Release 13.80

XYplorer 13.80 has been released on 24-Feb-2014. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Extra Tags. Five optional extra columns in the file list let you assign user data of various formats (free text, checkboxes, rating stars, date stamps, linked locations, and more) to any file and folder. By these data you can then sort the file list and find files across your system at lightning fast speed. (Pro Edition Only)

Using Extra Tags. (Click to zoom)

For tagging your files you already had the Label, Tags, and Comment colum in XYplorer. Now you got five more tagging columns, and this time you can customize their name, their looks, and their behavior. All tags are stored in the database "tag.dat" which is kept in an ultra-simple, human-readable, processing-friendly, future-proof, and optionally portable format.

Usage Example

For example, let's add a rating column to the file list.

STEP 1: To add an extra column to the file list, simply right-click the Name column header and choose any of the "Extra" columns, say "Extra 1". You can achieve the same via menu View | Columns.

STEP 2: To customize this extra column right-click its header and select "Customize Extra Column...":

Right-click the Extra column header... (Click to zoom)

Let's call the column "Stars", and select "Rating Stars" as column type:

... call it "Stars", and select "Rating Stars" as column type. (Click to zoom)

STEP 3: Drag the column to a position of your choice, and start rating files by right-clicking their cells in the column:

Right-clicking a cell in a column of type "Rating Stars" pops the menu. (Click to zoom)

Now the list looks like this:

One file has been rated with 5 stars. (Click to zoom)

Let's now try to search for files with the newly created extra tag "Stars". Open Quick Name Search (F3) and type Stars:5. This should find all files with 5 stars:

Looking for files with with 5 stars. (Click to zoom)

One file rated with 5 stars has been found. (Click to zoom)

A Note on Rating: You might be used to the "Rating" column in Windows Explorer. XYplorer's "Rating Stars" column is different and totally independent from it. In XYplorer:
... you can rate any type of file and folder, not just certain types.
... the rated items are not modified or even touched.
... finding rated items is lightning-fast thanks to the database approach.
A Note on Extra Tags: This feature is a biggie. The above example is just one of many more things that can be done here. Check out the help file...
A Final Tip: To be able to apply a tag to the entire group of selected files in one operation, tick Configuration | Tags | Apply tagging to all selected items.
Paste and Find. Now you can find, focus, and highlight files simply by pasting their name into the file list. Smart time saver.

How do you jump to that 李小龍 (Bruce Lee) image in your picture folder? I mean quickly, without running a search or applying a filter. Typing B-R-U-C-E won't bring you anywhere when the file is named in Chinese. XYplorer comes to rescue: Simply paste what you are looking for right into the file list (Ctrl+V). You can copy those characters from some website, e.g. from here: 李小龍.


Now paste 李小龍 from your clipboard (Ctrl+V)... (Click to zoom)


Got him! Paste again... (Click to zoom)


Got him again! (Click to zoom)