Release 18.30

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XYplorer 18.30 has been released on 30-Aug-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Touchscreen Mode. Bigger icons are just a click away now. Big enough to be touched with big fingers. The fonts get bigger, too. Easier to read in harsh lighting conditions.

    Find the command in menu View | Views | Touchscreen Mode as well as in the right-click menu of the list’s white space. Here is what it will do:

    Touchscreen Mode OFF. (Click to zoom)

    Touchscreen Mode ON. (Click to zoom)

    Additionally to the menu command there’s a toolbar button "Touchscreen Mode" (if you don’t see it you can use Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9) to add it to your toolbar). Right-click the button to pop a small menu with some customization options:

    Choose icon size and whether you want to scale the fonts as well.

  • Time Stamping. Now you can edit file dates right from the list column. You can even paste a file date from the clipboard directly into the column. Multiple files can be stamped in one go.

    Hold CTRL and right-click any cell in the Modified column. You will get a small popup menu with the command "Edit Modified Date..." at the bottom:

    The "Edit Modified Date..." command.

    Click the command and you get a standard dialog for editing the date:

    The "Edit Modified Date..." dialog.

    The new date will be set to all files that are currently selected.

    Pasting a file date from the clipboard

    Give it a try: Copy "29-Aug-2017" (without the quotes) to the clipboard. Now hold CTRL and right-click any cell in the Modified (or Created, or Accessed) column. You should see this:

    About to set the Modified date from clipboard...

    After pasting the date you will get this picture:

    A new Modified date has been successfully pasted from clipboard.

    In the example the date has been set to "29-Aug-2017 00:00:00" since no specific time part was present in the clipboard.

  • Age Display. The unit "week" has been replaced by "month". Easier to process for most brains assumingly.

    To show the age (relative to now) of items in the date columns right-click any date column header and click Show Age:

    The right-click menu of the date column headers. (Click to zoom)

    This is what you get:

    Showing the age of items (relative to now).

    Note that the Age Circles tooltip now features also the exact absolute date including the day of the week.