Release 17.90

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XYplorer 17.90 has been released on 04-Apr-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Size Graphics. Now the size column can have graphical representations of the byte counts right in the column. Simply right-click the size column header and choose between three options: No Graphics, Circles, Bars.

    Yes, with the time you have learned to quickly recognize the size of a file by glancing at the size column and processing that number and unit. But still it’s work, feels like work, and you are doing it hundreds if not thousands of times day. This can be improved. With Size Graphics you invest a bit of screen space to get rid of all this work immediately. You just see the size of a file without any effort. No brain work necessary.

    Compare the following listings without and with Size Graphics:

    Normal listing without Size Graphics.

    Now right-click the size column header and choose between three options: No Graphics, Circles, Bars.

    Turning on Circles.

    This is what you get:

    You immediately see the size now.

    If you are showing folder sizes the size circles differ in color (files blue, folders khaki) to give you an additional visual hint:

    Sorted by Created Date, folders and files mixed. The colors make them easy to distinguish.

    As an alternative to circles you can have colored bars. Grey = empty, green < 1KB, yellow < 1MB, red < 1GB, purple >= 1GB.


    Tip: Showing size graphics works nicely with Size Column Format "Flexible (Rounded Up)":

    Flexible file size units (hard for the brain to process quickly) work well now.

    Of course, size graphics also work for cloud storage:

    Looking up to the clouds.

  • Size Tooltips. The size column now always shows a tooltip (even if the text is not cropped) with the exact byte count of the hovered item. Saves lots of clicks when you are interested in exact numbers.

    Just hover the size column to get the exact numbers, no clicks involved:

    8.529 bytes, thank you!

  • Live Filtering. Now you can filter-as-you-type right in the file list. Try it and you will love it. A brilliant way to tame long file lists and focus on what’s important now.


    To make it happen you need to ensure that these two checkboxes are ticked:

    Configuration | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Type Ahead Find | Enable type ahead find
    Configuration | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Type Ahead Find | Redirect typing to Live Filter Box


    Here is a list with some photos by Fred Herzog:

    Full list unfiltered. (Click to see full window.)

    Let’s narrow it down to just the 1950s (i.e. to those with "195" in the filename). Just type the keys 1, 9, 5 right into the list:

    List filtered by "195". (Click to see full window.)

    Whoops, we wanted the 1960s. Press the Back key to remove the "5", then press key 6:

    List filtered by "196". (Click to see full window.)

    To remove the filter simply press ESC.

    Note that the Live Filter Box will appear in the Status Bar when the list is filtered (you can see it when you click on the screenshots of filtered lists above). However, it is not necessary anymore to focus the box to place the caret in it and type into it. You still can do it this way but with this version you can simply type into the list. Extremely cool!

  • Icon Lists. Now you can specify a list of icons that are shown side by side for each item in custom columns. Write a script to determine which icons are shown for each particular file. This lets you present file information in a visually catchy way.

    Here we made a column that shows the aspect ratio of the listed photos using one of three icons (high, square, wide). This way you can also sort the list by these basic ratio classes (the sorting is actually by the filenames of the ratio icons). The same column also shows a camera icon for each picture that was shot with a Nikon.

    Aspect ratio and Nikon-made shown by icons. The "Aspect Ratio" column is just shown for reference. (Click to see full window.)

    This is just a very basic (and quite stupid) example. There is no limit to the number of icons you can show for each item in one column. This is the script used for the column:

    $ratio = property("#aspectratio", <cc_name>);
    $ratioX = gettoken($ratio, 1, ":"); 
    $ratioY = gettoken($ratio, 2, ":");
    if ($ratioX == $ratioY) {
      $ratioico = "AspectSquare.ico";
    } elseif ($ratioX > $ratioY) {
      $ratioico = "AspectWide.ico";
    } elseif ($ratioX < $ratioY) {
      $ratioico = "AspectHigh.ico";
    $camera = property("#image.cameramodel", <cc_name>);
    if (strpos($camera, "Nikon") != -1) {
      return "$ratioico|Nikon.ico";
    } else {
      return "$ratioico";

    See here for the detailed way to create such a column.