Release 21.60

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XYplorer 21.60 has been released on 15-Mar-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Hover Box Wheel Scaling. Now the mouse wheel can scale images and PDF previews while the Hover Box (a zero-click preview that pops up by merely hovering the filename) is shown. So natural and so useful.

    First ensure that the Hover Box is enabled: Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box.

    Move the mouse over the name (or icon, depending on your settings) of an image or PDF file so that the Hover Box pops up showing a preview of the file. Now use the mouse wheel to scale the box: Up = bigger, Down = smaller (10 pixels per notch). That's all, the setting is remembered for the next Hover Box.

    Large Hover Box thanks to the wheel.

    Hover Box dwarfed by the wheel.

    Tip 1: To return to the default setting (500 x 500 bounding box) press D while the hover Box is showing.

    Tip 2: You can enable/disable this feature by repeatedly pressing R while the hover Box is showing. Watch the status bar message to see what state you’re in.

  • Mouse Down Blow Up Zoomed. Ready for another game changer? Mouse Down Blow Up (a large preview that pops up on mouse down on a thumbnail or icon) now can zoom into the original by a freely configurable zoom factor. Got small images, large screens, and weak eyes? MDBUZ is your ticket.

    Let’s try a standard 100% Mouse Down Blow Up, and then a 200% one:

    Configuration for 100% (Apply Zoom is NOT ticked).

    Resulting 100% Mouse Down Blow Up.

    Configuration for 200% (Apply Zoom is ticked, 200% is specified).

    Resulting 200% Mouse Down Blow Up.

    OK, finally let’s look at an 800% blow up, where you will see the real pixels:

    800% Mouse Down Blow Up.

  • Find Files by Contained Characters. Now you can find files that contain certain characters or character ranges within their textual contents. Allows you to search for files containing any characters in the upper Unicode range, or any Mongolian characters, or whatever specific characters you are interested in.

    Alright, without much ado here are some ready-to-use examples for copy-and-paste into the Name field of Find Files or Quick Search. As you see, the magic prefix is contchar:. All the fine details can be found in the Help file:

                                    // matches all text/office files containing any...
            contchar:9              // TAB characters
            contchar:A-Z            // characters from A to Z
            contchar:65-90          // (same as above)
            contchar:A-90           // (same as above)
            contchar:>=128          // characters beyond ASCII
            contchar:>=256          // characters beyond ANSI
            contchar:0x1800-0x18AF  // Mongolian characters (U+1800-U+18AF)

    If Configuration | Find and Filter | Find Files & Branch View | Find Files | Enable extended pattern matching is ON then logical inversion like this works:

            !contchar:>=256         // all files not containing any characters beyond ANSI
            !contchar:0x1800-0x18AF // all files not containing any Mongolian characters
  • Apply Button in Configuration. Street pressure became unbearable so an Apply button was added that allows you to apply any changed settings to the main window without closing the Configuration dialog.

    The new Apply Button.