Release 17.00

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XYplorer 17.00.0000 has been released on 11-Jul-2016. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Live Filter Box. The most desired feature since Dual Pane. Now it’s here. Filter as you type.

    Browsing your Fred Herzog photo collection you are only interested in the Mexico pics. Typing "mex" into the Live Filter Box should do:

    Mexico only.

    Usage: Okay, first of all, show the box by ticking menu Window | Show Live Filter Box (Alt+F3). The box will appear in the left end of the Status Bar. The rest is simple: Type into the box and the file list is instantly filtered to show only items containing the typed sequence in the name. To remove the filter either press ESC or F3. To reinvoke the last used filter press F3 again. You can also toggle the filter by clicking the loupe icon within the box.

    Contrary to normal Visual Filters the Live Filters are transient: They don’t persist between location changes, tab switches, or sessions.

    Filter Syntax: It’s 100% identical to the syntax of XYplorer Visual Filters. So it’s very easy to handle, you can do a lot with it, and there is no need to learn anything new if you already know XYplorer. Of course, Regular Expressions are supported as well.

    Information Bar: As you see in the screenshot above, a greenish Information Bar is shown in the list whenever a live filter is active (you can suppress the bar in configuration). Double-clicking the bar is another way to quickly remove the filter.

    More Usage: The Live Filter can also be applied to Search Results or, see image below, to the Branch View. Tip: Tick Configuration | Find Files & Branch View | Branch View | Let folders pass all filters if you want to keep the folder structure visible and filter only the folder contents.

    Live filtered Branch View.

    For more details see the Help file.

  • Content Search. Now you can run a content search via inline switch.

    Quickly find all TXT files containing the sequence "EM 2016"? Just open the Quick Search box (F3) and type or paste this:

    *.txt /contents=EM 2016

    Now press OK and the search runs on the current location (recursively). The results might look something like this:

    Results of an inline contents search.

    There is a powerful additional switch /contflags which lets you do more. For example, find all files with a certain hex sequence in a certain position, e.g. hex characters FF E0 at position 2:

    * /contents="2: FF E0" /contflags=;;h

    Or find all files matching a certain Regular Expression:

    * /contents=\x61 /contflags=r

    For more details see the Help file.

  • Stronger Tree Lines. Optionally have lines drawn solid instead of dotted.

    It’s a subtle difference, but it might come in handy in certain contexts, or if you are visually impaired:

    Tree lines dotted.

    After ticking Tools | Customize Tree | Solid Lines the tree looks like this:

    Tree lines solid.

  • Precise Obfuscation. Define the strings you want to obfuscate. Can also help in severe cases of umlaut-phobia. (Pro Edition Only)

    For example, this script will just toggle the obfuscation of the string "Herzog". Run it through the Address Bar:

    obfuscate , , "Herzog";

    Herzog obfuscated.

    If you suffer from umlaut-phobia the following script can help:

    obfuscate , chr(0x2588), "ä|ö|ü";

    Before: Umlauts all over.

    After applying the helpful script:

    After: Umlauts nicely blackened. You are safe.