Release 22.40

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XYplorer 22.40 has been released on 26-Oct-2021. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Two Branch Tree Layout. Now the folder tree has two separate main branches, This PC and Network. This allows you to hide everything online or offline depending on your current focus.

    This PC is collapsed. (Click to zoom)

    No setting involved. You don’t have to do anything. It’s just there and works.

  • Portable Thumbnail Cache. Now you can have your thumbnail cache portable, moveable, and copyable. Go away with your photos and take your thumbnails with you!

    First, to make the Portable Thumbnail Cache happen, ensure that this is ticked: Configuration | Preview | Thumbnails | Resolve cache path from current folder.

    With the Portable Thumbnail Cache enabled a softly defined cache path location (i.e. one that is not a hard path) is dependent on the current folder instead of the XYplorer app data path. The current folder is the folder for which you are currently showing thumbnails. Examples:

    Cache Path     Portable Thumbnail Cache    Resolved Cache Path
    ?:\XYThumbs\   disabled                    [XYplorer app data drive]\XYThumbs\
    ?:\XYThumbs\   enabled                     [Current drive]\XYThumbs\, eg E:\XYThumbs\
                                               [Current share]\XYThumbs\, eg \\Server\Share\XYThumbs\
    XYThumbs\      disabled                    [XYplorer app data path]\XYThumbs\
    XYThumbs\      enabled                     [Current folder path]\XYThumbs\

    Using this setting makes your thumbnails cache even more portable. You can take it with you on a USB stick and use it on any other system that has XYplorer on it. The pattern ?:\XYThumbs\ doesn’t care about any new drive letters Windows assigns to your removable drives.

    If your cache path is a subfolder of the current folder (e.g. pattern XYThumbs\), you can do the following: move the cache along with the original files, rename the folder of the original files, or make a copy of the folder of the original files (including the cache subfolder) in any location. No new thumbnails will be created, the cache will not get stale, the copied cache will just work. Even if you do the above with an external program while XYplorer is closed.

  • Live Filter Box Width. Now you can adjust the width of the box in a snap by hitting Shift+Alt+Wheel over the box.

    The Live Filter Box has just been enlarged to 360 pixels wide. (Click to zoom)