Release 10.70

XYplorer 10.70 has been released on 21-Dec-2011. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Tabsets. Now you can save and load the tabset of a pane, that's all tabs including their layout (tab settings and tabwise list settings) and contents (cached search data, find settings, homes, history, etc.). This concept is also known as Workspaces or Environments. (Pro Edition Only)
While each pane always has exactly one tabset loaded, you can have any number of tabsets available on disk to choose from. The definition of each tabset is held in a folder containing all necessary information within a couple of files. The name of the folder is identical to the name of the tabset. Thus tabsets are perfectly portable and easily maintainable.

Additionally to the main menu commands there is a new toolbar button "Tabsets" which features a list of the most recently used tabsets (MRU list) of the active pane.

You can optionally load clones of the stored tabsets ("Open As..." command) and thus keep your original tabsets from being modified.

For users working on parallel projects tabsets constitute a major productivity enhancement.

Visual Filters. Now Visual Filters support environment variables and XYplorer native variables.

Using variables can make filters flexible and portable (adaptive to their host system). Here are some examples:

Shows only items with the current username in the name.
<date yyyy>
Shows only items with the current year in the name.
Shows only items with the current clipboard contents in the name.

Visual Filters can be applied using the command Set Visual Filter (Ctrl+J) in menu View | Tab, or directly through the Address Bar using the Path|Filter-Syntax, for example E:\Test|<date yyyy>. There is also a toolbar button to quickly toggle visual filtering.

Flat View. Renamed it to "Branch View". Reason: "Flat View" had been trademarked by a competing product.
Branch View and Name Search. Now you can branch view and search whole servers. This allows you to quickly view or search the complete contents of a server.

For example, to branch view server "Server2" run this through the Address Bar (or simply press the Branch View toolbar button while the server is selected in the folder tree):

\\Server2\? /:flat

For example, to search server "Server2" for items beginning with "b" run this through the Address Bar (or simply open Find Files (Ctrl+F) and enter "b*" into the Name field while the server is selected in the folder tree):

Sorting. The new command Previous Order allows you to toggle between the two recent sort orders.

The Previous Order command is found in menu View | Sort By, which is also available in the right-click menu of the file list's white space.

Tip: Assign a keyboard shortcut to the command using Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts... (Shift+F9).