Release 18.50

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XYplorer 18.50 has been released on 02-Oct-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Toolbar Captions. Finally XYplorer’s newbie-friendliness extends to the toolbar. If you ever wanted to know what those colorful toolbar buttons actually do, this version comes with optional captions.

    To turn on the captions use menu command Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9), then click the Options button in the Customize Toolbar dialog, and tick Show Button Captions:

    The Customize Toolbar dialog.

    Well, this is definitely a newbie-only feature (but hey, we all should honor our inner newbie once in a while). Compare the following shots and you see how much space is wasted by the captions:

    Without captions.

    With captions. Not all captions fit the available space. A multi-line display is possible (see Help).

    Fortunately you can scroll the toolbar (by dragging it with the mouse) to move the rest of the buttons into view:

    Other buttons scrolled into view.

  • Sync Caps. Now Sync Folders ensures that the capitalization (lower/upper case letters in the item names) of the target files and folders exactly matches that of the source items.

    There is nothing to learn. It just works. See yourself, compare capitalization in upper and lower pane right before starting the sync operation:

    Compare capitalization in upper and lower pane.

    This is how it looks after sync:

    See the difference? Well, the difference is gone.

  • Filtered Sync. Now you can explicitly include and exclude files and folders from Sync Folders by passing a list of patterns to the job. Wildcards supported. Scripting abilities needed.

    The filter argument is at position 7 of scripting command sync. Here are some usage examples:

    // copy only *.jpg and *.png files:
    sync "E:\Source", "E:\Target", 7:="*.jpg|*.png";
    // don't copy files that begin with "copy ":
    sync "E:\Source", "E:\Target", 7:="-copy *";
    // copy only from paths called "data":
    sync "E:\Source", "E:\Target", 7:="data\";
    // don't copy from path "E:\Source\Temp":
    sync "E:\Source", "E:\Target", 7:="-E:\Source\Temp\";

    This script line is used for one-click daily backups of the XYplorer source code. A new target folder is created every new day. There is no need to backup the appdata folder, hence it is excluded:

    sync "E:\XY\code\", "F:\bup\XY-code-<date yyyy>\<date yyyymmdd>\", 1, 0, 0, "ckn", 7:="-appdata\";

    For the details check out scripting command sync in the Help file.

  • Shortcut Overlays. Now you can say no to shortcut overlays.

    You don’t like to see the little arrow overlays on the icons of shortcuts (LNK files), junctions, and symbolic links? Simply untick Configuration | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Show shortcut overlays.

    Shortcut overlays on.

    Shortcut overlays off.