Release 24.50

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XYplorer 24.50 has been released on 06-Jun-2023. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Folder Icons Based On Content. Now you can define custom icons for empty, full and Access Denied folders. These icons are used everywhere, in the folder tree, file list, all menus and drop-down lists, breadcrumb bars, address bar, etc., so you can immediately see whether a folder has contents or not.

    How to Define Content-Based Folder Icons

    The first thing you need are the icons, i.e. the ICO files you want to use for those folders. Get them from anywhere on the Internet and place them in XYplorer’s "Icons" folder, which is a subfolder of XYplorer’s application data folder which you can reach using the command Go | Go to Application Data Folder.

    Say you have an icon "EmptyFolder.ico" you want to use for empty folders, and an icon "AccessDenied.ico" you want to use for Access Denied folders. Now open Tools | Customize File Icons... and add these two definitions:

    *\ /e>EmptyFolder.ico //matches all empty folders
    *\ /x>AccessDenied.ico //matches all access denied folders

    The Customize File Icons dialog.

    Click OK to close the dialog and you’re done.

    You now should see your custom icons wherever an empty or an Access Denied folder is shown with its icon, if Configuration | General | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Enable custom file icons is checked (tip: there is also a toolbar button to toggle this setting).

    For comparison, here is the conventional view without Content-Based Folder Icons:

    Here custom file icons are disabled: all folders look the same. (Click to zoom)

    And here is the view with Content-Based Folder Icons. Notice the blue Empty Folder icon in the folder tree, file list, and a tab header:

    Here custom file icons are enabled: Instantly see empty and inaccessible folders. (Click to zoom)

    As you can see here, the icons are also present in the folder contents hover box:

    Folder contents hover box with Content-Based Folder Icons.

    See Custom File Icons in the Help for details.

  • Quick Boolean Filter. Now the Live Filter Box can treat space-separated items as ANDed Boolean operands. This makes filtering simple, fast, and effective in a way that feels natural.

    To enable the feature check this box: Configuration | Find and Filter | Filters & Type Ahead Find | Visual Filters and Live Filter Box | Use space character for Boolean AND.

    Or use an easier way: Right-click the filter icon in the Live Filter Box and tick "Use space character for Boolean AND".

    Now say you are looking for a particular file in System32, but you do not remember the exact name, it was something with Sockets and Network. Well, just type "sock" and "net", separated by a space, into the Live Filter Box and see what you get:

    4075 items and only a rough idea. (Click to zoom)

    Got it! (Click to zoom)

    Of course, you can enter as many small pieces of text as you like, and their order is irrelevant. Try it, it’s fun!

  • Wrap-Around List. Now you can have the file list wrap around the edges, i.e. if you press UP at the top of the list, you go to the bottom of the list, and if you press DOWN at the bottom of the list, you go to the top of the list.

    To enable the feature check this box: Configuration | General | Tree and List | List | Wrap-around list.

    No illustration needed, just give it a try if you like circular lists.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).