Release 18.20

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XYplorer 18.20 has been released on 27-Jul-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Age Circles. Little visual helpers that let you instantly grasp the rough age of a file. No more brain power wasted on deciphering date strings. Addictive killer feature of the year so far.

    Age circles are colored depending on the modified date of each item relative to NOW, i.e. to the "modified age" of each item. Here you see the age circles in the Name column, left of the icon:

    There are 10 age classes predefined by factory default.

    It’s obvious how easy it is now to determine the age of a file.

    Turning them on/off: To toggle the age circles right-click any of the three date column headers and select "Circles" at the bottom of the popup menu. Or use the main menu command Tools | Customize List | Date Column Format | Circles. The setting applies to all tabs in the current pane. Tabs that contain search results or a Branch View have their own layout, so you toggle age circles for those tabs separately from the normal tabs.

    Tip: Assign a keyboard shortcut to the command using Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts... (Shift+F9) to quickly toggle it on/off.

    Placement: Optionally you can have the age circles in the Modified date column. Right-click any age circle and select "Show Age Graphics in Date Column" from the popup menu.

    Showing the age circles in the Modified date column.

    Hovering them: When you hover an age circle the age is shown in a tooltip:

    The age in a tooltip.

    Views: Age circles can be shown in all available views, including Tiles and Thumbnails views.

    Age circles on thumbnails.

    Check out the help file for how to customize the age classes and the colors used for them.

  • Age Tips. Now when you hover any cell in any date column the corresponding age is displayed in a tooltip.

    Age tip.