Release 12.80

XYplorer 12.80 has been released on 07-Aug-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Tiles Views. You now have two new views, Small Tiles and Large Tiles. Both come with high quality thumbnails, support for Mouse Down Blow Up, and essential metadata. The Large Tiles view - attention photographers! - displays image dimensions and aspect ratio.

The Tiles views can be selected from the Views submenu at the top of menu View, or from the file list's white space right-click menu. Alternatively there is a toolbar button with a dropdown.

Here are some screenshots that demonstrate the power of the new Tiles views:

Small Tiles: Thumbnails with basic metadata. (Click to zoom)

Large Tiles: Thumbnails with extended metadata. (Click to zoom)

Here you see the effect of Mouse Down Blow Up™ (mouse button down pops up the image in original size) on one of the thumbnails. Note that the selections are not affected if the mouse goes down on the thumbnails. (Click to zoom)

Large Tiles: For binary files (EXE, DLL, etc.) the file version is displayed. (Click to zoom)

Tip: In case you don't need the thumbnails you can turn them off in Configuration | Thumbnails | Show thumbnails in tiles views.