Release 13.70

XYplorer 13.70 has been released on 23-Jan-2014. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Sync Browse. Magically browse both panes in parallel motion. Sync Browse is a great time saver when performing moves, renames, or other reorganizations on mirrored drives. Another cool usage is to browse one location in two different simultaneous views, e.g. in Details and in Thumbnails view.

For example, let's sync browse a folder on drive C: and a mirrored folder on some network drive. First point each pane to the top folder, then toggle Sync Browse either via menu Panes | Sync Browse or as pictured below via the toolbar button "Sync Browse":

Sync Browse 1: Ready to go. (Click to zoom)

Now go down to any subfolder in the left pane. The right pane will follow obediently:

Sync Browse 2: Both panes move to new locations in sync. (Click to zoom)

Of course, you can have each pane in different view modes:

Sync Browse 3: Both panes synced, one shows details, one shows thumbnails. (Click to zoom)

Shell Integration. Now you can show the 64-bit shell context menu instead of the 32-bit shell context menu. That way you can see and use your 64-bit shell extensions from XYplorer.

The shell context menu (the menu you get when right-clicking a file or folder) now features a new command "Show 64-bit Context Menu":

About to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit on the fly.

Note that this command is only available when you use XYplorer under 64-bit Windows.