Release 23.40

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XYplorer 23.40 has been released on 29-Jul-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Indestructible Tree. Currently not interested in collapsing or expanding? Now you can lock the nodes to fix your folder tree in its current expanded state.

    To lock the expansion state click the toggle Tools | Customize Tree | Lock Expansion State. Now you can no longer collapse or expand your tree nodes with simple mouse clicks or key presses, and your tree will look like this:

    The nodes are locked. Notice the expansion icons in the tree, they don’t look like plus and minus anymore. (Click to zoom)

    But, why would you want to do that? Well, to protect you from yourself and your erratic mouse (or from your cat walking over the keyboard). It’s a safety thing.

    Tip 1: You also find this toggle in the Right-Click context menu of the Tree Path Tracing toolbar button, and in the Shift+Right-Click context menu of the empty space in the folder tree.
    Tip 2: If you additionally tick Configuration | General | Safety Belts, Network | Safety Belts | Disallow left-dragging from folder tree your tree turns into a total diamond.