Release 13.40


Release 13.40.0000

XYplorer 13.40 has been released on 25-Nov-2013. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Folder View Settings with Visual Filters. Your favorite folders contain more than you are interested in? Now you can make them remember individually which files you usually want to see. For example, only images, only big files, only files modified this week, etc. Visual Filters are very powerful and now they can be combined with Folder View Settings.

This revolutionary feature is likely to change your everyday file management experience: It makes it easier.

Usage Example

Say you have an incremental folder, e.g. your Download directory, or, as in the case below, a folder where screenshots are stored. It grows and grows, but usually you are only interested in the newest files to be found in that folder. This is where Folder View Settings with Visual Filters (FVSVF) becomes interesting.

Here's the 3 steps how to get things streamlined in such folders:

STEP 1: Visit that folder and set it up the way you want to see it: Sort order, View mode, column widths, etc.:

A large folder full of mostly uninteresting old stuff. (Click to zoom)

STEP 2: Apply a Visual Filter. In this example I have prepared a custom Power Filter with the following definition:

"20 Days|Modified In The Last 20 Days" ageM: <= 20 d

In the screenshot below I select this filter from the dropdown of the Visual Filter toolbar button. If the filter is not featured in that dropdown menu simply enter it directly into the Set Visual Filter... (Ctrl+J) dialog.

Applying a Visual Filter via dropdown. (Click to zoom)

STEP 3: Save these Folder View Settings including the Visual Filter: Click menu Views | Folder View Settings | Save Folder View (if the item is greyed out tick Enable Folder View Settings in the same menu):

Saving the current Folder View Settings. (Click to zoom)

There is also a toolbar button to do the same, the icon is a capital "F":

The "F"-button to save the current Folder View Settings.

DONE. For testing we go to some other folder, change the sort order and the view mode, and remove any filtering:

Some other folder with different view settings. (Click to zoom)

Now we go back to our original folder simply by clicking it in the folder tree:

Voilà! The saved settings including the Visual Filter are restored. (Click to zoom)

Release 13.40.0100

XYplorer 13.40.0100 has been released on 04-Dec-2013. It just has some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Release 13.40.0200

XYplorer 13.40.0200 has been released on 09-Dec-2013. It just has some minor bug fixes and enhancements.