Release 14.60

XYplorer 14.60 has been released on 18-Nov-2014. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Enhanced Tiles Views. Tiles can be much larger now and their size is freely configurable. The width of the text area is adjustable in real time. Basic photo data for JPEG and RAW formats can be shown for each tile.

Large tiles

Tiles can now be sized up to 512x512 pixels.

These tiles are 256x256. (Click to Zoom)

Adjusting the width of the text area

Here is a small animation showing how the width of the text area can be adjusted by resizing the Name column with the mouse. Note that Configuration | Sort and Rename | Sort | Show sort headers in all views has to be ticked to get those headers in Tiles views.

Alternatively you can adjust the width via View | Columns | Grow Name Column (Ctrl+Shift+Numpad Add) and View | Columns | Shrink Name Column (Ctrl+Shift+Numpad Subtract).

You can as well toggle optimal width and zero width using the command View | Columns | Autosize Columns Now (Ctrl+Numpad Add).

On zero width the text area will completely disappear:

Tiles without texts. (Click to Zoom)

Showing basic photo data with tiles

Hold CTRL and right-click the text area of any tile to pop a small context menu where you can toggle Show Photo Data. Photo data are Camera Model, Focal length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, and ISO speed.

Showing basic photo data with tiles (here on a German system). (Click to Zoom)

Photo data are available for JPEGs with EXIF data and all RAW (NEF, DNG, CRW, RAF, RAW etc.) formats that you have codecs for installed on your system. Other files will not display the extra fields.

Read this if you don't get thumbnails or photo data for your RAW formats.