Release 9.10

XYplorer 9.10 has been released on 05-May-2010. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Queued File Operations 2.0. Improved interface and functionality.

Now you can remove selected jobs from the queue (temporarily or permanently).
Now you can pause and restart the queue at any time. You can continue adding jobs to a paused queue.
Now you can start selected jobs out of queue order.
Animated feedback on the statusbar while background jobs are in progress.
Option to show details of each job in the queue dialog.
Option to hide completed and skipped jobs from the queue dialog.
Now you can configure which types of file operations are backgrounded for parallel or sequential (queued) processing, and which are always run immediately in the foreground.
Background Bar. New optional UI element (turn it on in menu Windows), a mini toolbar at the right end of the Statusbar containing a single button which tells you about the status of background jobs and lets you open the Background Jobs dialog.

Clicking the button will open the Background Jobs dialog.

Find By Type. Now you can narrow down the scope of your search to only a specific type of files, e.g. image files or audio files.

A highly intuitive and extremely useful feature you will quickly get used to if you often work within certain file types because it dramatically increases the quality of your search results, resp. reduces the necessary effort to define a good search definition.

Quickly listing all image files in a branch (all PNGs by chance in the shot).

Text Preview. One-click instant preview for more than 50 different plain text file formats. And you can freely add extensions to the list of supported formats in Configuration | Previewed Formats.

Preview. Now you can easily add any number of new extensions to all preview types (Text, Images, Fonts, Office, Web) right in the configuration dialog.

Mouse Down Blow Up on Thumbnails. Now you can configure whether left, right, or both mouse buttons trigger MDBU.

A bunch of thumbnails.

One thumbnail popped to original size using Mouse Down Blow Up.

Recently Opened Items. The new command "Open..." in menu File lets you enter, paste, or select an item (file, folder, drive) to open, without the need to go there first. Recently opened items (from here or from anywhere within XYplorer) are stored in a MRU list that is saved between sessions.

In the Pro edition, the Open dialog features an OpenWith dropdown menu. Here you find additional commands to Go to the item or Copy the item currently contained in the text box.

Open a recently opened file again using Ctrl+O to open the dialog and Ctrl+Enter to pop the Portable Openwith Menu (Pro Edition Only).

Find Files. Now you can search by the length of the file title (that's the document name without the path). The field name is lent, for example:
Quick Search term to paste into Address Bar to find all items on drive E: (recurse subfolders) with a file title longer than 20 characters.
In the Name field on the Find Files tab you simply enter the above.
Address Bar. Now you can launch DOS commands (aka Windows Command Lines) directly through the XYplorer UI by prefixing "!" to the command e.g. "!dir". The DOS box will stay alive when you use a single "!", and it will auto-vanish when you use a double "!!". Examples:
  !      simply open DOS box without any action
  !dir   directory listing of current list folder;
         DOS box stays visible
  !!dir  directory listing of current list folder;
         DOS box will vanish immediately     

Icons. Support for DPI aware icon sizes on custom DPI settings.

For example if you set DPI to 120 (125%) then the small icon size will be 22x22 under Vista/Win7 instead of the standard 16x16. DPI aware icon sizes are applied to Tree, List, and Catalog.

This feature is only supported if you have XP or higher.

Privacy and Discretion. New option "Don't save most-recently-used lists" increases XYplorer's stealth level, together with "Don't save history" and "Don't save tabs".
Bugs fixed. Particularly an "Access Denied" issue with certain folders on Vista/Win7 is now history.