Release 12.90

XYplorer 12.90 has been released on 12-Sep-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Image Preview. Now previewing Animated GIFs is supported. Simply select a GIF file and you see the animation in the Preview tab. You can even resize the running preview on the fly.

You don't see it in the static screenshot: His head says "No way". (Click to zoom)

Floating Preview. Also here previewing Animated GIFs is now supported. You can zoom in and zoom out, pan zoomed images with the mouse, use the full screen, wheel thru images, etc.

Bronson in original size.

Bronson zoomed.

What you don't see in the static screenshots: He is moving. Very very slowly...

Thumbnails. Now Mouse Down Blow Up is supported for thumbnails of Animated GIFs. Simply hold the mouse down on a GIF thumbnail and the animation will instantly pop up at the mouse cursor. Ubercool!

Mouse down on Brigitte Bardot, respectively on her thumbnail in Large Tiles view. You will see her stirring the coffee. Stirring, stirring, stirring... (Click to zoom)

Bardot meets Bronson.

Here are some sample pics for testing.

"Bronson, ever heard of a file manager better than XYplorer?"

"No, babe, there ain't none. ... Uhm, I think you can drink it now."