Release 18.90

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XYplorer 18.90 has been released on 21-Mar-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Drag Status Box. The Drag Status Box™ is a color-coded information box shown at the mouse pointer when hovering over a drop target.

    You turn it on/off here: Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Safety Belts | Show drag status box. That’s all you need to know. The rest is plug and play as they used to say many moons ago. Nothing to learn, nothing to know. It just works in a natural self-explaining way in full harmony with the universe.

    The Drag Status Box moves with the mouse while dragging 5 items from the file list to the folder tree.

    Note that the Drag Status Box also appears with right-mouse dragging:

    The Drag Status Box turns pale-green with right-mouse dragging.

  • Prevent Unwanted Dragging. Now you can disallow dragging from folder tree and file list independently. Lets you for example protect the tree from potentially disastrous drag-and-drop mistakes while keeping the list drag-ready to rock.

    These are the options you want to play with for better drag-disaster protection:
    Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Safety Belts | Disallow left-dragging from folder tree
    Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Safety Belts | Disallow left-dragging from file list

    Drag-disaster protection here.

  • Toolbar Font Size. Now Ctrl+Wheel over the Toolbar changes the button captions font size on the fly and with high granularity.

    This only works when toolbar button captions are turned on. Do it here: Tools | Customize Toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+F9), then Options | Show Button Captions.

    Tip: If you happen to lack a wheel on your mouse you still can alter the toolbar font size, of course, and also the font itself. Go here: Configuration | Colors and Styles | Fonts | Toolbar.

    Here we are going downwards from Segoe UI 10.5 to Segoe UI 6. Note how the button height is auto-adjusted to the shrinking line height (click the thumbnails to see the shots in original size):

    Segoe UI 10.5

    Segoe UI 9.75

    Segoe UI 9

    Segoe UI 8.25

    Segoe UI 7.5

    Segoe UI 6.75

    Segoe UI 6