Release 15.30

XYplorer 15.30 has been released on 15-Jun-2015. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Show Cached Thumbnails Only. Now you can browse your system in thumbnails view without any delays caused by new thumbnails being created.

    Normally when browsing a folder in thumbnails view XYplorer will automatically create all thumbnails that are not already in its thumbnail cache. This takes time and will slow down the browsing, especially if there are many new large images or PDFs in the folder.

    Now you can tell it to forget about the new files and just show what's already in the cache. Which means lightning-fast browsing of the whole system in thumbnails view!

    Here you find the new magic setting: Configuration | Thumbnails | Show cached thumbnails only.

    Tip: Use command View | Caches | Refresh Selected Thumbnails to create particular thumbnails and add them to the cache:

    Create thumbnails for just two files. (Click to Zoom)

    Done. (Click to Zoom)

    Tip: Right-click any of the Views-related toolbar buttons and you find a new command "Create Missing Thumbnails" in the popup menu. Use it to explicitly update the cache.
  • Paste and Find. Quickly jump to a file pasting its name directly into the file list.

    The Paste and Find feature has already been introduced in 13.80. The news is that you can turn it off now. The option is found here: Configuration | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Type Ahead Find | Paste and find.

    Why turn it off? There are possible conflicts with pasting stuff from Outlook. If you get those conflicts turn off Paste and Find.

  • Age Display Limit. Now you can define when to show the age or the absolute date of files. You will love it when you see it.

    Find the new setting here: Configuration | Styles | Show Age maximum hours (0 = unlimited).

    Showing the age for files younger than, e.g., 24 hours gives you a much clearer picture than a list of absolute dates, which are hard to scan for the human eye. See yourself:

    Not hard to spot the recently modified file. (Click to Zoom)

    Note that Tools | Customize List | Date Column Format | Show Age (Ctrl+Shift+E) has to be enabled as well; this is the master switch for Age being shown in the List.

    Tip: Right-click any of the date columns to toggle Show Age from the popup menu.
  • Zoom By Wheel. Zooming fonts by mouse wheel now is optional. Turning it off is better when running XY on tablets.

    Find the new setting here: Configuration > Fonts > Enable zoom by Ctrl+mouse wheel.

    Here is an overview on what you can do behind the wheel:

    Address Bar, Tree, List, Catalog
        Ctrl+Wheel        Zoom font size of main controls.
    Breadcrumb Bar
        Ctrl+Wheel        Zoom font size of the Breadcrumb Bar.
    Status Bar, Info Panel
        Ctrl+Wheel        Zoom font size of Buttons and Labels.
        Ctrl+Shift+Wheel  Increase/Decrease row height (line spacing). 
        Shift+Wheel       Increase/Decrease indent. 
        Ctrl+Shift+Wheel  Increase/Decrease row height (line spacing). 
        Ctrl+Shift+Wheel  Increase/Decrease row height (line spacing). 
        Shift+Wheel       Change the global splitter width.
  • Custom Toolbar Buttons. Now PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF images can be used for the button graphics. (Pro Edition Only)

    Let's make a Betty Button. First select an image and press Ctrl+P to copy its path to the clipboard:

    Betty selected and copied. (Click to Zoom)

    Then right-click the Custom Toolbar Button you want to beautify and select "Edit..." from the context menu. Paste the path into the Icon field:

    Betty pasted. (Click to Zoom)

    Finally press OK and enjoy your work:

    Betty Button done (second button from the right). (Click to Zoom)

  • Hungarian. Added support for Hungarian (Magyar).

    XY in Hungarian. (Click to Zoom)

  • Prices. This is the last version you can buy for USD 79.95 Lifetime. The price will go up with 15.40.