Release 21.70

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XYplorer 21.70 has been released on 07-Apr-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Seamless Wave Looping. Just select a sample file and hear it spinning in a perfect seamless loop. Audio folks love it.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | Preview | Preview | Audio preview | Seamless wave looping.

    When you now open the Preview tab on the Info Panel (F12) and select a WAV file (Seamless Wave Looping applies to WAV files only) it will be played in a seamless loop:

    Looping a sample.

    Tip: To start the preview right on selecting a file tick Configuration | Preview | Preview | Audio/Video preview | Autoplay.

    This setting also affects the Quick Audio Preview by which you can quickly play an audio file by mouse down on its icon in the file list:

    Running a sample by mouse down on the icon.

    For the Quick Audio Preview tick these in Configuration | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | Mouse Down on Thumbnails and Icons:

    Enable blow ups on file icons as well
    Audio preview
  • Smart Branch View. A new branch view (aka flat view) type shows only files and non-empty folders, i.e. any folders that contain nothing or only empty folders (or, in case of a search, do not contain any files that match the search) are not listed in the branch view. Gives you a much cleaner and more useful view.

    To try out the new feature select "Files and non-empty folders" here: Configuration | Find and Filter | Find Files & Branch View | Branch View | Default branch view type.

    Say we’re searching for WEBP files in a branch. This is the plain search results list:

    Plain search results.

    This is the same search results turned into a conventional branch view ("Files and folders"), which is done by either clicking the Branch View toolbar button or ticking menu View | Views | Branch View:

    Branch view of type "Files and folders".

    And this is the same search results turned into the new type of branch view ("Files and non-empty folders"):

    Branch view of type "Files and non-empty folders".

    The advantages should be obvious.

    Tip: To quickly switch between different branch view types use the context menu of the Branch View toolbar button:

    Right-click menu of the Branch View button.

  • Tree Scroll Position Remembered Per Tab. Optionally, each tab restores the tree position it was in when it was last exited. Many users have waited for this feature, not many file managers have it.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | Tabs and Panes | Tabs | Remember tree scroll position per tab.

  • Color-Code Empty Tree Folders. Finally color filters can be applied in the folder tree in a way that lets you spot all empty folders at a glance.

    In this picture there are some empty folders. But you cannot see them:

    Where are the empty folders?

    Let’s use the Instant Color Filter "Empty Folders" to find out:

    Selecting the Instant Color Filter.

    Ah voilà!

    The usual suspects!