Release 14.70

XYplorer 14.70 has been released on 15-Dec-2014. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Duplicate File Finder. Now you can compare directory trees and easily check supposedly mirrored folder structures on two different drives.

Simply tick Directory in the Find Files | Attributes tab, and the dupe finder will look for folders instead of files.

Contents to Clipboard. Now you can copy the textual contents of files to the clipboard with a single command.

The new Text command in the File | To Clipboard submenu.

The new Text command copies the textual contents of the currently selected ANSI or Unicode (UTF16 LE) text file to the clipboard. It also works on complex file types like DOC, DOCX, PDF, or HTML, in which case the text is extracted using IFilters (matching 32-bit IFilters need to be installed).

Enhanced Tiles Views. Now the photo data shown for JPEG and RAW formats include the Exif Date, i.e. the exact date/time when each photo was taken.

Hold CTRL and right-click the text area of any tile to pop a small context menu where you can toggle Show Photo Data. Photo data are Camera Model, Focal length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, ISO speed, and Exif Date.

Note the Exif Date in the bottom line. (Click to Zoom)

Photo data are available for JPEGs with EXIF data and all RAW (NEF, DNG, CRW, RAF, RAW etc.) formats that you have codecs for installed on your system. Other files will not display the extra fields.

Read this if you don't get thumbnails or photo data for your RAW formats.