Release 22.10

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XYplorer 22.10 has been released on 14-Jul-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Extra Safety on Name Collisions. The new condition "Overwrite if different contents", in which the contents are compared by comparing the SHA-256 hash of each file, offers additional security for your backup, copy and synchronization jobs.

    You find the new setting e.g. in the dialog Configuration | File Operations | File Operations | Backup Operations | Configure...:

    Overwrite if different contents (Backup).

    It’s also available in Panes | Sync Folders...:

    Overwrite if different contents (Sync Folders).

  • Converting Filenames to Title Case. The bulk renamer will now recognize words that are excluded from conversion to upper case. This way, your song and photo collections will look more natural with just a single click. The list of exclusions can of course be edited.

    Here is a list of files that urgently need to be title-cased:

    UPPERCASE. (Click to zoom)

    The command we use for this is File | Rename Special | Aaa, also available in the context menu of the selected items:

    About to title-case... (Click to zoom)

    About a millisecond later:

    Title-cased. (Click to zoom)

    Tip: You can also title-case selected strings almost anywhere in XYplorer by pressing F5 while the string is selected. Here e.g. while inline-renaming a file:

    After pressing F2.

    After pressing F5.

    After pressing ENTER.

    How to Edit the Exceptions

    The words that are excluded from capitalization of the first letter are listed in the RenameTitleCaseExceptions key as follows:


    You can tweak this list by editing the INI file. See here for the details of tweaking.

  • Irrational Aspect Ratio. Now ISO 216, also known as the "Lichtenberg Ratio", an international standard for paper sizes used around the world except in some parts of the Americas, is shown in XYplorer as 1:√2 or √2:1, for images whose aspect ratio is close enough to the irrational number. A little nerd honey ...

    Nerd honey. (Click to zoom)