Release 18.40

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XYplorer 18.40 has been released on 18-Sep-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Sync Folders. Finally XYplorer lets you synchronize two folders. It’s a one-way sync, also known as mirror sync: The target folder is made to be like the source folder. Now it’s just a toolbar button away. Advanced Users: Scripting support lets you create buttons or batches for frequently recurring sync tasks.

    The synchronization of the target folder is achieved by the following sub operations:

    Items that are only in source are copied to target.
    Items that are in source and target are overwritten in target.
    Items that are only in target are deleted from target.

    Sync Folders makes use of XYplorer’s Dual Pane feature. You set the active pane to the source folder, and the inactive pane to the target folder. Then call menu Panes | Sync Folders... and you will get something like this:

    The Sync Folders configuration and start dialog.

    The dialog is shown each time before a Sync Folder operation is executed. Here you can control your parameters, make changes to the configuration, and run a Preview before going for the real thing.

    Sync from the Toolbar

    For quick mousy access there is also a toolbar button "Sync Folders". Use Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9) to add it to your toolbar.

    Toolbar with Sync Folders button (the green one in the middle).

    Scripted Sync

    Scripting gives you even more power and control. You can use it to create batch jobs and custom buttons for recurring sync tasks. Here’s just a quick example to give you an idea:

    //source, target, 1=copy items, 0=overwrite if newer, 1=perm delete/no prompt, cp=config/preview
    sync "E:\Test\Sync\Source", "E:\Test\Sync\Target", 1, 0, 1, "cp";

    For the details check out scripting command sync in the Help file.

    Further Remarks

    Sync Folders does not support Undo/Redo (just like Backup does not). Pretty obvious since overwriting is the core element of it and this cannot be undone.

    Read-only files to be deleted will be deleted without extra asking.

    Sync Folders can be backgrounded and queued (Configuration | File Operations | Background Processing | Enable background processing).

    BE CAREFUL! Sync Folders can really shake up the target folder.

  • Time Stamping. Now you can easily "touch" files (set the filetime to now) via the context menu.

    Hold CTRL and right-click any cell in the Modified column. You will get a small popup menu with the command "Touch Modified Date" near the bottom:

    About to touch...

    Of course, it also works in the Created and the Accessed column.

  • Know Your Clipboard. The Paste toolbar button now shows what’s in the clipboard, i.e. the stuff that will be pasted if you click the button.

    Knowing what’s in the store.

  • Backup Speed. Backup operations are much faster now when most items are skipped, which is the common case in large incremental backups.

    This would have taken about 8 times longer in the previous version.

    BTW, if you wonder about the 19,549 files/sec in the above screenshot: The total time of 1.32 secs includes not only the transfer but also the time needed to check 19,549 files in the target for possible deletion.