Release 9.70

XYplorer 9.70 has been released on 03-Nov-2010. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Admin Settings. You use XYplorer in your company and don't want your employees to check for updates? You don't want them to edit the user commands? You don't want them to change the configuration? All this and more is now possible through Admin Settings!

You (resp. your administrator) simply place a file "Admin.ini" in XYplorer's application path. The contents of this file will control the layout and functionality of the application in a way that a user without admin rights cannot influence. XYplorer will read this file at startup but never write to it.

For example, to hide and disable the Check for Updates feature, you simply enter this into Admin.ini:


For example, to additionally hide and disable any possibility to change the configuration, you simply enter this into Admin.ini:


Further possibilities, and the meaning of those numbers, are shown in the Help file.

Switch Catalogs. Finally you can switch catalogs on the fly and manage any number of Catalog (aka Favorites Panel) resources right from the user interface. You find the usual commands in the right-click menu of any Catalog Category and of an empty Catalog:

At the bottom of the submenu you find the most recently used Catalogs.

The most recently used Catalogs are also found in the context menu of the Catalog toolbar button. They can be managed via menu Tools | List Management | Recent Catalogs.

By the way, if you are new to XYplorer, here is an example of a Catalog (click to see it in context):

Find more information on the Catalog here...

Color Filters by Size. Using size-based color filters you now can, for example, color all empty files in a certain way, or all files bigger than a certain size. A useful thing if you ask me.
Syntax and functionality have been improved in version 9.80!

The syntax offers a lot of intuitive possibilities, here are some examples:

/size:n       = exact size
/size:<n      = smaller than n
/size:>n      = bigger than n
/size:<=n     = n or smaller
/size:>=n     = n or bigger
/size:min-max = from min to max (both inclusive)
/size:min-    = min or bigger  (same as >=n)
/size:-max    = max or smaller  (same as <=n)
/size: 0            = size 0 bytes (empty file)
/size: 1000         = size 1000 bytes
/size: < 10         = smaller than 10 bytes
/size: > 1 MB       = bigger than 1 MB
/size: >= 1.5 GB    = 1.5 GB or bigger
/size: 1KB - 20KB   = from 1 KB to 20 KB (both incl.)

For instance, here you see how a filter matching all empty files (/size:0) and a couple of other size filters are defined in Configuration | Color Filters:

And here you see the above filter in action, coloring all empty files and making them immediately stand out:

Whole Word Content Search. Finding files by contents now supports whole word matching. There's a new checkbox on the Info Panel | Find Files | Contents tab:

Now "cat" does not match "catch" anymore.

As an extra bonus the content search now supports files with overlong filenames (> 260 chars).

Confirm Drag and Drop. Optionally pop a confirmation prompt for every left-mouse drag and drop operation. A reliable protection from accidental drops!

Find the new checkbox in Configuration | Extended: