts to the text while-U-type, thus giving you immediate feedback about the existence of a path or the nature of an item:

Color Filters 2.0. Now you can define the backcolor of items.

In the following example, system files (/s) have been colored to really stand out visually. These are the Color Filter definitions in Configuration | Color Filters:

The file listing of C:\ using the above Color Filter definitions will look like this:

Scripting. Now with math, logic, and functions.

As a little demonstration here's how to abuse your favorite file manager as a basic calculator:

input $math, "Paste or type your math:", "1 + 1"; echo "The result is: " . eval($math);
Paste this script into the Try Script dialog under menu Scripting. Then use any of the four basic math operations (+-*/) and any number of nested parentheses, and XY will return the result.

Example: ((7 + 92827) * (2 - 3)) / (2.1 * 3.444)
Result: -12835.8497870693

Tip: You may do your math directly through the XYplorer Address Bar by prefixing "::":

::copytext 1000 * 0.5 //copies result to clipboard!
Unicode support is now complete for all parts of the application.
Speed. Browsing folders and finding files got faster again. Also switching tabs is now incredibly smooth.