Release 23.30

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XYplorer 23.30 has been released on 28-Jun-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Ordinal Date. The new Ordinal Date option for the date format eliminates the months from the equation and only displays years and days. This makes it easier to estimate a date difference at a glance. For example, today would be "2022-179" (year 2022, day 179). The Ordinal Date format is used by the military in some contexts, so it’s safe to assume it has its uses.

    To switch to Ordinal Date right-click any of the date column headers, e.g. "Modified", and select Ordinal Date from the popup menu. Your file dates will now look like this:

    Ordinal Dates. The tooltip over any date will give you the conventional date format, and the age of the file. (Click to zoom)

    BTW, in the screenshot above, the UI is displayed in a monospace font. This can be achieved quickly by running this script from the address bar (paste the whole line and press ENTER):

    font("mc", "Consolas", 10); //use Consolas 10 for main contents and controls

    To go back to the factory default font use this script:

    font("mc", "Segoe UI", 9); //use Segoe UI 9 for main contents and controls
  • Preview Pane to the Left. Now you can show the Preview Pane to the left of the file list. The obvious advantage is that the previews then are nearer to the name column, which is where you usually look and click.

    To toggle the Preview Pane position use menu Window | Arrangement | Preview Pane to the Left. These are your options:

    Preview Pane to the right of the file list. (Click to zoom)

    Preview Pane to the left of the file list. (Click to zoom)

  • Duplicate File Finder Can Ignore Numbers. Now it can optionally ignore serial numbers and strings like "Copy of" that are auto-attached by Windows to the name of a file copied in the same place. If "Ignore numbers" is enabled, the file names "Fred.txt", "Fred (1).txt", "Fred (2).txt" and "Fred - Copy (2).txt" are considered duplicates.

    See how the Duplicate File Finder squeezed this list of files into just 3 dupe groups:

    What you get when you ignore the numbers. (Click to zoom)