Release 19.30

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XYplorer 19.30 has been released on 29-Oct-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Folder Contents Preview. Now you can get a folder contents preview in the Hover Box. Simply hover a folder and see its top 20 items instantly listed in a small popup. Works in the folder tree and the file list. Addictive is an understatement. This will change the way you work. Your file management will become smooth and silent through a reduction of futile clicks.

    The first thing you do is turn it on:

    • Go to Configuration F9 | Information | File Info Tips.
    • Tick "Show Hover Box".
    • Click the button "Select Item Types..." and ensure that "Folders" is ticked.
    • Click the button "Select Controls..." and ensure that "List" and "Tree" are ticked.

    Now hover a folder icon in the tree and you will see something like this:

    Folder Contents Preview pops up when hovering a folder icon in the folder tree.

    When the hovered folder is empty you see it immediately. No need to open the folder just to find there’s nothing in it:

    The hovered folder is empty.

    The same works in the file list:

    Folder Contents Preview pops up when hovering a folder icon in the file list.

    The Folder Contents Preview is nicely complemented by Mouse Up Show Down.
  • Mouse Up Show Down. Now it’s available also in the folder tree. Like in the List it works on mouse up on the folder icons. Lets you quickly peek into folders without leaving the current location. Lets you even list and open files right from the tree.

    The first thing you do is turn it on: Configuration F9 | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | Folder contents preview.

    Mouse Up on the icon of folder "Test" pops a clickable and scrollable menu listing its complete contents:

    About to open an image file right from the folder tree.

    Mouse Up Show Down is nicely complemented by the Folder Contents Preview.
  • Canvas Color Toggle. Now you can quickly toggle the background color of the Hover Box for images. Cool feature for photographers.

    When the Hover Box is open showing an image preview simply press key B to toggle the background color between white and dark grey. Note also that the white canvas has a wider frame.

    White canvas, wide frame.

    Dark grey canvas, narrower frame.

    From version 19.40 onwards the frame width is the same with dark and white background.
  • Invalid Filename Warning. Now you get a warning in the status bar when a file or folder with an invalid filename (invalid in the Windows shell, not in NTFS) is selected in the file list. Leading or trailing spaces are made visible by a replacement character.

    Warning about a filename ending with a space character.

    You cannot easily create such ill-named files, but they might end up in your system after unpacking archives. It’s recommended that you rename them to something that’s legal under Windows. Just press F2 to open the rename box...
  • Horizontal Scrolling. Now Shift+Wheel horizontally scrolls folder tree and file list.

    Well, nothing to explain, it just works.