Release 18.80

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XYplorer 18.80 has been released on 05-Mar-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Open Throw Away Clone. Now you can open a clone of the current XYplorer instance in read-only mode. You can use such a clone for quick in-between jobs that should not affect your main configuration. Highly useful.

    Well, ’nuff said. Open the File menu and try it out. Here’s where to click:

    The command "Open Throw Away Clone" in the File menu.

    The title bar lets you know whether the current instance is read-only:

    [READONLY] in the title bar.

  • Selection Colors. Now you can customize the text and background colors of selected items. Offers you a break from the age-old white-on-blue without messing with the Windows system-wide color settings.

    Hazelnut for a change.

    The configuration is easy. It’s on Configuration | Colors and Styles | More Colors. To open the configuration dialog press F9.

    Customizing the selection colors. Remember to tick Use to actually activate the colors.

    Note that these settings are just for XYplorer. The system settings are not touched by this.

  • Vertical Grid. Now you can have vertical grid lines in the details view.

    The vertical grid can help to keep your eyes in sync with long columns. To turn it on tick Configuration | Colors and Styles | Styles | Vertical grid lines in details view.

    Compare these two screenshots for the effect of vertical grid lines:

    Vertical grid OFF.

    Check out the difference. The lines are subtle but guide your eyes nonetheless.

    Vertical grid ON.

    Of course, the color of the grid is configurable: Configuration | Colors and Styles | Colors | List | Grid.

  • Live Filter Highlights. Now the matching parts can be highlighted.

    Highlighting what you were looking for can be a good idea. To turn it on tick Configuration | Find and Filter | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Live Filter Box | Highlight matches.

    Highlights OFF.

    Check out the difference. This is just a crucial bit clearer:

    Highlights ON.

  • Filename Length Info. Now a yellow warning icon is shown in the box when the new filename would trigger a move-on-rename.

    Move-on-rename is about happen.

    Note that move-on-rename (and this warning) will only happen if it is enabled here: Configuration | General | Sort and Rename | Rename | Allow move on rename.

  • Toolbar Captions. Now you can customize the number of caption lines. The more lines you use the less horizontal space is taken by each button.

    To show button captions and specify the number of caption lines click Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9). Click the Options button to a menu featuring the settings:

    Here is where you specify the number of toolbar button caption lines.

    Here are some screenshots to evaluate the looks and effects of increasing the number of caption lines:

    1 button caption line.

    2 button caption lines.

    3 button caption lines.

    4 button caption lines.

    But, of course, the buttons take the least space if you use no captions at all:

    No button captions.

  • Scripting. Added Compound Assignment Operators .=, +=, -=, *=, /=, \=.

    Compound Assignment Operators can be used to shortcut operations of two variables where the result is set to one of the variables. For example, both lines below are functionally identical; the latter one uses one of the new operators:

    $a = $a . "b";
    $a .= "b";

    Some more examples:

    $a = "a"; $a .= "b"; echo $a;   //ab
    $a = 1;   $a += 1; echo $a;     //2
    $a = 1;   $a -= 1; echo $a;     //0
    $a = 2;   $a *= 3; echo $a;     //6
    $a = 5;   $a /= 2; echo $a;     //2.5
    $a = 5;   $a \= 2; echo $a;     //2

    Scripting opens a realm of power, but it’s certainly for advanced users. For more info check out the Help file.