Release 13.00

XYplorer 13.00 has been released on 26-Sep-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Instant Color Filters. A new toolbar button features a set of predefined color filters that can be applied individually and independently of the normal Color Filters. This means you can spotlight the files you are interested in now, just in time, with a single click.

The Instant Color Filters are fully customizable to your needs and easy to share. They support the full set of file properties and meta properties, plus a couple of extra properties like filename length or image aspect ratio. Text and background color can be defined individually for each filter.

For example, let's highlight all items created or modified this week. Click the arrow part of the "Toggle Instant Color Filters" button in the toolbar, and select the predefined color filter "Created or Modified This Week":

Select "Created or Modified This Week"... (Click to zoom)

... Voilà! Now you see them stand out from the crowd, white on brown. Of course, the coloring is fully customizable. (Click to zoom)

Once a filter is selected, the toolbar button toggles this last filter. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut to this toggle function (Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts | Miscellaneous | Various | Toggle Instant Color Filter).

As another example let's select the filter "Image Aspect Ratio 16:9" to highlight all 16:9 images:

Voilà, two images in the current view have this aspect ratio. Of course, you can easily add any filters you need, e.g. "1.51:1", "3:2", "4:3" ... (Click to zoom)

Of course, the aspect ratio filter also work in all other list view, for example in the Details view:

Highlighting 16:9 aspect ratio in Details view. (Click to zoom)

The right-click menu of the "Toggle Instant Color Filters" button offers a direct link to edit the filters: Manage Instant Color Filters.
Color Filters for Folders. Now the folder tree supports Color Filters by age. So you can, for example, color code all folders created or modified today, or this week, or this month, etc.

For example let's color code all folders created recently. We can use a predefined Instant Color Filter for this, "Folders Created Recently":

Folders Created Recently. (Click to zoom)

The applied color filter shows folders created within the last 3 hours in yellow on dark blue, folders created within this day in yellow on middle blue, and folders created within this week in white on light blue. For your interest, this is what the fully customizable definition for this filter looks like: "Folders Created Recently" ageC d: <= 3 h>FFFF00,0073E6||ageC d: d>FFFF80,379BFF||ageC d: w>FFFFFF,71B8FF
Image Aspect Ratio. Now you can color code the aspect ratio of image files, e.g. 16:9 images green, 4:3 images blue, etc. You can as well search and find image files by their aspect ratio.

An example for color coding the aspect ratio is shown above. Now here is an example for finding image files with a certain aspect ratio. prop:#AspectRatio: 16:9 is used as the search pattern:

Making a list of all 16:9 images. (Click to zoom and see the results)

Scroll To Top. Now Ctrl+Shift+DblClick on white space scrolls the list to top. A handy little addition because it's the only way to quickly scroll to top with the right hand at the mouse.
Mouse Down Blow Up (MDBU). Now the right button MDBU optionally fits the image to the screen whereas the left button MDBU zooms it to original size. Very useful for photographers.

Using this option allows you to quickly check either close detail (left button) or overall composition (right button) of a particular photo in a thumbnails view. Additionally you can configure the right button blow ups to stay up until clicked again.

Configuring Mouse Down Blow Up in Configuration | Thumbnails.

Mouse down a thumbnail.

Left mouse button down: Blow up to original size. (Click to zoom)

Right mouse button down: Blow up to fit whole image to screen. (Click to zoom)

Multilingual Support. Added support for Indonesian.