Release 21.80

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XYplorer 21.80 has been released on 12-May-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Favorite Live Filters. Now you can define up to 32 Favorite Live Filters for the Live Filter Box. Makes you filter faster.

    It’s easy enough to show all you need to know in a picture:

    Using Favorite Live Filters.

  • Enhanced Archive Extraction. The various extraction commands now also support *.rar and other WinRAR formats and *.7z and other 7-Zip formats if those applications are present (even on a portable medium).

    To prove it here is a screenshot where a RAR-file has been extracted by XYplorer’s "Extract to [folder]" command:

    RAR-file extracted. Contents of target folder shown in Hover Box.

  • Permanent Random Sort Order. A randomized sort order now survives a list refresh and is remembered between tab switches and app sessions.

    To randomize the list you use View | Sort By | Random Order (Ctrl+Alt+R), or the 5-dice-shaped toolbar button "Random Order". Now from this version onwards the random order stays fixed until you shuffle the list again. Not much to show here, anyway:

    Permanent Random Sort Order.

  • Marked Custom Sort Orders. Now the random sort order is indicated by a small "dice" character in the Name column header, and the manual sort order by a small "hand" character. It’s the little things.

    The "dice" and the "hand" character are hardly recognizable but at least they are distinguishable from each other and from the normal sort arrow. Does the job. Here is the hand (the dice you see in the screenshot above):

    Manual Sort Order, marked by a hand.