Release 18.00

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XYplorer 18.00 has been released on 06-Jun-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Persistent Live Filters. Now optionally Live Filters persist across folders, and are remembered across tab switches and across sessions.

    Simply tick Configuration | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Live Filter Box | Persistent live filters to make Live Filters persistent:

    Live Filters survive tab switches, i.e. they are still active when you come back to a filtered tab.
    Each tab remembers its own current or previously used Live Filter.
    Live Filters survive across sessions, i.e. you can start up with a live filtered tab.
    Live Filters persist across folders, i.e. when you browse to a new folder in the same tab the filter remains active.
    Note that new tabs are opened unfiltered, but they inherit the last used filter from the current tab. So you can turn it on by Toggle Live Filter (Ctrl+Alt+F3).

    Note that the setting is also available in the context menu of the Live Filter Box icon:

    Right-click the icon in the box to see this.

    To learn more about Live Filtering in XYplorer see here.
  • User-Defined Preview Handlers. Now you can freely associate particular file types with particular preview handlers. This means full preview control without touching the registry.

    In Configuration | Previewed Formats you find a new category "User-Defined Preview Handlers". Here you can associate file types (identified by the extension) directly with the GUID of any installed 32-bit preview handler. It’s your job to find out the GUID and whether the handler is fit to preview this type of files. So this is definitely an advanced feature.

    To add a new preview handler you select category "User-Defined Preview Handlers" and press the Add button. The syntax is simple. For example, this definition would associate MSG files with the Quick View Plus handler:


    The displayed item in the list then comes with some additional human-friendly information for your pleasure, for example:

    *.msg, Outlook Item > {8B1E92F5-AC8E-4DAB-9804-3C01AA112F17}, Quick View Plus - Preview Handler

    This is the configuration interface (of course, you can add as many definitions as you want):

    Adding a preview handler for MSG files.

    When you now preview an MSG file you get something like this (if Quick View Plus is installed on your system):

    Previewing an MSG file.


    Category "User-Defined Preview Handlers" has precedence over all other categories. So this is the complete order of precedence (the order in which a given extension is checked against the categories): User-Defined Preview Handlers > Text Files > Office Files > Web Files > Font Files > Image Files > Audio Files > Video Files
    With User-defined Preview Handlers you gain unprecedented control over the preview of particular file types. For example, if you have more than one image preview handler on the system, you can now easily define which is used for which image type, without going into the configuration of each preview handler or editing the registry.
    This feature also increases portability: You can re-associate preview handlers without touching the registry of the host system.