Release 19.50

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XYplorer 19.50 has been released on 21-Dec-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Dark Mode. Now XYplorer offers a portable, smart, instant dark mode. Just one click and the app turns dark in the blink of an eye. You can control the levels of darkness and text contrast to adjust the dark mode to your needs and likings. Works in each Windows version from XP onwards.

    The first thing you do is turn it on. There are 3 ways to do it, you choose:

    • Click the moon-shaped toolbar button "Dark Mode".
    • Click menu View | Views | Dark Mode.
    • Go to Configuration F9 | Colors and Styles | Highlights & Dark Mode | Dark mode, and tick "Enable dark mode", then OK the dialog.

    This is an example of the dark mode using the factory defaults (the image you see is inside a Hover Box, a kind of image preview tooltip):

    On the dark side.

    For comparison, this is the same situation in light mode:

    On the light side.

    Here is another impression, search results this time:

    Searching in the dark.

    You can go a long way towards dark purism if you like:


    You can even control the level of darkness. There are 51 shades of grey at your disposal (if that makes you think of Spinal Tap we live in the same universe).

    This, for example, is Level 10. The shot here above is Level 25 (factory default):

    Dark, Level 10.

    To adjust the level of darkness to your likings go to Configuration | Colors and Styles | Highlights & Dark Mode | Dark mode. As you see you can as well customize the text contrast. Play with it to find out what’s best for your eyes:

    Here you can set the level of darkness, and also the text contrast.