Release 15.60

XYplorer 15.60 has been released on 19-Aug-2015. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Ghost Filter. The Ghost Filter lets you globally hide particular files and folders. E.g. the stuff you almost never want to see anywhere, like those desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files, or items beginning with a dot. Or the stuff you don’t want to see just now for whatever reason. (Pro Edition Only)

    The factory default setting for the Ghost Filter will hide all items beginning with a dot. Press the Ghost Filter toolbar button (if you don’t see it add it to your toolbar via Tools | Customize Toolbar) to activate the filter. Your dot-items will disappear from view.

    Let’s hide all "desktop.ini" and "Thumbs.db" files. Select View | Show Items | Edit Ghost Filter... and enter the following patterns: "desktop.ini" and "Thumbs.db" (with the quotes to force an exact match -- see Help for details).

    Edit Ghost Filter.

    Now here is what difference the Ghost Filter makes. Toggle it by pressing the Ghost Filter toolbar button:

    Ghost Filter OFF. (Click to Zoom)

    Ghost Filter ON: no more "desktop.ini" and "Thumbs.db" files. (Click to Zoom)

    Note that small ghost icon in the status bar of the last shot (zoomed version). It signals that items in the current list are hidden by Ghost Filter. The icon has a tooltip telling you more about the currently hidden items.

    Tip: The right-click menu of the Ghost Filter toolbar button offers a number of options to show/hide stuff:

    The right-click menu of the Ghost Filter toolbar button.

    Of course, the usual wildcard patterns are supported as well. For example, these patterns would hide all items under E:\Test\ and all TXT files: E:\Test\* and *.txt.

  • Access Control. And here’s the Ghost Filter for the boss. As admin you now can completely hide particular items from the users, on a per-user basis. Might add some safety to your company. (Pro Edition Only)

    For example, this section in Admin.ini would hide all items beginning with a dot and all EXE files from the user:

    Of course, visibility cannot be user-toggled for items that are admin-hidden. They are hidden for good.
    This hiding is stealth: The count is not visible in the status bar.
    The pattern list is not shown in the tooltip of the "Ghost Filter" toolbar button. It’s not shown anywhere in XYplorer’s GUI.

    See Help file for details (look under "Access Control").

  • QuickSearch. The new QuickSearch function connects scripting with XYplorer’s powerful search engine. (Pro Edition Only)

    QuickSearch is probably the most powerful and useful of all scripting commands. It works 100% identical to GUI Quick Search apart from not affecting the GUI: The search results are returned by the function in a string. QuickSearch lets you quickly collect specific stuff from the most remote corners of your file system by means of simple scripts that can be stored and shared. The stuff is returned in a format ready for further automated processing. One of the most powerful file search engines compressed into a one-liner.

    For example, this line would search the current path for all items modified on a weekend:

    text quicksearch("dateM: dw 6 | dw 7");

    The result could look like this:

    List of items modified on a weekend. (Click to Zoom)

  • Floating Preview. Now you can navigate your photos by left mouse click.

    Click on left half of status bar or of anywhere off preview: Go Back.

    Click on right half of status bar or of anywhere off preview: Go Forward.

    Clickable regions colored for illustration.

    Note that you cannot navigate by clicking the image itself because this would interfere with the Mouse Down Blow Up feature.

    Update 15.80: If Mouse Down Blow Up if turned off (press "M") then you can also click the image itself.
    Update 16.00: Now you can toggle this behavior via Navigate by Click (press "N") in the Floating Preview's Advanced Options menu (Ctrl+Right-Click) .
  • Lock Zoom Position. Optionally keep the zoom position when switching images in the preview. Useful when comparing details of different versions of the same image.

    Two versions of the same image, previewed in the Floating Preview:

    Version 1, Fit All.

    Version 2, Fit All.

    Now enable Lock Zoom and Lock Zoom Position via right-click menu, and zoom (using Numpad Add or Ctrl+Wheel) into the head of the cow in one of the images. Now select the other image. It will be zoomed into the exact same position:

    Version 1, Zoomed.

    Version 2, Zoomed.

    Use key G to toggle between Fit All and the last zoomed view. It will stay at the head of the cow.