Release 8.40

XYplorer 8.40 has been released on 14-Sep-2009. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now you have 10 easily customizable user buttons. You define how the button looks and what it does when pressed. (Pro Edition Only)

For example, here you see a user-defined button that will open the selected file(s) in Photoshop:

How to create this button? Add a new user button via Tools | Customize Toolbar..., then right-click the new button and select Edit..., and then do the following:

Of course you are free to create and use your own custom icons (ICO files) for your buttons. With regard to the script, multi-line scripts are supported as well as multi-script resources, so your button can do everything you can do with XYplorer scripting. You could e.g. popup a little menu with applications to open the selected files with, or with locations to go to, or destinations to copy files to, or with scripts to run, etc.

Search Results Caching, Part 2. Now you can store search results in a file and load them back into the list at any point in future via the Search Templates dialog.

History and Recent Locations. The implementation of these important navigation tools has been redesigned from scratch.
Toolbar. New button "Recent Locations" pops a menu with the 10 recently used locations.

Line Numbers Column. Width now auto-adjusts based on the number of items in the list, and the color is now fully configurable.

Cleaner Menus. The main menu has been reorganized to improve usability.